The Real Purpose of Meditation

Why Meditate?

For those who have attained they know meditation is a vital tool. For everyone else, we question what it’s really about and why should I meditate anyway? Meditation is gaining more and more attention in neuroscientific research and is becoming popular for many with words like mindfulness. Just like yoga, meditation is much deeper than what is perceived in the west. In reality, there are 2 things that make up all existence, spirit, and matter. When our eyes are open we live entirely in the physical world, focusing on its laws and forces, and charting our way through its rugged terrain. When our eyes are closed, we plunge ourselves beneath the waters of the physical world and enter into the spirit. Everything that comes into form first comes from visualization in the spirit world. Our minds are like wild elephants running around without our control. The first step in gaining any control in your life for any reason is to gain control of your mind. You must make your own decisions and not be guided by impulse or rash thinking. When you become a master of your mind you can master anything, even attain enlightenment.

Meditation in yoga is for connecting with the source of all things. It is for self-realization and the dismantling of the ego. Meditation is for unlocking siddhis and getting closer to source. Through meditation, we can heal our bodies and unlock our sixth sense. We can gather energy and communicate telepathically. We can leave our bodies and soar through space in astral form. We are so much more than we believe and for many, the first step to realizing this comes through meditation.

Step 1: Focus on Your Breath

The first step in meditating is to build your ability to focus and concentrate. So many people growing up never learned to properly concentrate and focus. We hardly pay attention to the things we are doing and make mistakes and try to multitask. This leads to more energy used often with a lower rate of success. It’s hard for us to multitask, as we can’t truly focus on two things at once. Our attention only switches from one to the other and back again leaving larger room for error. A great example of this is if you were to take a post-it with a dot on it and place it on the wall. Then you were to attempt to stare at the post-it for as long as you can, you will find how quickly we will distract ourselves from our original objective.

Improving your focus corresponds with physiological changes in the brain. When someone meditates and simply focuses on the feeling of their breath entering and leaving through the rims of their nostrils. They build their ability to focus by constantly bringing their attention back to their breath and letting thoughts go emptying your mind. This is what people call mindfulness and it does help in many areas. By lowering the chatter in the brain and building control over your will. The prefrontal cortex becomes more active when we can bring ourselves back into the now, not thinking of the past or the future. By doing this we are making new neural pathways and training old ones to allow us better performance with less energy. Our intuition and our response time improve, as well as our memory and concentration. The hypo campus also begins to gain more control over what’s called the default mode network. This is how we can begin to gain more control over areas of the brain that are active when we are at rest.

Our brains have high neuroplasticity, which means they are changing all the time, whether we do it on purpose or not. Much of the time this happens without our knowledge. For example, when raising children, it’s almost more important to show them the right thing to do rather than telling them. We are very empathetic and because of our mirror neurons, we reflect the emotions and situations we encounter in life. This concept is also very important to children around 7 and 8 as this is where they will begin building their views of the world and their place in it. Young children under the ages of 12 are often in Theta and delta brainwave states. Theta is like the programming state of consciousness where we can speak directly to the subconscious without any mental barriers to fact check or question the incoming information.

Healing Brain Damage

A large percentage of people who come back from war or are in prison or the NFL with anger issues may have had a neurological issue they are unaware of. The good news is that our brains can be healed due to their high neuroplasticity. we can truly rehabilitate people in prison but we don’t. Meditation and compassion change the structure of the brain itself. Brain damage can be reversed on a brain smart program as mentioned by Daniel Amen in his ted talk.
This is also related to things like ADHD. We can train people to learn how to focus and improve their lives in nearly every way. Many of these things seem invisible but with spectral imaging of the brain, we can see things more clearly. Daniel Amen made a good point when he said that psychology is the only medical profession that doesn’t look at the organ in question when making a diagnosis.


There are several brainwave states that we all experience in our lives. The lowest frequency with the highest amplitude is Delta, which is between .5 Hz and 4 Hz. This state is normally associated with sleeping and healing. This is where things like our autonomic nervous system shine. When we are in deep states of Delta sleep it is often dreamless and our neurons are shut off throughout the body from gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This state is not limited to dreamless sleep but has also been a path to Gama brainwaves and reported by Joe Dispenza’s findings even transcendental or religious experiences.


Next, we have Theta brainwaves moving up in frequency and down in amplitude. Theta is generally between 5hz and 8hz (or cycles per second). Theta is known as a drowsy state where you can access your subconscious and deep memories you think you’ve forgotten. Theta is where true hypnosis takes place. You can program your subconscious ideas and perceptions here. You can overcome fears and anxieties. One thing we should all be aware of is that if it’s a battle of ideas between our subconscious and our conscious mind. The subconscious will always win. This state is also a state that one would be in for things like a shamanic journey. In this brainwave state, we also find the Schumman resonance. The Schumman resonance is the earth’s resonant frequency which oscillates at 7.83hz. This can also change depending on solar radiation having geomagnetic effects on the earth. This resonance and frequency are where a person can tune into the earth and everything on it as you would tune into a radio. Most of the realities of remote viewing and remote influencing are found to be performed at this level. This is also why when there are Geomagnetic storms or solar flares can disrupt a person’s ability to remote view. Theta is where visualization can also become vivid and detailed.


Alpha is the state of inspiration and imagination. This state is generally found between 8hz and 13hz. When you are watching a movie or listening to music you are often in an alpha state. Alpha is a state where light hypnosis may be performed as well as early states of meditation. Alpha is also one of the states that we use in extrasensory perception abilities and the feeling of subtle the energies of chi.


Then moving up in frequency and lower in aptitude we have Beta brainwaves between 14hz and 30-39hz. These are associated with normal daily functions and are found when we are doing things like working. This is when we are fully alert and aware.


Stepping up one more level we begin to get into the superconscious. gamma brainwaves are measured at levels above 40hz. gamma brainwaves occur in people when they have done something like bitten into an orange or come up with the solution to a difficult problem. gamma brainwaves are also recorded when people perform telekinesis. Astonishingly most people do not reach the levels of coherence and synchronicity that Tibetan monks achieve. When first studying brainwaves the classification of gamma didn’t become a thing until Olympic level meditators began getting brain scans. These were people who had over 62,000 lifetime hours of meditation. The first thing they noticed was how different their brainwaves were from ours. These people just live throughout their day in Gama brainwaves. And even more interesting, when these meditators focused on compassion their Gama brainwaves would jump up 700-800%. This suggests there is a higher state of consciousness that most people never really achieve. After asking these monks what this state feels like they describe it as being spacious and open and ready for anything. Often scientists haven’t had the proper EEG devices to measure the full extent and range of high-level meditators.

Influencing Gene Expression

Meditation can have profound effects on the body. We gain more control over our minds and our body. We can also influence gene expression. There are very interesting things being done with Evelyn at, Seeing Without Eyes. They have found that you can do things like influence stem cells for growing new teeth for example. We see that negative emotions affect stress and can degrade our body’s functions. Often we overlook the fact that positive emotions have positive effects as well. Much of our gene expression comes from our interaction with the environment which the body perceives through emotions and feelings. By doing things like meditating on elevated emotions we can activate many of these laden biological functions. You can promote healing in your body with thought and emotion.

With practice, we gain more control over our amygdala and rain in this elephant of a mind we have. We can master stress and anxiety this way. Breath-work is another fantastic tool we can use in conjunction with meditation that allows us to accomplish some of these same goals. With meditation comes increased levels of melatonin which is a strong antioxidant and helps in preventing aging. Our DNA also gains more protection as the length of our telomeres grows leading to longevity. This has a lot to do with how our immune cells age.

In the long run, many of us lose brain cells as we age, but we can learn to grow them through meditation. One Harvard study found that after 8 weeks of meditation the subjects had grown more neurons, increased the size of the gray matter in their brains, and also increased the weight of their brains themselves. The physical structure is changed through meditation and operations become more efficient. Not only that but you end up improving the strength and amplitude of your brainwaves. Often one will go down into a Theta brainwave state and stay awake allowing the body to come into harmony and the brain begins to produce more energy at higher wavelengths.

The CIA’s Research

When the CIA researched astral projection and transcendental meditation they found some very interesting things. In the Gateway process, they utilized three main forms of practice. Hypnosis, Biofeedback, and transcendental meditation.


Through hypnosis, they found they were able to access the sensory-motor cortex, the pleasure centers, and the lower cerebral sections of the right side of the brain. They were able to speak directly to the right side of the brain which controls imagination and feelings, the more spiritual side of the brain without the left analytical logical language side of the brain interceding in any way. This was used primarily to allow for quicker progress through the program by removing fears and establishing the possible. Also by giving the listener enhanced confidence, concentration, and focus.


Then there is biofeedback which uses both sides of the brain together to achieve the desired result with the practitioner able to see and correct mistakes. This is especially helpful when a meditator can see their brainwaves or hear a noise letting them know where they are. Biofeedback can help strengthen neurological pathways that allow us to take conscious control over unconscious actions. For example, pain can be blocked out and healing can be enhanced. This is very helpful with new meditators and greatly improves their advancement.

Trancendental Meditation

And finally, we have transcendental meditation which ignores the left side of the brain so that we can interact with the right. Things like mantras are repeated until the left side of the brain gets bored and the right side can take over. The CIA studied transcendental meditation in terms of Kundalini awakenings. They were able to measure the movement of energy through, what’s known in the east as the microcosmic orbit of chi. This was seen when energy was pulled up the spine to the head producing acoustical waves that were conducted in the subject’s grey matter in their brain. These waves were from the heart and formed a rhythm called the bifurcation echo. This echo is like a pressure wave that moves up and down in the body like a slinky wave bouncing from one end to another. When we meditate and our body is in tune and this echo reverberates as the heartbeats in a smooth rhythm and the body works in harmony like an instrument. This echo is audible and heard up to 3 times louder than the normal heartbeat. The raising of the Kundalini is something that takes around 5 years of meditation and practice. This is something even highly regarded among yogis. The CIA found that these energy movements could be produced in people using vibrations or frequencies. It was noted that with binaural beats Kundalini awakenings could be achieved sooner than without. People with sensitive nervous systems were also susceptible to random Kundalini awakenings due to mechanical or auditory vibrations for protracted periods between 4-7hz. This for example could be from an air conditioner or a certain part of the road and speed creating just the right vibrations.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats were discovered by the Monroe Institute as a means to get the right and left hemispheres to synchronize. They called their new sound technology Hemi-sync. This utilizes two different frequencies played in each ear. One frequency for example could be 100 Hz in the right ear and 108 Hz in the left ear. Even though there are two separate oscillations of sounds coming in your ears your brain will take the two and create a third that is not on the tape at 4 Hz. Your brain has to actively have the left and the right hemispheres sync up to produce what you hear. This is how they were able to induce a resonate frequency at such low tones as 4 Hz and still be registered by our hearing. The brain then tries to match up with whatever frequency it is perceiving which allows sound to help bring us through different states of consciousness. One of the main goals of the Gateway project was to bring subjects down into relaxed states around the Schumann resonance for astral projection and remote viewing. There are different levels mentioned in the Monroe Project. Different levels of attainment and advancement. These levels progress up in what’s called “focuses”. Advanced techniques begin to arise like traveling to the past after focus 10 moving up to focus 21 which is looking into the future. They say that only 4% of those who train make it past focus 15. Progression through these focuses was directly linked to the time people put in. Here is an idea of what some of this process looks like. This is from declassified documents made available due to the freedom of information act.

The Gateway Process

The Gateway Process (Astral Projection & Advanced Energy States)
A. Begin by using Hemi-sync tapes.
B. Add strong rem sleep frequencies.
C. Provide hypnosis for easier and deeper states of hypnosis.
D. Use hypnosis for more states of focus and concentration to progress rapidly through the next exercises.
E. Repeat steps A-C with the suggestion that an outer body movement will be acquired and remembered even after sleep ends.
F. Repeat E to control out of body movement even after rem sleep ends.
G. Encourage the pursuit of all self-knowledge and remove any blockages to progress.
H. Be prepared to encounter intelligent forces.
I. Encourage advanced participants to build energy fields for advances in attainment to help others learn and assist them.

How to Produce DMT

Meditation is also vital for developing Blindfolded Sight and achieving higher states of focus and energy output. This is how we expand our consciousness and allow for the formation of other abilities. This is how you open your third eye. When we have our eyes closed we can begin to see color and lights through the production of DMT in your Pineal gland. We must go through the darkness to see the light. Mantak Chia tells us about how in the Tao as a practice they put people into a completely dark room for a week. This allows our brains to produce more and more melatonin which then converts to 5-MeO DMT. After the first and second day, the melatonin levels slowly increase up to 5mlg and up until they reach around 25mlg when DMT begins to be produced. Mantak tells us about how on the second and third day the levels are getting high enough that the people in the dark will begin seeing their past lives and their spirit will want to leave their bodies. This is how they develop their astral projection abilities as well as awakening their sixth sense. I’ve also heard several people tell me about native tribes who would take their children and raise them for a short period in the complete darkness of a cave to develop their sixth sense. I have not personally found references for this but I have been told about it several times now. This does make perfect sense. To begin conscious DMT production we must meditate or simply spend enough time in the pitch-black darkness. This similar method is also referenced by Sadhguru who mentioned that to activate your third eye that one needs at least 36 hours of meditation. Unfortunately with age, our melatonin levels tend to drop so these states are often more easily attained by younger generations.

Meditation is so much more powerful than we realize. Not only does it unlock superconscious states and supernatural abilities with esp. But it can help us in all aspects. Meditation has been shown to reduce cancer growth and mitigates radiation from chemotherapy. It increases your body’s natural killer cells and protects your DNA. It reduces fat content in the body and can help with diabetes. It is shown to help in producing neural protective hormones and can help with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It also reduces the damage of brain injuries.

Our world is full of random aspects that are constantly being influenced by our minds and energy. This is seen in binary quantum entanglement when we use our intention to affect random number generators or even things like the ph in water or even the flow wind. You may have noticed your interconnection with the world around you through things like the radio or tv answering questions that come across your mind. Our aura interacts with the world around us at a deeper level than most can see.

Your Aura

Your electromagnetic energy field, produced by the heart, grows or shrinks depending on your emotional state. We can strengthen and widen our electromagnetic field through things like compassion meditation. This field is also seen as a field of protection by high-level yogis. The larger the field, the greater the protection. Our fields interact with each other whether we are aware or not. You see this when couples are close together their heartbeats will sync up. This is where we can get a feeling that someone is behind us or that someone is looking at us. It’s been shown that you can put two people in separate rooms and have them be unaware of the other person. But through the wall, their auras will interact and cause physiological changes in the subjects. When a person is sad, their field may only stretch out 3 feet around them. When a person is happy their fields can stretch out up to 20 feet around them affecting everyone who comes in contact with their field. This can also be related to the chakra system showing us how energy and strength and resilience comes from love and conviction. This is also why many Masters avoid crowds and lots of people their fields would be slowly drained simply by being around those who are leaking and constantly losing energy.

Robert Smith

Dec 8th, 2020

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