How To Open Your Third Eye

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There are so many videos and tutorials about opening the third eye. The reality is that much of the public knowledge presented by the west barely scratches the surface. The third eye is a deep limitless ocean full of all possibilities. With the development of this center, we can perceive and work with subtler forces in our universe. These forces include but are not limited to consciousness, electromagnetism, the aether, and more. When it comes to the mind there are no limitations. There are only limitations for material things, and all material things are derived from the mind. Our entire body is a programmable bio-machine with trillions of volts coursing through us. We are like walking nuclear bombs without instruction manuals to help us discover our potential.

Opening your third eye is described as lifting the veil. You are learning how to create from nothing using subtle and physical energies. Once you are able to develop your mind and open your third eye you are then able to see the unseen world around you. Existence is far more brilliant than what the human eye normally perceives. This is where seeing auras also comes from. You are learning to see other waveforms in the electromagnetic spectrum. Not only that but when you close your eyes you simply need to align in vibration with a given thing or location and you are there. A fully opened and developed third eye can look into the past and watch events as if they are there immersed within them. All things are energy and energy holds information. The Akash or Aether stores all information that has ever been created. All events are remembered and stored. Nothing is forgotten.

We also live in a multidimensional reality with parallel universes. When someone goes through enlightenment they perfect the body and transition from the third dimension into the fourth dimension. When you are in the fourth dimension you will disappear from all 3D beings. You will live in an expanded state where the only limit is what you can imagine. You can move through objects and can perceive everything with nothing hidden from you. For example, if a fourth-dimensional angel is looking at a three-dimensional being the angel would be able to see all of the person’s organs as well as their thoughts. To give some perception of what the fourth dimension is mathematically we can look at a hypercube. This is what a 4d cube is called. We can imagine a 3D cube except on each of the six sides is an entire complete 3D cube.

Developing our third eye and inner sight is one of the main goals of meditation initially. You need to develop this control panel that we have overlooked. All of these things are very natural. We were designed to have these capabilities. The only unfortunate part is that the powers that be do not want mankind waking up to their potential so everyone is always bombarded with countless toxins and chemicals in our food water and air. Having a healthy body and mind is very important for the development of the mind at a higher functioning state. We are electric beings after all and we need electricity and energy to operate properly. Our food will either give us electrons or take them from us. We can also either sit stagnantly and lose energy over time or get up and move to get the body closer to its optimal state. Exercise generates electricity and can improve our clarity of mind and our ability to heal dramatically. Our muscles are piezoelectric. We also need to be aware that smoking is very harmful to the system and will hinder our progression and development. The pineal gland in the brain doesn’t have a blood-brain barrier like the rest of the brain, so the purity and health of your blood is very important. When you smoke you inhale carbon monoxide, which binds to the red blood cells 200 times stronger than oxygen molecules and can take up to 24 hours to clear out. This prevents your body from gathering and using as much oxygen and energy as it needs for optimum function.

Breath work is a powerful tool to increase the amount of energy and electricity we get from the air itself. Just by learning proper breathing, we are able to fight off viruses and increase our energy stores. We require a proper mix of carbon dioxide and oxygen for the oxygen to become bioavailable. When proper breath training is taken it dramatically changes the body and increases things like red blood cell size, V02max, and your anaerobic threshold. You train the system to increase its efficiency and get dramatically more energy per breath than the average person.

One more invaluable tool that you have to open the third eye is the gateway itself, meditation. Through the development of your mind and self-determination, inner sight is achieved. When we imagine that we see light we generate photons in the brain that we can perceive. Generating light is the first step for developing the mind and inner vision. Things like a photographic memory may be developed this way. Intense visualization from a healthy fit person with enough energy unlocks something within the person which establishes a connection with the infinite divine oneness that we are all a part of. Meditation is a practice and there are countless methods in this alone. This is where all things are born from. Everything is mind. Visualization is the key to many great gifts that lay dormant in every person. Your mind is a filter of energy. Be careful what you think.

When developing inner vision you must learn to listen to your inner voice. You must learn to establish a connection with the infinite and be a conduit. You must learn to not only project information but to receive it. Your intuition is one vital channel that must be explored. We can all develop the ability to know rather than guess. These innate skills are lost when we are told we are wrong and when we outsource our minds to other devices like our phones and GPS. We no longer connect directly with the earth’s magnetic grid like most other animals do instinctually. Practices with intuition are thereby invaluable in our development. The only thing stopping you from discovering who you are is your ego which doubts.

Now finally, in order to channel divine intuition and energy to greater and greater degrees, you must follow universal laws. One example is that love creates and hate destroys. With this simple understanding, we can see how the whole world falls into balance. When someone or something works against the whole it finds destruction. This is like cancer in the body. When resources are selfishly hoarded, all suffer in the end. We are here to learn love, and when we chose fear we often only create our fate. There is nothing to fear but fear itself as all is one. Everything you see is part of you and working with you. Emotions are energy. Anger and pain drain you while joy and love charge you up. Life is more feeling than we think, and we have a choice what that feeling will be, and thereby what outcome we would like to experience. Love is the most powerful energy there is. It is magnetism holding everything together in harmony. We must learn from this, and if we pay attention we will see how to embody higher and higher levels of energy. Or we can lose it to our lack of self-mastery and control.

Everything mentioned is vital in lifting the veil and seeing the greater reality. All of this matters when you are trying to develop and perfect your psychic skills. Every choice you make has energetic effects and impacts on the greater existence unseen to most. If you truly want to speak with and meet your spirit guides then learn to raise your vibration to their level. They will never compromise themselves to meet you. You must raise to meet them.

Thank you, Blessings.

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