Blindfolded Sight Intro Course


Learn what it takes to accomplish the impossible. You don’t need eyes to see. This world is energy and perception. Discover your sixth sense.



Duration: 37 minutes 20 seconds

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Get ready to learn some information that may change your life! In this intro course, we will explore the very basics of becoming superhuman.

In this intro course, you will explore the basics of breathing techniques, followed by our first breath-work exercise.

We will learn the power of our breath and what we aim to achieve by training our bodies in these ways.

We will then go over some wonderful self-affirmations and a guided meditation right into some blindfolded color training to see what you’ve got.

Now, remember believing is seeing in these courses. If you don’t believe your brain won’t work for you and the battle will be more challenging. You can do this, you are capable, and you are wonderfully amazing.

Thank you and enjoy! Let’s change the world!