How to Become an Immortal

Love Is The Key Love is the most powerful force in existence. It is one of many vital factors that lead to immortality and living life more full and abundant as intended. Love itself is more than an emotion, but rather, it is God. There are many laws, rules and karmic repercussions in this life, but when we act in love, we transcend those limits. When we act in love, we do the ultimate work. This extends into various other levels of existence that most of us are unaware of. Karma is real. When we take action a wave ripples out to the ends of the universe, touching all existence, and then returns to us amplified in power. Only man, lost in his way does evil things. There is a paradoxical unity between apparent separation and the truth of non-duality. We are creations of this divine source with its qualities, but when we do not act with adherence to cosmic and divine law we work against ourselves and pave the path to our continuation in the world of maya and samsara. We have free will. Our energetic body is the base of our physical body. Consciousness comes before the brain, and is responsible for its formation. Everything is energy, and everything is one. “The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” Erwin Schrödinger.

God’s laws, are physics itself. They are the invisible forces. One of which is the law of love. Anything done, not following that law, will slowly disintegrate until it is no more. This includes our bodies and aging. Negative, painful, and fearful thoughts create age, while loving, opulent, compassionate thoughts create youth. Love can make you younger. This is not only a teaching of the Masters, but is also represented in modern scientific findings. For example, mediations with higher vibrational energies, like love and compassion, will affect your genetic expression, and increase Immunoglobulin A levels by nearly 45%. This was demonstrated in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. This promotes fantastic healing. One thing Joe is on the hunt for is activating the gene for immortality. We know we have it, because of cancer, but we haven’t been able to properly utilize it. He also found through love, people were able to lengthen the Telomeres at the end of their DNA strands, which promotes a longer life. In many ways, science has not caught up completely to the reality of our world and existence. This is evident from the knowledge that people out there are flying and teleporting without any current scientific understanding as to how. Records, videos and accounts like this continue on back to the beginning of many religions.

There Are Immortals Among Us There are people out there who are hundreds of years old. They have been recorded throughout time, all over the world, even in our modern era. I recently watched David Verdesi talk about his experience meeting a man over 900 years old with records and evidence to prove it. David Verdesi is an interesting man in modern times who has traveled the world and trained with mystics in South America and Africa, saints in Russia, xian immortals in China, as well as Tibetan and Buddhist monks. David himself is someone who says has levitated before and has sought out and met many people with abilities or Siddhis. There are many references to Enlightened masters and immortals in the book series “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. Immortality is a big subject in India and is referenced in the Vedas. It’s also found in nearly ever religion at their core. It’s in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Yoga Sutras, the Toa Te Ching and many many more ancient works and scripture. It is the truth that sets you free. Moksha.

The Key To Enlightenment In the books by Baird T. Spalding, we learn from the Masters that there are many paths to attaining enlightenment and becoming immortal. One path is to train for many years, or potentially move away and live in a cave to devote countless hours to perfecting your energy and all of your inherited gifts. A second path is to learn to think and be only love. They say that only through love is a man truly free. The idea is that a person has unconditional love for everyone and everything. For everything is God, and God is love and doesn’t make mistakes. This is also a fundamental trait of all enlightened masters, and it is a requirement to conquer death. This comes from the realization that all is one and to harm or cast down anyone is to harm and cast down yourself. Jesus, with love, conquered death and walks the earth today, though invisible to mortal eyes.

In Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha taught that there were 4 stages of enlightenment. The first stage is one realizes and recognizes that they are the oneness that pervades all. This step is called Stream Entry. Once you have glimpsed the true self, nothing will stop you from achieving this awakening. You will develop traits which brake chains that restrict you. You must overcome doubt and begin correcting personality traits, identity, and habits. At this point you will be within 7 lifetimes of achieving the ultimate perfection. The second stage is called, Once-Returner. This person will be within one lifetime of achieving Nirvana. The third stage is called the Non-Returner. Here you will overcome lust passion and the desires of sense pleasures. You will overcome things like repulsion, detest and negative compulsive behavior. You will begin to more fully understand that you are more than the body and to not become attached to the body. The final stage is the Worthy One. This person will not have anymore lifetimes to die through and will achieve eternal life in this lifetime. You will have a choice to keep living on the physical plane eternally or attain the light body and continue upward to greater unity with all.

Enlightenment happens when you are fully awakened in consciousness and development. When you not only know that all is one but you are all as one. Emotions are vital for your energy centers and to keep you streaming source energy. Then you must develop the body and the mind to be able to work with this energy and find its boundlessness. Once you see and truly know that you are a being without limits and bounds capable of accessing all power and all knowledge then you ascend and transform the body to light vibrating at such a high energy that you phase out of view from the view of mortal man. You have perfected the body with limitless capabilities. You have created your body of light and perfected the soul. You have achieved immortality and beyond.


Every thought we have goes forth from us as a thing with energy of its own. When we think with words and directed attention, that energy generally flows in a straight line, or sine wave. It goes from sender to target. When we think in pictures that thought form goes out in spherical waves rippling out to all existence. These thoughts will always return to the sender with amplified force. People do not know the immense power that is thought forces. We have all the power of God, as we are him and he is us. We must abide by the laws or wither away and start over from the beginning and try again. The only way to truly ascend is through mastery over mind, body, spirit and love. Negative thoughts and intentions will only come back to us along our path and keep us in a karmic loop of life and death.

Maintaining Your Subtle Body

Your subtle body is something that western science has not been able to grasp, but in China, these things have been known, and sciences refined, for thousands of years. Acupuncture is directly related to our energetic channels and subtle bodies. We should know how to maintain our subtle energetic body for health, mastery, and the highest levels of attainment. Love is important. You must not let negative emotions and feelings infect your energetic body. These will create holes in your aura when they enter and drain your life energy. To prevent this you must maintain peace and love in your heart. And you must have unconditional love for all and know the all to be one. Our minds can be like wild elephants but once we master them we have control over immense power.

To have unconditional love for all you need to understand that this is a world of karma. It is balanced and based on cause and effect. It is perfect with choice and growth. It is completely unified as one cosmic mind. Everything you come across is a lesson to help you grow. It is all part of you working with you. Give love and you receive it. Give anger and you receive it. Eventually you will learn that love is where the bliss is and where you should reside. Every step in life is guiding you to stop relying on the external for fulfillment. You will never be satisfied. You are a limitless being asleep in the body of a person with a limited conditioned mind. The Brahman hiding in the Atman. It’s a beautiful dance that continues in harmony until the child learns the ways of the father, and finds the father residing within his own being.

All existence is perfection. And being perfect it is neither good nor evil. This is a concept created by duality. Friedrich Nietzsche talks about this in, Beyond Good and Evil. However, Nietzsche was an atheist for his adult life. It personally took me a while to come around to the existence of God. Not until I discovered living saints and men who could perform supernatural abilities. The greater the connection with God the greater the level of skill. This does not mean a person who is even openly religious, but rather someone who understands and works with the defining principle. This is one as many, God, love, energy, awareness, physics, material existence, and realms beyond conception.

When healing and working with the subtle body there is no greater force than the energetic power of love coupled with a clear thought-form. These forces work with the etheric field to bring forth the intention. Love is the atomic force that keeps atoms together. It is part of the electromagnetic field. It is magnetism. Love is a shield that protects us from harm. Just like Lao Tzu says in the Toa Te Ching,“Love vanquishes all attackers, it is impregnable in defense. When heaven wants to protect someone, does it send an army? No, it protects them with love.”

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Nov. 28, 2020

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