The Truth about Enlightenment

In the west, we have a major misconception about what enlightenment is. There are too many people running around claiming that they are enlightened. The only fault here is one of ignorance. All these people truly believe they are enlightened based on the limited knowledge they have. Even Sadhguru claims to be enlightened. This sadly is not true. Enlightenment is a path that results in the creation of an angel. It is a physical metamorphosis that changes the whole body into its perfect intended form. If you are enlightened then that means you are immortal and in your final body. If you achieve this state of ultimate perfection then you will not die and you will not wither away but rather you will become light and ascend leaving no trace behind. This is also why those who have achieved nirvana will not be reincarnating again. They perfected and took their body with them.

The phenomenon of enlightenment is the reason we have so many religions around the world. Before separation and ignorance divided them they were one as a science of the divine, god, and all creation. Each religion has been started as people take records of historical events where men have achieved partial or full liberation. When you understand the nature of reality and your place in it then you can forge a path that leads to the highest attainments. You can heal the sick, walk on water, give sight to the blind. Once you understand your nature and the nature of the mind there can be no limits for you. This knowledge can be traced back as it spread across the earth. Men who never achieved the end goal tried to record what they witnessed and learned. This is where scriptures came from in the east. More specifically the new testament and the Qur’an. These were written by people who did not achieve the eternal life promised but we’re connected with people who had and connected with Source as a whole.

The further back we go we come across writings and scriptures in the east about people who did achieve what they wrote about. Most notable is Indian historical records. The Vedas have some of the oldest writings and historical records of mankind. Many before this were lost to time. As we go back we find some of the oldest teachings about god and the divine with the most well-preserved methods to attain the state of perfection. These teachers are the Siddha Yogis. The Siddhas and Tibetan monks shared much information and even Buddhism as a whole evolved alongside them. We can trace the knowledge of God as it moves from Atlantis to Egypt, then to the tower of Babel where it spread further east. But with time separation came from one group thinking their information was better than another. There are even records out there that suggest that some of Jesus’ teachers were Siddha yogis. And it makes sense as these teachings have helped many people to walk on water, levitate, teleport, and much more. All paths lead to one destination. The length and difficulty of those paths vary as we decide which lessons we still haven’t learned yet, and how much baggage we are trying to drag along with us. There are many branches on a tree but they all connect to one stalk.

Enlightenment is the rainbow body in Tibet. This is also what being saved is in Christianity. Nirvana is also the very same thing. There are hundreds of names for this phenomenon; The diamond body, the magic body, and the light body are only a few. In Islamic mysticism, it is called the super-celestial body. In Egypt, it is called the luminous body. These are all the same thing and follow the same exact laws and physics. Most people don’t consider that things like emotions are physics but they are. There are many forces that we have trouble quantifying due to their lack of physicality. But just because you cannot see, hear, or feel something yet doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is part of the path, to learn to develop your brain and body to work with these subtler forces which comprise all of existence. Then you will be able to sustain yourself entirely off what others would perceive as nothing.

This World Is Just A Dream

You see, the answers are everywhere hidden in plain sight. For example, we’ve heard of the trinity before in Christianity. The father, the son, and the holy spirit. This is a man-made attempt at understanding the divine when the truth has been there all along. The trinity is better understood as the omnipresence, the omnipotence, and the omniscience of God and all creation as one. We can even further break this down into a more clear definition. Omnipresence is the infinite awareness that pervades all space and time as one entity. One being. The omnipotence, which means all-powerful tells us that the one awareness which is everywhere always also is the power that is everywhere always. Then we have omniscience, which is all-knowing. So this being which is aware everywhere, and is nowhere absent, has control over all the power in existence and is all the information. So finally we see that everything is awareness moving as energy, patterned into form (in-formation). This is what Dharma teachings tell us and why we must learn to meditate and connect with the infinite awareness that we are. This is why Gnostic teachings tell us that the world is mental. Everything is made of thought forces. Everything is more like a dream than the physical reality we perceive today. This is what Buddhism teaches us. This is why you are asked in all religions to deny your earthly desires and senses and focus on god.

There are no true limits. The only limits you find are those you impose upon yourself. Meditation is the pathway to all supernatural abilities and attainments. This is why you are called to look within and self master. If everything is thought forces and this is all one big dream then you start to understand why physical items are of no true value other than the lessons they give. In a dream when you have something stolen from you it only matters if you don’t realize you’re in a dream. If you understand it’s a dream then you didn’t actually lose anything. If you know it’s a dream and you have mastered yourself sufficiently then you can simply manifest whatever it is you lost right in front of you. You could make 1,000 copies all the same. This is the same as the world around you. This is how monks and yogis can do the incredible things that they do. They learned the truth and from work, effort, and belief in themselves, they were able to move past all man-made limitations.

The New Age Movement

The new age movement involves the same teachings as the ancient masters. This includes Jesus, Buddha, and many many others. The new age is not a single moment in time, but rather a long precession of events leading to a brighter future for all mankind. The new age was started long before religions sprang up around the world. It is even the cause of those religions. As more people learn the science of the divine and show people what they are capable of, then slowly but surely the world changes. First, it comes as books and religions. Now we have a critical point in history marked by the internet and the spread of knowledge worldwide. People will start to see the oneness of all the world’s teachings and find the path that is forever there waiting to be tread upon. It will start as non-belief as it has always been. People have trouble believing anything they have not seen with their own two eyes. They think their limited frame of view makes up all the cosmos. There is infinite knowledge out there because there is infinite creation. When we limit ourselves to what we believe, blocking out all others, we only harm our own development. Religions have been asking for proof for a long time and if people are earnest about their quest for this knowledge, they will find the answers. The proof is out there. It is abundant, and it is waiting for you to put it to the test.

Most people get lost in crystals, tarot, astrology, and so on. People are caught up in their egos seeking to be an attractive symbol of peace and love. They pushed along this capitalistic wave becoming teachers and readers far too early before they are ready to truly help people achieve their goals. Do not be discouraged though. Every step on the path is beneficial, and every piece of knowledge you learn helps you expand your awareness encompassing more and more until the truth shines through untarnished. At the root and base of all these teachings, you find the truth on a solid foundation. It’s only people’s theories and opinions that dirty the waters. But even the dirtiest water clears.

The Path To Enlightenment.

The path to enlightenment is long and takes immense dedication. It is the great perfection that calls you to rid yourself of all impurities. You must gain control over your impulses and words. You must learn to let things like anger and sadness go. An enlightened master will never show these emotions as they are only a detriment to yourself and those around you. You must become impeccable with your words, actions and thoughts. This is because of physics. You will receive what you give out into the world. This is why love is the core of all teachings. Give love without condition and you cannot help but receive it. This is karma and also works the same with negative emotions. For example, if you are prideful over others then you are manifesting others to be prideful over you. You reap what you sow. Your mind is the great creator and misuse of your god-given abilities can result in your self-destruction. This is why understanding comes before action. You must understand the path and consequences you risk bringing upon yourself before you can make an educated decision. Love is also the very essence of god and the quantum field. It is magnetism. Love is the very stuff that holds atoms together. It is the strongest energy in existence and when cultivated correctly will shield you from all harm.

Your emotions are energy and this is the basis of understanding what the chakra system is all about. Studying and refining your chakras and energy flow is vital in perfecting the body and building energy rather than wasting it. You are a divine creation connected with Source directly. All is one and you are that very thing. We must learn to make our temple, or body, into a place that shines with light and eventually glows. When you have compassion and love in your heart you generate bio-photons and send them out into the world around you where they make subtle changes in the environment. It’s all part of the electromagnetic spectrum which holds information as energy waves.

Along with mastering your emotions and purifying the body, you must learn to expand your consciousness and awareness. Your brain is a sender and receiver of information. People have no idea how simple things like telepathy and manifestation can be. But if they never turn on the tv then they cannot receive any channels. You must learn to develop the mind to be visual and not verbal. You must meditate and focus on images and feelings. You have to develop your spiritual senses. You must learn to hear what was inaudible, see what is invisible, and feel what was intangible to you. You must grow into who you are intended to be. You must discover the eternal world of spirit right before your eyes, or be lost in the changing world of materialism.

When you read about enlightened masters you will find that they are no different from us. It’s only in how they developed their body and mind which differs. One surprising fact is that they do not sleep as we do. Their brainwaves are operating many times higher than the average mortal person. They never lose consciousness and they don’t need to eat to survive. When a person begins practicing things like Qigong and breath-work they will start to realize that they have more energy after than when they started. With practices like this which help the body and long hours of meditation to master the mind, Energy will flow into the master so strongly at the crown chakra that it will ionize the air around them and you will see them glow with a subtle warmth. This comes from a state of higher perfection when the master is going to or has already gone through, enlightenment. To achieve this you must walk the path laid out in all religions. Be sure to look at them all as stories are only so much help without the practices that brought them about. We are all destined to achieve the rainbow body. It is our choice how much suffering we will endure before we get there. Remember to love unconditionally, and know the difference between addiction and affection. Save your sexual energy and aim for immortality, not an early grave. Hell is better translated as the grave in the bible, and the wages of sin lead to death. You have free will and God is a shepherd that leaves no sheep behind. But if you keep killing yourself, he can only reach out a helping hand and wait for you to grab it.


Every single person is vital in their role and part of the overall whole. Everything is in its perfect place. If the person does not reach enlightenment or the rainbow body, and they fall prey to death, then this person will be back to take up another body and try again. In Buddhism, the cycle of reincarnation is suffering. This is samsara in Hinduism, the ongoing path of your awareness moving through birth and death than birth and death. This can be likened to a baby just learning to walk and they are inevitably going to fall a few times before they stand firm and what was impossible becomes normal. You must learn to fly. You must learn through trial and error and the guidance of those before you to truly fly. If you develop properly there are no limits, even age will be a thing of the past. You will be master of this dream and be able to step up into higher realms of learning and development. It’s either reincarnation or ascension learning to overcome death and walk forward steadfast in the light.

Your vessel is vital in the process of ascension. This is even referenced in the bible and other sacred texts. You must achieve a state of perfection to get into heaven. Enlightenment is the great perfection changing the body into a higher energetic form. Though all things are energy as they are. Other planes of existence can be just as physical as this one, just at a different frequency. When the body goes through this transformation people around the person may believe he/she is dead. However, over the next 3-7 days the person will become more youthful and give off light. There are some who cannot make the full transition and a small shrunken body of the former monk is left behind. These can range from a few inches to a foot or so. The transformations also happen when great masters stay around and blend with the common people though they are hundreds of years old, you would not be able to tell. They do not dazzle even though they can do things like fly, glow and teleport. They have perfected their minds and their bodies. This is the path we must all take and retain the body making a perfect transformation immortal and pure.

Non-duality In order to move upwards, you are developing your connection with Source. You are a single point connected to an infinite network. If you learn to expand your awareness and become one with all then there will be no limits for you. Nonduality is the truth. All is one. Every single consciousness is part of one cosmic mind. The ego and proper growth are the only things that are keeping us from union more fully with God. The ego is what divides what is perfect and whole. It is what thinks one thing is better than another. It believes that evil is separate from good when all are part of one organism working in perfect accord and harmony. It’s hard for some people to understand or accept but you are responsible for your life and future. You have free will and karma is absolute. Even when a person dies their karma will follow them into the next life. karma can include skills as well. We see this with child proteges in games like chess. Where a 9-year-old child, intuitive and pure, will beat a grandmaster chess player who has spent his whole life mastering this one game going over every possible circumstance and style of play. Everything is connected, and you are that very thing.

An important aspect of non-duality is that everything is perfect. It is not a battle of good vs evil but rather a mind sending out energy and exploring possibilities. Because all is one and energy always returns to the sender, people will experience the things they do to others. There are subtle and absolute physics at play here, and they are inescapable. It is a powerful lesson though. Give love and you cannot help but receive it. Give hate and anger and you can be assured of the very same thing in return. You should always stay in a mindset of giving and helping those in need. You should also avoid things like pride, lust, envy, sadness, and contempt. By putting these things out there we are thereby calling them into creation and setting a path for ourselves which will have us encounter the very same energy with amplified force.

Your mind is a limitless creator with all the traits of the father. Whatever you have on your mind seeks to manifest. This ties into another important law. Man creates that which he gazes upon. This is why visualization in manifestation is so important. You are working with the primordial field from which all things sprang from a mold to fill. With greater work and internal sight, more of your manifestations will come to pass. At the end of this path with high enough energy and a clear enough mind, you can bring forth any manifestation straight out of the aether. You can literally hold out your hand and a chunk of gold can appear right before your eyes. Because everything is thought-forms of the one cosmic mind. When you realize what you are and connect more fully with yourself, then there are no limits and a whole other world will open up to explore.

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