Kabbalah, The Science of Ascension/ The Tree of Life

The Hidden Science 

The Kabbalah is not a religion. It predates religions. The Kabbalah is known as the hidden science, which was passed down orally. Its origin is shrouded in mystery, but the first accounts of the books show up around 4,000 years ago. Some believe it began in Spain, and others believe it comes from Israel and Abraham. The Kabbalah is Jewish gnosticism derived from people who have become Spiritual Masters or Kabbalists and learned the secrets of the universe. It is said that this knowledge was hidden for 6,000 years until man was at the right developmental stage to receive it properly. That time is now, and in 1995 all of the books that make up the Kabbalah have been made public. For centuries they have been shrouded in secrets and code. These books were written in a language of branches, a language within a language so that only those who were worthy and had a teacher would be able to gain the deep secrets the books have to offer. This is our chance, in the age of information, to bring what was in the dark into the light. For us, as a collective whole, to raise our consciousness and realize the limitless beings that we are, and how to actualize this reality. Our time to attain enlightenment is now. We must lift ourselves back up to the point we once were a million years ago in Shambhala times, referenced in Vedic scriptures. 

What is Kabbalah? 

The Kabbalah is the science of creation and ascension. It is said to be the science of all there is. It is known as the Tree of Life and has been adopted by many religions over time with references found in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and the Hermetic sciences. Because of this, we find several different spellings like Cabala, Kabbalah, and Qabalah. It has been linked with Tarot cards. Many believe the 22 paths of the Kabbalah represent the 22 cards of the major arcana. We will be focusing on the Hebru variation of the Tree of Life as it is believed to be the original version. The Zohar was written in Aramaic and predates Jesus, so it may very well be where he acquired some of his knowledge on God and the workings of the universe. The Kabbalah differs from most religions, in the regard that, God in the Kabbalah is all perfect and all good. In many religions, it’s perceived that God has an attitude, and we must fear him. In many faiths, it calls for us to beg and plead to God so that he may show mercy to us. This is not how it is in the Kabbalah, but rather, God is unchanging and pure love. He only loves and pushes us all to learn and grow. God in the Kabbalah is not a separate entity that is outside of you, but instead, God is a part of you. He is all things ever created. In the Kabbalah, there are only 2 things, God and his creation, and they are 1.

Another Map To Enlightenment

The Tree of Life is another map of ascension similar to the chakras we explored in a previous chapter. The Tree of Life is a very specific instruction manual on how to learn to interact with the forces of the divine that are hidden from most of humanity. This relates to blindfolded sight which is a vital key for developing spiritual skills and exploring existence beyond the physical. The sixth sense is our direct connection to the spirit realm, and one of our first steps of spiritual development. You must learn who and what you truly are. The Tree of Life, when looked at from above descending to the bottom, shows the path of creation. We see God’s divine will in action, manifesting all existence leading to a being in physical form. Transversely, when we look at the Tree of Life, starting at the bottom going up, we find God’s most solid form of matter and creation. From the lowest point ascending we see the path of life from the most basic level of inanimate things to vegetative, animal, and speaking life. Then there is the first barrier where we must learn a new sixth sense to pass, then we continue upward through 2 revelations until the final union with the creator in form. The Kabbalah is a how-to guide on becoming an Enlightened Master and conquering death.

When we listen to what some of the Kabbalists have to say about the spirit world, it leads to some pretty interesting implications, and potentially explains how things like teleportation, by the Masters, is possible and achieved. The Kabbalistic theory says that all of humanity is a collective consciousness. Like a polop on coral, each one is living its own separate experience and yet they are part of one life. We also know from Steven Greer, and new theories in astrophysics, quantum psychics, and from the Enlightened Masters themselves, that there is another dimension or potentially many that we can phase into. Another interesting aspect of the Kabbalistic texts is that they describe a sort of programming through stages of life. I believe it should be interpreted as learning and can likely be related to the Morphic Field Theory, which transcends life and death. In many regards, our existence is indeed similar to a holographic reality, but not to the level that some believe. Yes, everything is energy directed by intention, visualization, and information, but everything is also real. Spirit is matter, and yet, matter is more like a dream comprised of thought forces. Reincarnation is real. We only die to come back and do better, until we learn to stop dying. One other important aspect that is similar to the holographic theory is that every piece of this whole existence we are in contains the whole. Change one piece, and you change the whole hologram to reflect that piece.

Huge Implications

The Kabbalists tell us that the spirit world sits in a place outside of time and space. This is the ether, fields of chi, and the akashic records. Chi exists outside the bounds of time and space and is the thing that matter arises from. The Masters tell us that to travel in these dimensions of spirit, we must align our thoughts and feelings with where we want to go. And in this way, which describes the exact art and science of manifestation, we can travel to increase our proximity to the desired location. This is similar to the main method one would use to ascend to higher levels of spiritual development. You must understand and do as God does. The closer this alignment, the greater the connection. The greater the connection, the more light that shines forth from the vessel. This is exactly how material things are brought forth from the invisible, just as Jesus did with the loaves of bread. This also explains the method of astral travel, and at higher levels, how one would be able to manifest a second body to work through, as many masters do. Its all about visualization and feeling. This is actually a divine perfect law. Man Brings forth that which he gazes upon.

There is a law mentioned in Kabbalistic teachings called the Law of Equivalence of Form. This law states that there are constant forces from the inside and the outside of everything that are pushing things into balance. This can be seen as outer or inner forces which are pushing all life, whether it be the rocks at your feet or you yourself. The inner forces are our divine nature and spirit, and the outer forces are our environment as the physical world. As humans, we have been predominantly cut off from our connection with the spiritual forces in existence. So we are often out of balance. The physical forces have full control in our lives. For most, the physical is all there is. So that’s all they see and bring forth. When you understand the nature of all things and that the physical forces are a result of the spiritual. That by us being spiritual and focusing on purely the physical we strengthen its resolve. If we understand that these forces are always there and that we are a part of them then we can mentally plant a seed and watch it grow. Through your will and perception, you can shift reality. But in order to do this more successfully with greater force and accuracy you have to develop your mind. You have to meditate and begin learning to develop vivid, in-focus, mind images. Once you learn to start using the universal language of images, as thought forms, you can begin manifesting from the spiritual into the physical to greater and greater degrees. With refinement of the energy and mind, anything is possible.

The Purpose Of Life 

The Tree of Life shows us that the entire purpose of creation, was so that God could create a being and fill it with unbounded joy. In doing this, God created a vessel, separate and yet one, which was brought forth as a being of reception. God only gives, and we were designed to receive. As we progress up the tree from material creation we see that the will to receive slowly shrinks and our will to give increases. Matter is spirit, and we are in the spirit world as much as we are in the physical one. By changing our will from receiving to giving, we grow our spiritual connection with God and our proximity in spirit. We slowly become more and more beings of light as we make our corrections in life and live as intended. The Kabbalah is meant to teach people how to enter the spirit world and make all of our final corrections in one lifetime, so that we never die again, and attain the highest bliss. By attaining growth ourselves we can spread the light even more. One important aspect the Kabbalists speak about is that more than actions, it’s the intention that matters. You have to bring your understanding to God’s level and see beyond good and evil. Everything is perfection. We have free will to do anything, and from this we created duality. The Tree of life shows us that the way to ascension is recognizing our divinity and oneness with all being pure and having love for all seeing the good and perfection in even the worst events.

When plants die, they add to the soil and grow the next generation stronger and more vibrant than was possible before. We are a collective. One of the most fundamental goals of these teachings is to show man that the greatest joy and perfection comes from giving to others and treating your neighbor as yourself. We must treat every other person we see like us, and want to help them and bring them comfort and satisfaction as much as we do for ourselves. This is the path to godliness where one can align with his spiritual energies and become a being that is more and more comprised of radiant light. We are all in this together, and only by working together will we all ascend. All of this must be done for the betterment of all, and not for a person’s ego. Transcending the ego is a vital factor for immortality.

“Carved (harut) on the stones. Do not pronounce it, Carved (harut) but rather, freedom (herut). To show that they are freed from the angel of death.” Midrash Shmot Raba

The path to ascension is said to lead to great doubt, and this is on purpose. You must not do this for yourself, but for all mankind. You cannot be selfish. You must be selfless. There are said to be 125 steps beyond the first barrier into the spirit world to reach unity with God. These steps are related to genes that activate and change a person as they ascend the Tree of Life. The path is walked only by taking the middle way like in Taoism. It must be taken out of free will with altruism. 

The 10 Sefirot 


Keter (nothingness or God)
Hokhmah (The Divine Father of Knowledge)
Binah (The Divine Mother of Creation)
Hesed (Loving Kindness)
Din (Justice)
Tif’eret (Mans soul)
Nezah (Eternity or Victory)
Hod (Glory or Splendor)
Yesod (Foundation)
Shekhinah (Mans physical world, The elements)

5 States of Attainment

1. Double Concealment: The person feels there is no God or reason for anything.

2. Single Concealment: The person believes there is a reason for everything. May learn and begin preparation by using a book or guide.

(This is the barrier that hides the spiritual world.)

3. Correction: The person finds satisfaction from all things. More giving leads to more success, and the sixth sense is developed.

4. First Revelation: This person has a high level of contact with the Creator’s nature. They see, want, and feel the same as the creator. They have learned how to respond in every situation.

5. Second Revelation: This person reaches equivalence of form with the creator. They love all unconditionally and see the harmony of all working with the whole toward greater perfection.

The degree to which we understand the perfection of all things and events by the Creator constitutes the level of our connection with the creator. In action and thought when you are not aligned with God, he cannot provide for you, this is why we decay, age, and die.

So, in conclusion, to ascend in the spiritual realm and become one with God more fully so that we may attain enlightenment requires that we make our actions, thoughts, and feelings the same as God’s; free, divine, and pure. We change ourselves to learn to move in timeless spaceless reality. We evolve to fill with more and more bliss exploring the deeper nature of our world. There is no other world, but only that which we cannot perceive, or have not developed the sense to perceive yet. 

Check out my 5-day Blindfolded Sight Workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Dec. 3, 2020





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