Full Workshop – Blindfolded Sight

  • Duration 10h 49s
  • Last Update March 31, 2021


What Will I Learn?

  • If the practices and homework is adhered to, you will learn blindfolded sight likely in 3-6 months (time varies with age, it could take you much longer or considerably shorter). You will gain a stronger cardiovascular and nervous system. You will attain better intuition and energetic senses while building your inner energy stores.

Topics for this course

35 Lessons10h 49s

Day 1?

Let's Get Started!
Rapid Induction Self Hypnosis00:06:05
Breath Work Science00:05:52
Workout, Breathe and Move00:26:26
Meditation Theory and a Taste of Alpha.00:30:02
Blindfolded Color Recognition00:29:07
Day 1 Homework

Day 2?

Strengthening senses

Day 3?

Blindfolded Object Recognition.

Day 4?

Reading blindfolded

Day 5?

Getting Serious With Energy.
$100.00 $50.00

Material Includes

  • A five day workshop to develop your intuition and energetic senses, leading to blindfolded sight. Effective meditation and brainwave control techniques, as well as effective tools to take with you and practice with when the workshop is over.


  • You will need headphones and a cover for your eyes. I recommend a Mindfold mask as this blocks out 100% of the light and allows you to open your eyes while they are covered.

Target Audience

  • These courses are targeted towards teenagers to adults, as children younger than 13 learn exponentially faster and have shorter attention spans.