Chakras and Enlightenment

Chakras are a Road Map to Enlightenment

Fifteen thousand years ago, Adiyogi (the First Yogi), which was Shiva, attained Enlightenment and brought us all the Vedic science of yoga. This Science lays out a roadmap that leads to the highest attainments. Yoga is far more than just stretching. One could argue that yoga is not about movement at all, but rather emotion and self-mastery. In the previous sections, we learned that our subtle body is where our physical body comes from. Like the question of the chicken and the egg, which came first? Consciousness or the brain? Consciousness came first and is responsible for the brain. We also learned previously that matter and spirit are not separate but one and the same. Matter is the expression of spirit constantly unfolding in reality. Furthermore, we came across proof that Immortality is real and that the path to Enlightenment is paved with love. This is clearly visible in the layout of the chakra system. You could describe this map to ascension as Jacobs ladder, a solid connection or bridge between the material and spiritual. I hope the picture is starting to become clearer. Everything is energy directed by intention, and every choice moves us closer or further away from the source of all. Chakras are the key to enlightenment in yoga.

Chakras are referred to as wheels, gates, whirlpools, or energy centers. They have acquired these names and understanding through the perception of the energy fields with refined sensing and observation capabilities. When you have improved your own energetic senses and nervous system, you will sense these centers yourself. There are 114 chakras in and above the body, but most of the time we focus primarily on the most predominant 7. These chakras, or gates, allow energy to flow into, or out of the body. This flow happens in the form of a whirlpool, spinning clockwise to condense energy into the body, and flowing counterclockwise when energy is leaving the body. Each of these centers interacts with the subtle world around us and affects us far more than most of us realize. In the East when there is a physical problem, traditionally they look for an energetic root cause. In the west, we are unaware of the impacts of subtle energies on our physical form and therefore disregard them entirely. Science, to our current understanding, backs the chakra systems. Each center, or system, is directly linked to a different set of organs that are responsible for specific actions in the body. This understanding of the energetic effects on the body from emotion is called biopsychology.

The chakras lay out a map of evolution starting at our root chakra, or Muladhara, moving from primal life in the physical world to our crown chakra, or Sahasrara, which represents God, and encompasses all existence both spiritual and materialistic. The chakra system is for developing self-mastery, attaining Enlightenment, and becoming a demigod. The science of yoga shows us that everything is connected. Everything is one, and the goal is to move from a duality based existence into a non-duality based existence. The goal of yoga is to raise your consciousness and understanding to that of God’s level. The Vedic science of yoga allows us to see that in nearly every choice we make we are deciding between eternal life as perfection, or slow destruction clinging to selfish and materialistic means. The biggest choices we make happen every day and determine our spiritual progress. Do you serve others, or do you serve yourself? This universe only works by working together, and if you serve only yourself you cannot possibly hope to ascend.

Each chakra is represented as a flower with a specific number of petals surrounding it. Each petal has a different meaning or trait. The three Chakras below the heart have petals that we would generally want to avoid. The petals surrounding the chakras above the heart are things we want to embody. These are called the Vritti, or the propensities of each chakra. The chakras below the heart represent our materialism while the chakras above the heart represent our divinity. Each chakra has a certain number of qualifications to truly open the gate and ascend to the next chakra climbing Jacob’s ladder to meet God. This can also be related to the raising of the Kundalini, but we will talk more about that later.

To get a base understanding of the chakras a good practice is to recognize where you feel certain emotions. This will help in understanding the chakras. When we worry it is felt in our gut and when we love it is felt in our heart. If you want a more visual image I suggest looking at the blood flow of the body in relation to different emotions. Our blood carries energy and it is moved depending on how we feel. Our emotions affect genetic expression and our physical health.

Let’s take a look at our map, starting at the bottom and the most material expressions we have and moving to the top, at the most divine expression.

-Root Chakra – Muladhara (Red) I Am

Element: Earth

Symbolic Animal – Elephant

This center gives us a direct genetic link leading back to the first living organisms on earth. It is said that the genetic potential for immortality resides in this center.

The 4 petals or Vritti are as follows:

  1. Kama ————— This is the desire for material pleasure such as sex and food comes from our animalistic instincts.
  2. Artha ————— This is the desire for Intellectual pleasure or our want for non-material things and knowledge.
  3. Dharma ———— This is the desire for Spiritual pleasure and the want to know God.
  4. Moska ————— This is the desire for Spiritual Liberation or Enlightenment. The spirit wants to be free from the limitations of the mind.

This is the beginning of the path where we may also find fear from lack of material things. We will then move from fear to anger and adopt a need for power and control. Once power is maintained then one generally looks inward in search of realization. These are the first steps on our path where we slowly start to make choices that move from being selfish to being selfless.

In the root chakra, we find our instinctual desires and the formation of primal life. This chakra is located in the Coccyx at the base of the spine, which is close to the perineum. In order to strengthen this chakra and raise dormant energy, we must bring this chakra into balance. We must not be controlled by our base desires. We must attain self-mastery and tell our bodies what to do rather than having our bodies telling us what to do. We do these things to learn to conserve energy and strengthen our aura so that we don’t create holes and lose unnecessary amounts of energy through various actions related to the Vrittis. This center represents earth as its element. When this center is strong it helps in the formation of solid matter in your body. It’s said to increase the strength of your bones, and even create a pleasant scent in a person with a balanced root chakra. A balanced root chakra is also associated with bowel health.

-Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana (Orange) I feel

Element: Water

Symbolic Animal: Crocodile

This center is related to our lizard brain. This has to do with the base structure in our brain which is the same as a reptile. This chakra or energy center is known to be responsible for the liquid element in the body and is associated with the Lymphatic system. The 6 petals, or Vrittis, are as follows:

  1. Avajina ———— Disdain for others
  2. Murccha ——— Stupor or frozen depression
  3. Prashraya —— Gluttony or over consumption
  4. Avishvasa —— Distrust in others
  5. Sarvanasha — The fear of death 
  6. Krurata ——— Indifference or mercilessness

These propensities are emotional states that we must overcome. They determine if we balance this chakra through love, and channel energy further upward, or if we are to feed our reptilian tendencies and move downward into the physical realm of deterioration. 

This chakra is connected with our addictions. Often when we do not find the satisfaction we seek in this material life. We are left feeling empty, knowing there is something more and we fill that emptiness with anything we can. Moderation is key to the development of this center. It is very important to save your vital life fluids and not to waste semen. When this center is balanced it is said that the person will almost have a glow to them and increase in attractiveness. Remember, our energetic expression becomes our physical expression.

-Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura (Yellow) I Do

Element: Fire 

Symbolic Animal: Ram

This center is responsible for generating heat in the body and proper digestion. The solar plexus chakra is also connected with our mammalian tendencies. We see that as we move up the spine we go from primal to spiritual. Still, we find base instincts here that we must overcome. These are the Vrittis that we must conquer in this center.

  1. lajja ————— Shame or bashfulness
  2. pishunata —— Greed
  3. iirsya ————-Jealousy or envy
  4. susupti ———-Sleepiness or laziness
  5. visada———— Melancholy or sadness
  6. kasaya———— Cruelty or sadistic tendencies 
  7. trsna————— Thirst or infatuation 
  8. moha————— Attachment to the physical
  9. ghrna————— Hatred
  10. bhhaya————- Fear 

One of the most important tendencies that we must overcome in this chakra is our attachment to material things. This also includes attachment to people. Most of our pain and fear comes from attachment. We have to lose our lust for material things. Only in this way do we achieve true freedom. Attachment and love are not the same thing. Attachment comes from time and proximity. The longer something is around you the more we tend to become attached. So how do we overcome attachment and still maintain love? Well, we must love the essence of all things and not the form. We can easily become attached to form, but this is not true love, it is closer to addiction. 

Cold showers are good for this chakra as they help the body maintain its ability to self-heat and self regulate. Also, a vegetarian diet is recommended as digestion is easier and takes less energy, and without meat and fat content the blood vessels don’t get restricted which can cause health problems when stress is introduced. If you’re going all-in avoid garlic, alcohol, tobacco, and onions as well so you don’t waste energy from digestion.

-Heart Chakra – Anahata (Green) I Love

Element: Air

Symbolic Animal: Antelope

The heart chakra is the central gateway between the spiritual and the material worlds. The 3 chakras below represent our inhumanity. The heart chakra represents our humanity, And the 3 chakras above represent divinity. Only a person who acts through their heart can ascend to being divine. Here we have 12 petals or tendencies of this center, some to embody and some to avoid.

  1. Asha ————- Hope
  2. Cinta ————- Morality 
  3. Cesta ———-— Effort
  4. Mamta ———— Love
  5. Dhamba ——— Arrogance, vanity
  6. Viveka ———— Discrimination between right and wrong
  7. Vikalata ——-— Depression, or Languor
  8. Ahamkara ——- Ego and Pride
  9. Lolata ————- Extreme acquisition or avarice
  10. Kapatata —-—- Hypocrisy
  11. Vitarka ———— Argumentativeness
  12. Anutapa ———- Regret

The heart chakra is associated with the Thymus. This organ in the neck is responsible for creating T cells and maintaining our Immune system. Unconditional love is always the answer to any problem. We create joy in service to others and find depression when we only serve ourselves. One way we can strengthen this center is to dance and do good deeds whenever you see the opportunity. Breathing through the heart with love is a great way to balance this center. Meditation in groups is also very powerful at charging this center and bringing it into balance.

-Throat Chakra – Vishuddha (White or Blue) I Talk

Element: Ether or Akasha

Symbolic Animal: White Elephant

The throat chakra is where we first begin to see divinity. This center is represented by ether, or space and time because sound is the most subtle physical force we have. It is not a thing at all, but rather, a pressure wave. These petals are slightly different than the other centers, as this chakra encompasses mantras and seed sounds.


  1. Pranava —— Ohm Mantra
  2. Udgitha ——- Samaveda Mantras
  3. Hung ———— Bij Mantra
  4. Phat ————- Bij Mantra 
  5. Vashat ——-— Mantra 
  6. Svadha ——— Mantra
  7. Svah ———— Mantra
  8. Namah ——— Mantra
  9. Amrita ——— Nectar of immortality (likely Melatonin, but potentially something else)

Musical Notes / Vowels (Sanskrit)

  1. Nishda ————लृ(lr)
  2. Rishabha ——— ए(e)
  3. Gandhara —— ऐ(ai)
  4. Shadja ———— ओ(o)
  5. Madhyama —— औ(au)
  6. Dhalvata ——— आ(aa)
  7. Panchama ——- अ(a)

It is said that the fields of chi resonate with a sound, and that sound is om. This sound encompasses all existence. In India, it is “aum” while in China it is “om”

The first sound in this mantra the “a” stands for the first word spoken and the start of existence. The second sound “o” stands for all of time and creation. And finally, the sound “m” stands for dissolution and the end of existence. 

The mantra “om ma ne pad me om” means I know that the sacred divine energy of all resides dormant in my root chakra. The use of mantras is indeed a method of attaining higher states of consciousness. What happens is that not only are you sending energy out that you wish to match up with, but you are repeating a phrase to the point that your analytical left side of the brain gets bored and stops paying attention, at this point your right hemisphere can take over and begin to lead the way to an elevated state. Not only can sound bring you closer to the divine but it is vital in our expression and the determination on whether we will continue to climb up to unity with God or if our actions keep us in the mundane.

Singing can help balance this chakra as well as speaking truth and compassion. Breathing with focused intent through this chakra will also help to strengthen it. The development up to this center is also known to be associated with the manifestation of several Siddhis, or superhuman abilities. 

-Third Eye Chakra – Ajna (purple or indigo) I See

Element: Supreme Element (all elements combined)

Symbolic Animal: Black Antelope

The third eye is the center that generally gets the most attention. This center, being above those below it, is in control of, and can regulate all of the descending chakras. The third eye chakra is connected with the hypothalamus. This organ located in our brains literally controls spiritually and physically, the other chakras below. The hypothalamus produces hormones regulating emotional responses. It also plays a key role in maintaining body temperature and daily unconscious processes while simultaneously controlling other areas such as sexual desire and appetite. So in a sense, if you can bring this energy center into balance you will bring all of the centers below into balance as well. The 2 petals around this chakra are focused on knowledge.

  1. Knowledge of the physical
  2. Knowledge of the spiritual

The third eye is the center for knowledge of all things. It represents not only the ability to learn everything from the physical world but it also gives us the ability to discover all information from the spiritual world. When one looks outward they see the material existence, and when they look inward they find divinity. A person must develop this center to progress further up the path to enlightenment. At this point, a person who is dedicated has mostly changed their views from a dualistic perspective to a non-dualistic perspective and lives as if they are the world. They live a life with unconditional love for everything. If someone else is suffering, then you are suffering. You must raise your consciousness to the level of god’s consciousness, and from here you can begin to do his work and raise humanity to their rightful divine intention. With the development of this center, you will develop your intuition and direct knowing. Things like remote viewing and blindfolded sight can be refined to a level that can rehabilitate the blind and see clearly into the akashic records like you are watching the past on a tv. From this point, you can now clearly understand God’s intention and connect with the source of all and infinite consciousness. Meditating deeply in I am, helps this center.

-Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (Violet) I Understand

Element: Pure Consciousness

Symbolic Animal: Egg

1,000 pedals.

50x2x10=1,000. The 50 petals on all the chakras below, times 2 for the positive and negative expressions of them, times 10 which is a reference to the energy lay lines that extend out from our crown chakra. one going up, one going down, and the other eight going around a compass, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. These energy lines also come into play with the alignment of the pyramids as well as other practices like Feng Shui. These energetic systems are apparent and understood as the science they are when the person has developed themselves energetically and can perceive the chakras directly.

The crown chakra represents the king of kings, god all mighty. This center is your true connection to the divine and resides above your head. This center is associated with the pineal gland in the center of the brain which is able to produce DMT and melatonin. There is a yogic substance that is said to be secreted by the pineal gland that is partially spiritual in nature, and if someone is not in the right state of meditation, the compound is assumed to be immediately destroyed. This still undiscovered secretion is called amrita, or the elixir of immortality, referenced in yogic culture. Many people believe that this elixir of life is actually referring to melatonin. One of the pineal gland’s main functions is to determine if it’s day or night and then to secrete the appropriate hormones. When it is the day, serotonin is produced, and we are put in a very awake state. When it is night, and less light enters our eyes, then our pineal gland begins producing melatonin. Melatonin is known for having a sedative effect on the person. It will reduce stress levels and help a person attain higher states of meditation. Melatonin is produced around 9 pm and increases in levels until a maximum point around 12 pm. Many yogis recognize that higher levels of melatonin lead to deeper and more profound states of meditation. This is why between 12 am and 3 am it is recognized as the time of shiva, a time which has mystical properties. Interestingly enough, hunger can also increase the levels of melatonin. This is another reason fasting is utilized. It’s also said that fasting with water is good for the body, and fasting without water is good for the body and the spirit.

An interesting study found that rats that were injected with melatonin had lower levels of stress and lived 20% longer than rats that weren’t injected. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and has very beneficial anti-aging effects. Rumi has mentioned that meditation on this center, with unconditional love for the supreme being, and the oneness of all, leaves the person in a state of divine drunkenness. 

Many of the Yogic sciences have been kept highly secret for generations. Yoga in Tibet is only passed down from master to student orally, they never write it down. Many Enlightened masters have come from India, so we should pay attention to what these methods have to teach us. I have not mentioned any asanas in this book because in the west they have become the main focus while the actual science of spirit has been largely overlooked. Each different yoga posture will help in moving blood, twisting, bending, and stretching out the given area, or chakra. Because yoga is all about balancing the mind and the body a vegetarian diet is recommended so that you do not create any blockages in blood circulation or any vasoconstriction. Remember your body is your spirit, and if we want to attain we need to bring not only our bodies but our minds into balance and harmony so that they may work how they were intended.

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith 

Dec 1, 2020

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