The Ego

What is the ego? Why is it brought up so much in spirituality? The ego very simplistically can be labeled as our personal identity and individuality. More profoundly though, it can be seen as that which keeps us locked in the cycle of life and death through the delusion of sense pleasures. We think we are this body and that we will die. We think that we are separate from the whole and so we act selfishly. The truth is that we are not separate but one with the all-encompassing reality. We are divinely entangled in a deeper reality most people cannot fathom, let alone interact with. One important aspect in tapping into this etheric level of everything involves letting go of your ego and living as the whole. When we act out of self-interest we end up performing as cancer would in the human body. We selfishly horde resources while others suffer. This kind of action and behavior goes against the way of things and in doing so, can only find destruction. The reason that there is pain and suffering and pollution is because of the ego. You cannot rule the world out of ego but you can become it without limitations.

Every person is born perfect and one with source. As we grow older we carry this monkey on our back that watches the world and tries to understand it in whatever way it can. This monkey is our animal mind and focuses on survival and logic. Along with this monkey mind, we also have a higher mind which sees things as they are without judgment. The egotistical mind lives in a world of scarcity believing there is not enough and that the world evil. The higher mind understands the perfection in all things and knows that trials are required for growth and development. You only encounter lessons you need to learn.

When in meditation letting go of the ego can involve letting go of your thoughts about the past and the future. The ego is the only thing that mulls over events that have already passed and worries about events in the future. The higher mind understands that there is only one thing that you are ever interacting with and that is yourself. When you know this then you understand the statement, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” When you experience negative, angry, or fearful emotions you are creating disharmony in yourself and thereby calling disharmony to you. We are constantly interacting with the subtle fields around us projecting our energy outwards. Keep your thoughts and actions in harmony with all existence and you will experience profound states of flow and synchronicity. All existence is based on love. This is a vital key in your development. Emotions are energy and by vibrating with love you are making yourself more magnetic and creating larger influences on the environment around you. You must learn to disconnect from your ego and gain control over your automatic emotional responses. Many of us have experienced situations over and over again that we react like we are reading a script. We are making negative reactions automatic and training them into the brain. Habits are hard to break and it’s up to us to develop our minds and our bodys’ correctly. When you get angry try and pause. Realize that you are separate and you do not need to be affected by whatever situation that spikes your emotions. Take a deep breath and gain control over your body. This is important in self-mastery as you must be in control of your body rather than your body being in control of you.

Learn to forgive and try and see the perfection in all things. All beings are capable of both the worst and most divine expression. Even yourself. Do not judge others for the path they are on. It is vital for their own individual growth and development to see, understand, and conquer the ego. Many of these things can simply be put down and never picked up again. There is no reason why this can’t be simple, but we listen to our ego rather than asserting self-control and building willpower. We know the right path and we must learn to choose that path every time without failure. The ego is the main barrier in our way.

When we hear information for the first time we are more likely to believe its validity rather than a contradicting argument heard second. Even if the first assumption was wrong. This is our ego trying to steer the car even when better evidence has arisen. People get caught believing that they are correct and choose to not even consider other options. This is natural for us but it’s also something that we must overcome. Always keep your mind open and remain curious.

Finally, we must stay vigilant. In this age of information, it has become increasingly apparent that disinformation is an effective tactic in social engineering and political control. Always look for multiple sources of information and be aware that humans learned more about consciousness thousands of years ago than they know today. Many secrets are hidden in plain sight.

Work from the higher mind. Love, forgive, be selfless, be kind, and be gentle. Thank you.

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