The Body’s Voltage

Let’s talk about the body’s voltage! So the first question is, what is voltage? Well, when you have a difference in charge, the difference creates pressure or force called voltage. It can be related to the water pressure in a hose as well. This electromagnetic force is of one thing pushing or pulling on another. We live in an electromagnetic world where electrons and protons create fields of energy that correlate with all aspects of life. Yin and yang are to these eternal forces of pushing and pulling. These are the fundamental aspects of all existence holding matter into form. 

Our whole body runs off of electricity. An eternal flow and exchange of electrons. This light-based existence encompasses so much more than most of us are aware of. Visible light is only a fraction of the magnificence that can be witnessed in this life. Visible light is less than 1% of the known electromagnetic spectrum. If only we developed our senses and learned to perceive more there are things waiting to dazzle us.

Light is a fundamental aspect of existence. This is also how we know what the planets are comprised of. We can shine the light that the planet gives off through a prism and determine from that light what chemical compounds are on that planet.

Astronomers use a device called a spectroscope. This same concept also applies if you heat a mass to its melting point where it is red hot and begins emitting light. You can then pass that light through the spectroscope and see what compounds are being emitted or absorbed. You see, what happens is that when electrons make their jumps from one electron ring to another light is emitted in various colors. Depending on the jump different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy on the electromagnetic full light spectrum are emitted. The electron needs to emit a certain amount of energy depending on the jump it’s making to accomplish its task. With these jumps radio waves, microwaves, gamma waves, and light waves are emitted. This is how planets sing and emit light. This is also how we do the very same thing. We are electric light beings and there is far more out there that we have not developed the senses to perceive yet.

Coming back to the body and voltage we see that we are biological machines. We operate on the exchange and flow of electrons and energy. We have wiring, switches, and capacitors. We have semiconductors and batteries. We have circuit breakers and sensors of all kinds. We are beautiful in every way. We even have sub programming that we can learn to access and change which leads to changes in expression and our core coding. 

One very interesting thing we can do is use acupuncture points and needles with a sensitive ohm meter to read the body’s electric circuits and determine if, and where, there may be an issue affecting our health. Acupuncture points line up with real channels, fascia, and organic batteries. We will cover these channels and energy pathways later in detail. 

The future of healing will be based on energy and voltage. Much of what I will be referencing here is Dr. Jerry Tennant’s research regarding the body and its electric system. Dr. Tennant has written several books on this subject called, Healing is Voltage. The first thing we must understand is that PH is the measure of voltage in a liquid. The PH of a liquid tells you whether that liquid wants to give or steal electrons from whatever it comes into contact with. This is what determines if something is an acid or a base. We require specific conditions to function optimally in our body and our individual cells. 

+ 413 millivolts (electron stealer) = 0 PH Acidic

0 millivolts (neutral) = 7 PH

  • -413 millivolts (electron giver) = 14 PH Alkaline

The PH of our blood will generally maintain between 7.35 to 7.45. This is about -20 to -25 millivolts of electricity. Our entire body requires electricity to operate. When the food we consume or environmental toxins affect our ph levels and drop them down, the polarity of the body’s liquids will flip and begin stealing electrons from our cells draining their batteries and making them incapable of operating effectively or even communicating properly. Each one of our cells has a toroidal electromagnetic field around them. This field allows them to flow easily around and not bump into each other. This field also allows them to sense their environment and send messages to other cells over great relative distances. It can also propel them through capillaries by shedding iron sulfates and changing their relative polarity to the environment around them. The calls also can use this field as a compass directing them to areas that need their attention. We are electromagnetic beings, inside and out.

At the Young Center, Robert O. Young, DSC, Ph.D. Naturopathic practitioner says, “Cancer is not a disease but rather a condition.” This is the same thing that Dr. Jerry Tennant has discovered as well. All cancer arises when the body’s PH drops down to +30 millivolts (electron stealer). At the Young Center, they used this knowledge and understanding to heal a vast majority of cancer patients who came for help. Out of 320 patients, there were people with stages 1-4 cancer. Those who were diagnosed with stages 1, 2, and 3 cancer had a cure rate of 96% while those at stage 4 had a recovery rate of 81%. This is huge honestly, and most health practitioners will be ridiculed for not following the strict guidelines big pharma sets forth. The idea behind these healing methods comes from measuring the interstitial fluid in people, which comprises 60% of the fluids in the body. By looking at and measuring the electric potential in the body with a bioelectric scan and better understand the state of health and where a problem, if any, may actually lay. Much of the time there is a lack of salt and minerals and the body is in an acidic state. Salt is conductive and along with potassium, it helps in the firing of neurons in the brain and sends electrical impulses throughout the body at the speed of light. So switch out that iodized salt for some pink or black salt with loads of important minerals in them. One other important practice that helped people was having them go on alkaline diets and exercise which gave their body more energy and allowed them to heal how their body intended. 

Throughout our muscles, there are muscle fibers called fascia. This material is made of semiconductors that channel electrons generated in the muscles to the rest of the body at the speed of light. These muscle fibers are correlated with organic battery systems in the body and the meridian channels throughout the body known throughout the east. 55 countries practice Medical Qigong alongside modern medicine in the public hospitals. There is vast evidence that connects these two things, the body’s bioenergy, voltage, and healing.

There is also an incredible revelation that can help you better understand emotions and the energetics behind them. Emotions are electromagnetic fields. Emotional fields can get stuck in certain parts of the body and if we do not let them move through us these fields can disrupt the flow of energy can cause illness. One interesting thing about electromagnetic phenomena is that when you have a small magnet and you bring a larger magnet over it the small magnet will lose its identity and will adopt the traits of the larger magnetic field becoming one. This same effect can be used to erase emotions. There are very interesting studies being done in this field using these concepts. The patient will embody an emotion and a large electromagnetic field will be passed over the person and they will lose the feeling of the emotion they were holding before. A few places are doing this such as, PsychK, Emotion Code, Psychosomatic Energetics, etc. 

If you put a magnet over a wire the magnet will prevent the flow of electrons through the wire. I believe that these energies must be apart of the electromagnetic spectrum and follow similar laws. This is one of the reasons that gaining control of your emotions also affects the rest of the body and its functioning. If we imagine all of these phenomena as electromagnetic, it can bring a lot of clarity to the picture. This subtle electromagnetic energy is part of source energy and can transcend space and time.

We have several different battery styles in the human body. First, we have the water in the body. The water itself is capable of storing more and more electrons creating a more and more energetic environment. At a point, the water becomes structured and charged. It more resembled an electric gel. This is called EZ water and is vital for many functions in the body. This is the fourth state of water. We have vapor, ice, liquid, and gel. The only substance on our planet to have so many states. Water is life and also holds memory. The water molecules can hold together with magnetic fields in certain formations and even though some molecules will be replaced by others as the liquid moves around the base shape of the field held by the clump of water molecules will be held. This is how water has memory and can retain information and energy. This is also a great description of existence itself. It is information and energy held into form through invisible subtle forces.

The next battery that we have is our muscles. They are piezoelectric which means that when we stretch and move they produce electrons. They also act as storage centers for potential energy, much of which is stored in our legs. This is one of the reasons that standing meditations can be so beneficial because it raises energy from your lower centers and base up and throughout the rest of your body ensuring good flow and even better health. Many people have been healed of many things from the use of standing meditations for periods of 45 minutes and longer. There are initiations into temples in Kun Lun for example which require the initiate to do a standing meditation for 2 days straight without any breaks for food or sleep.

A third energy storage system in the body is the cell membrane of each cell. Each cell has its battery from which it can draw and store energy. The cell membrane consists of phospholipids which form organic capacitors.

Then we have our mitochondria which use cellular respiration and the Krebs cycle to generate ATP for the body to use as a universal energy currency of the body. Electrons are stored for later use in any form of energy that is required. We need to have enough B vitamins for this process to be as efficient as possible. keep in mind you should also aim for a diet high in dark leafy greens to keep your iron levels up as well. 

Finally, we have energy generation by scalar implosions generated from the shape of our DNA itself. Our DNA spirals down at the golden mean ratio of 1.618. When you have spiraling platonic solids it tends to implode energy spiraling down to the right into a point of implosion and spinning left and out the other end causing an explosion of energy. This is a way that our DNA itself can generate its own scalar energy.

Voltage is healing. “Chronic disease only occurs when you lose the ability to make new cells that work” – Jerry Tennant. It takes -50 millivolts in an area for new cells to be created. If we don’t have enough voltage or the proper nutrition then they cannot be created. If we aren’t charging our batteries or eating well we are inviting chronic illness into our lives. Most people operate at less than 5% of their true potential. When we can increase the body’s voltage our brain functions better and we heal up to 50% faster. We can become more like nuclear reactors rather than 12v batteries. When people are not able to hold a charge in their internal batteries then entire circuits can shut down and you run into issues with chronic illness. 

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