The Secret to Manifestation

Everything is Spirit, Nothing is Matter

Everything of form has come into form through visualization. Out of the Ether, or fields of chi, matter arises. We first proved that this was possible when we discovered the Higgs Boson particle. Matter can come from energy alone. We see this also in quantum physics when particles vanish from one point and appear in another. Very similar effects are also found when the dual slit experiment is performed with various particles. We see that matter exists in two states, a waveform, and a particle form. We find that just the act of observation collapses the wave function into a particle. This is a fantastic demonstration of reality, our existence, and also the mechanism for manifestation. 

We have another perfect example of manifestation when we take a look at the placebo effect. Statistically significant results are found when we just use a sugar pill in place of real medication. When a person truly believes that they have taken the correct medication and that it will indeed heal them, then very likely they will be healed. The mind can not only heal illnesses even as severe as cancer but can cause them as well. How we maintain our state of mind directly affects the world around us. Just by observing we energetically interact and have an effect on the world around us. When we believe that a placebo medication is an actual form of medication, the key thing to notice here is that the patient who is taking the medication believes that he will be healed, he sees himself being healed and having acquired the solution in his mind, and he has acknowledged that this is how things are in the outer world. The final step to manifestation would be to have emotion related to the image and outcome you know to be true, holding firm with faith. This placebo effect is directly linked again to our emotions and our subtle bodies. We have the manifestation capabilities of God, so we must no misuse them. It can be compared to having a genie in a bottle, be careful what you wish for. The law does not discriminate good from evil.

In the previous section on love, I mentioned how karma works and how thoughts leave our minds with an energy of their own. If we are not careful they will return and cause holes in our aura and leak our energy. I also mentioned how thoughts can travel in a line or a wave. This is similar to the dual slit experiment. When we think in words our thoughts travel in a particle-like fashion. But when we think with images and emotions our thoughts act like a wave and have a more resounding effect. This is the key to true manifestation. The act of simply repeating something in your mind is not necessarily going to work. You have to include emotion, a knowing, a strong visualization and hold it for long enough, it will come to pass. This is the same method that God used to bring everything into existence. For a long time, he came up with existence in perfect creation, and through visualization in the realms of our mind he spoke the word, actualize, and existence came to be. He is even now still forming his perfect existence with his will and waiting for us all to accept it.

The Enlightened Masters demonstrate these things far beyond wishing for money or a date. These masters bring bread into existence and food straight from the hidden, or what some would call the fourth dimension. what we are capable of manifestation like this and it should be our life’s work to raise to the level of attainment where one gets all of his needs directly manifest out of the ether. You are capable of everything God is capable of.

Everything is spirit, nothing is matter. Your body comes from your subtle body and your brain comes from your consciousness. In China, it’s very well understood that if you have a problem with your physical body it’s because you have a problem with your energetic body. Negative emotions are more destructive than we are aware of. Again thoughts have energy and they can leave us and ripple out, only to return with increased strength. 99.9% of matter is empty space. And what we think is actually solid, at the smallest levels we only find dense energy fields and nothing truly physical.

The Power of “I AM”

The statement “I AM” Is the most powerful manifestation phrase there is. This statement was first brought to us by Jesus, however, there is evidence that this statement originated before him as well. Here are a few I am statements made by Jesus. “I am the resurrection and the life.” “I am the light of the world”, and “I am the door.” This simple phrase is telling us that the doorway to god can be opened with “I am.” The Masters say that long ago there was a time when man and god were truly one in a world of non-duality. At this time all was one and harmony covered existence. Then man, being of God and from God, had the same manifestation power that God does. From this man began to create separation, until this existence was changed into a dual one. Man was then separated from who he truly is and he slowly lost his connection with the divine. Fortunately, there are Masters out there that still inhabit the earth. Some of them were Jesus’s teachers as a young man when he traveled East. Several historic records follow his journey, however, most are not public. This is where Jesus learned to become an Enlightened Master likely studying Buddhism. 

With “I am”, Jesus was giving us instructions and guidance on how to manifest. He was showing us that when we use the “I AM” statement we are acknowledging the God within us. There are several books on this topic and some of my favorites are the “I AM Discourses” by Guy Ballard (who claims he channeled St. Germain when writing the books). Guy Ballard is the founder of the “I AM” Activity and the St. Germain Foundation in the 1930s. In his books, he describes meeting St. Germain and learning the ways of the Ascended Masters. One of the most powerful tools that they use many many times a day is the “I AM” Statements. He speaks about how these simple statements and a life of love are the keys to shaping the very reality you are surrounded in. I recommend listening to these books on audiobook, there are several on youtube. Every night when I go to bed I say to myself, “ I am the embodiment of perfect health. I am eternally young in spirit and my body. I am Perfection.” These statements can also be used to help in shaping your own body or dealing with health problems. They can also help your hair grow back among other things. You just must be consistent and know it to be true.

This World is Real not a Simulation

Many people believe that we are in a simulation and that this existence is closer to the Matrix movies. This is not a simulation and you are not sitting somewhere asleep in a pod while a machine drains your life. This is all real and is all spirit is a constant expression. If we do not believe that and we think we will wake up when we die, unfortunately, that’s not the truth, our bodies will be turned to dust and we will return to the eternal mind from which we came from. We will live in this energetic realm until we are reborn again.

Reincarnation Until we Get it Right

We do reincarnate, This is an interesting phenomenon proved time and time again all over the world. The Bible even used to have reincarnation in it until Constantine came along and nearly 42 books were lost and we were given a redacted version of the bible leaving out certain keys to universal truths. The Dali Lama chooses the place and time that he will reincarnate and informs those around him. Then at the given time they go to the village and bring a large number of toys to bring to children around the town, and when the right child chooses the right 3 toys he is declared the next Lama and his groomed for greatness from that point forward. Children also tell stories of dying in a war and even remembering their previous names. Sometimes children even have birthmarks similar to wounds that would have been present at the death of their previous incarnation. We will continue to die until we learn to express love unconditionally for all. 

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Nov, 29. 2020

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  1. Hello Robert
    Thank You for super information. It seems you´re enlightened. So much
    and easy to get lifetime journey, job and good life within all this information
    just to share to the world.
    – Mikko

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