Kabbalah, The Science of Ascension/ The Tree of Life

The Kabbalah

The Hidden Science 

The Kabbalah is not a religion. It predates religions. The Kabbalah is known as the hidden science, which was passed down orally. Its origin is shrouded in mystery, but the first accounts of the books show up around 4,000 years ago. Some believe it began in Spain, and others believe it comes from Israel and Abraham. The Kabbalah is Jewish gnosticism derived from people who have become Spiritual Masters or Kabbalists and learned the secrets of the universe. It is said that this knowledge was hidden for 6,000 years until man was at the right developmental stage to receive it properly. That time is now, and in 1995 all of the books that make up the Kabbalah have been made public. For centuries they have been shrouded in secrets and code. These books were written in a language of branches, a language within a language so that only those who were worthy and had a teacher would be able to gain the deep secrets the books have to offer. This is our chance, in the age of information, to bring what was in the dark into the light. For us, as a collective whole, to raise our consciousness and realize the limitless beings that we are, and how to actualize this reality. Our time to attain enlightenment is now. We must lift ourselves back up to the point we once were a million years ago in Shambhala times, referenced in Vedic scriptures. 

What is Kabbalah? 

The Kabbalah is the science of creation and ascension. It is said to be the science of all there is. It is known as the Tree of Life and has been adopted by many religions over time with references found in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and the Hermetic sciences. Because of this, we find several different spellings like Cabala, Kabbalah, and Qabalah. It has been linked with Tarot cards. Many believe the 22 paths of the Kabbalah represent the 22 cards of the major arcana. We will be focusing on the Hebru variation of the Tree of Life as it is believed to be the original version. The Zohar was written in Aramaic and predates Jesus, so it may very well be where he acquired some of his knowledge on God and the workings of the universe. The Kabbalah differs from most religions, in the regard that, God in the Kabbalah is all perfect and all good. In many religions, it’s perceived that God has an attitude, and we must fear him. In many faiths, it calls for us to beg and plead to God so that he may show mercy to us. This is not how it is in the Kabbalah, but rather, God is unchanging and pure love. He only loves and pushes us all to learn and grow. God in the Kabbalah is not a separate entity that is outside of you, but instead, God is a part of you. He is all things ever created. In the Kabbalah, there are only 2 things, God and his creation, and they are 1.

Another Map To Enlightenment

The Tree of Life is another map of ascension similar to the chakras we explored in a previous chapter. The Tree of Life is a very specific instruction manual on how to learn to interact with the forces of the divine that are hidden from most of humanity. This relates to blindfolded sight which is a vital key for developing spiritual skills and exploring existence beyond the physical. The sixth sense is our direct connection to the spirit realm, and one of our first steps of spiritual development. You must learn who and what you truly are. The Tree of Life, when looked at from above descending to the bottom, shows the path of creation. We see God’s divine will in action, manifesting all existence leading to a being in physical form. Transversely, when we look at the Tree of Life, starting at the bottom going up, we find God’s most solid form of matter and creation. From the lowest point ascending we see the path of life from the most basic level of inanimate things to vegetative, animal, and speaking life. Then there is the first barrier where we must learn a new sixth sense to pass, then we continue upward through 2 revelations until the final union with the creator in form. The Kabbalah is a how-to guide on becoming an Enlightened Master and conquering death.

When we listen to what some of the Kabbalists have to say about the spirit world, it leads to some pretty interesting implications, and potentially explains how things like teleportation, by the Masters, is possible and achieved. The Kabbalistic theory says that all of humanity is a collective consciousness. Like a polop on coral, each one is living its own separate experience and yet they are part of one life. We also know from Steven Greer, and new theories in astrophysics, quantum psychics, and from the Enlightened Masters themselves, that there is another dimension or potentially many that we can phase into. Another interesting aspect of the Kabbalistic texts is that they describe a sort of programming through stages of life. I believe it should be interpreted as learning and can likely be related to the Morphic Field Theory, which transcends life and death. In many regards, our existence is indeed similar to a holographic reality, but not to the level that some believe. Yes, everything is energy directed by intention, visualization, and information, but everything is also real. Spirit is matter, and yet, matter is more like a dream comprised of thought forces. Reincarnation is real. We only die to come back and do better, until we learn to stop dying. One other important aspect that is similar to the holographic theory is that every piece of this whole existence we are in contains the whole. Change one piece, and you change the whole hologram to reflect that piece.

Huge Implications

The Kabbalists tell us that the spirit world sits in a place outside of time and space. This is the ether, fields of chi, and the akashic records. Chi exists outside the bounds of time and space and is the thing that matter arises from. The Masters tell us that to travel in these dimensions of spirit, we must align our thoughts and feelings with where we want to go. And in this way, which describes the exact art and science of manifestation, we can travel to increase our proximity to the desired location. This is similar to the main method one would use to ascend to higher levels of spiritual development. You must understand and do as God does. The closer this alignment, the greater the connection. The greater the connection, the more light that shines forth from the vessel. This is exactly how material things are brought forth from the invisible, just as Jesus did with the loaves of bread. This also explains the method of astral travel, and at higher levels, how one would be able to manifest a second body to work through, as many masters do. Its all about visualization and feeling. This is actually a divine perfect law. Man Brings forth that which he gazes upon.

There is a law mentioned in Kabbalistic teachings called the Law of Equivalence of Form. This law states that there are constant forces from the inside and the outside of everything that are pushing things into balance. This can be seen as outer or inner forces which are pushing all life, whether it be the rocks at your feet or you yourself. The inner forces are our divine nature and spirit, and the outer forces are our environment as the physical world. As humans, we have been predominantly cut off from our connection with the spiritual forces in existence. So we are often out of balance. The physical forces have full control in our lives. For most, the physical is all there is. So that’s all they see and bring forth. When you understand the nature of all things and that the physical forces are a result of the spiritual. That by us being spiritual and focusing on purely the physical we strengthen its resolve. If we understand that these forces are always there and that we are a part of them then we can mentally plant a seed and watch it grow. Through your will and perception, you can shift reality. But in order to do this more successfully with greater force and accuracy you have to develop your mind. You have to meditate and begin learning to develop vivid, in-focus, mind images. Once you learn to start using the universal language of images, as thought forms, you can begin manifesting from the spiritual into the physical to greater and greater degrees. With refinement of the energy and mind, anything is possible.

The Purpose Of Life 

The Tree of Life shows us that the entire purpose of creation, was so that God could create a being and fill it with unbounded joy. In doing this, God created a vessel, separate and yet one, which was brought forth as a being of reception. God only gives, and we were designed to receive. As we progress up the tree from material creation we see that the will to receive slowly shrinks and our will to give increases. Matter is spirit, and we are in the spirit world as much as we are in the physical one. By changing our will from receiving to giving, we grow our spiritual connection with God and our proximity in spirit. We slowly become more and more beings of light as we make our corrections in life and live as intended. The Kabbalah is meant to teach people how to enter the spirit world and make all of our final corrections in one lifetime, so that we never die again, and attain the highest bliss. By attaining growth ourselves we can spread the light even more. One important aspect the Kabbalists speak about is that more than actions, it’s the intention that matters. You have to bring your understanding to God’s level and see beyond good and evil. Everything is perfection. We have free will to do anything, and from this we created duality. The Tree of life shows us that the way to ascension is recognizing our divinity and oneness with all being pure and having love for all seeing the good and perfection in even the worst events.

When plants die, they add to the soil and grow the next generation stronger and more vibrant than was possible before. We are a collective. One of the most fundamental goals of these teachings is to show man that the greatest joy and perfection comes from giving to others and treating your neighbor as yourself. We must treat every other person we see like us, and want to help them and bring them comfort and satisfaction as much as we do for ourselves. This is the path to godliness where one can align with his spiritual energies and become a being that is more and more comprised of radiant light. We are all in this together, and only by working together will we all ascend. All of this must be done for the betterment of all, and not for a person’s ego. Transcending the ego is a vital factor for immortality.

“Carved (harut) on the stones. Do not pronounce it, Carved (harut) but rather, freedom (herut). To show that they are freed from the angel of death.” Midrash Shmot Raba

The path to ascension is said to lead to great doubt, and this is on purpose. You must not do this for yourself, but for all mankind. You cannot be selfish. You must be selfless. There are said to be 125 steps beyond the first barrier into the spirit world to reach unity with God. These steps are related to genes that activate and change a person as they ascend the Tree of Life. The path is walked only by taking the middle way like in Taoism. It must be taken out of free will with altruism. 

The 10 Sefirot 


Keter (nothingness or God)
Hokhmah (The Divine Father of Knowledge)
Binah (The Divine Mother of Creation)
Hesed (Loving Kindness)
Din (Justice)
Tif’eret (Mans soul)
Nezah (Eternity or Victory)
Hod (Glory or Splendor)
Yesod (Foundation)
Shekhinah (Mans physical world, The elements)

5 States of Attainment

1. Double Concealment: The person feels there is no God or reason for anything.

2. Single Concealment: The person believes there is a reason for everything. May learn and begin preparation by using a book or guide.

(This is the barrier that hides the spiritual world.)

3. Correction: The person finds satisfaction from all things. More giving leads to more success, and the sixth sense is developed.

4. First Revelation: This person has a high level of contact with the Creator’s nature. They see, want, and feel the same as the creator. They have learned how to respond in every situation.

5. Second Revelation: This person reaches equivalence of form with the creator. They love all unconditionally and see the harmony of all working with the whole toward greater perfection.

The degree to which we understand the perfection of all things and events by the Creator constitutes the level of our connection with the creator. In action and thought when you are not aligned with God, he cannot provide for you, this is why we decay, age, and die.

So, in conclusion, to ascend in the spiritual realm and become one with God more fully so that we may attain enlightenment requires that we make our actions, thoughts, and feelings the same as God’s; free, divine, and pure. We change ourselves to learn to move in timeless spaceless reality. We evolve to fill with more and more bliss exploring the deeper nature of our world. There is no other world, but only that which we cannot perceive, or have not developed the sense to perceive yet. 

Check out my 5-day Blindfolded Sight Workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Dec. 3, 2020





Chakras and Enlightenment

chakras and enlightenment

Chakras are a Road Map to Enlightenment

Fifteen thousand years ago, Adiyogi (the First Yogi), which was Shiva, attained Enlightenment and brought us all the Vedic science of yoga. This Science lays out a roadmap that leads to the highest attainments. Yoga is far more than just stretching. One could argue that yoga is not about movement at all, but rather emotion and self-mastery. In the previous sections, we learned that our subtle body is where our physical body comes from. Like the question of the chicken and the egg, which came first? Consciousness or the brain? Consciousness came first and is responsible for the brain. We also learned previously that matter and spirit are not separate but one and the same. Matter is the expression of spirit constantly unfolding in reality. Furthermore, we came across proof that Immortality is real and that the path to Enlightenment is paved with love. This is clearly visible in the layout of the chakra system. You could describe this map to ascension as Jacobs ladder, a solid connection or bridge between the material and spiritual. I hope the picture is starting to become clearer. Everything is energy directed by intention, and every choice moves us closer or further away from the source of all. Chakras are the key to enlightenment in yoga.

Chakras are referred to as wheels, gates, whirlpools, or energy centers. They have acquired these names and understanding through the perception of the energy fields with refined sensing and observation capabilities. When you have improved your own energetic senses and nervous system, you will sense these centers yourself. There are 114 chakras in and above the body, but most of the time we focus primarily on the most predominant 7. These chakras, or gates, allow energy to flow into, or out of the body. This flow happens in the form of a whirlpool, spinning clockwise to condense energy into the body, and flowing counterclockwise when energy is leaving the body. Each of these centers interacts with the subtle world around us and affects us far more than most of us realize. In the East when there is a physical problem, traditionally they look for an energetic root cause. In the west, we are unaware of the impacts of subtle energies on our physical form and therefore disregard them entirely. Science, to our current understanding, backs the chakra systems. Each center, or system, is directly linked to a different set of organs that are responsible for specific actions in the body. This understanding of the energetic effects on the body from emotion is called biopsychology.

The chakras lay out a map of evolution starting at our root chakra, or Muladhara, moving from primal life in the physical world to our crown chakra, or Sahasrara, which represents God, and encompasses all existence both spiritual and materialistic. The chakra system is for developing self-mastery, attaining Enlightenment, and becoming a demigod. The science of yoga shows us that everything is connected. Everything is one, and the goal is to move from a duality based existence into a non-duality based existence. The goal of yoga is to raise your consciousness and understanding to that of God’s level. The Vedic science of yoga allows us to see that in nearly every choice we make we are deciding between eternal life as perfection, or slow destruction clinging to selfish and materialistic means. The biggest choices we make happen every day and determine our spiritual progress. Do you serve others, or do you serve yourself? This universe only works by working together, and if you serve only yourself you cannot possibly hope to ascend.

Each chakra is represented as a flower with a specific number of petals surrounding it. Each petal has a different meaning or trait. The three Chakras below the heart have petals that we would generally want to avoid. The petals surrounding the chakras above the heart are things we want to embody. These are called the Vritti, or the propensities of each chakra. The chakras below the heart represent our materialism while the chakras above the heart represent our divinity. Each chakra has a certain number of qualifications to truly open the gate and ascend to the next chakra climbing Jacob’s ladder to meet God. This can also be related to the raising of the Kundalini, but we will talk more about that later.

To get a base understanding of the chakras a good practice is to recognize where you feel certain emotions. This will help in understanding the chakras. When we worry it is felt in our gut and when we love it is felt in our heart. If you want a more visual image I suggest looking at the blood flow of the body in relation to different emotions. Our blood carries energy and it is moved depending on how we feel. Our emotions affect genetic expression and our physical health.

Let’s take a look at our map, starting at the bottom and the most material expressions we have and moving to the top, at the most divine expression.

-Root Chakra – Muladhara (Red) I Am

Element: Earth

Symbolic Animal – Elephant

This center gives us a direct genetic link leading back to the first living organisms on earth. It is said that the genetic potential for immortality resides in this center.

The 4 petals or Vritti are as follows:

  1. Kama ————— This is the desire for material pleasure such as sex and food comes from our animalistic instincts.
  2. Artha ————— This is the desire for Intellectual pleasure or our want for non-material things and knowledge.
  3. Dharma ———— This is the desire for Spiritual pleasure and the want to know God.
  4. Moska ————— This is the desire for Spiritual Liberation or Enlightenment. The spirit wants to be free from the limitations of the mind.

This is the beginning of the path where we may also find fear from lack of material things. We will then move from fear to anger and adopt a need for power and control. Once power is maintained then one generally looks inward in search of realization. These are the first steps on our path where we slowly start to make choices that move from being selfish to being selfless.

In the root chakra, we find our instinctual desires and the formation of primal life. This chakra is located in the Coccyx at the base of the spine, which is close to the perineum. In order to strengthen this chakra and raise dormant energy, we must bring this chakra into balance. We must not be controlled by our base desires. We must attain self-mastery and tell our bodies what to do rather than having our bodies telling us what to do. We do these things to learn to conserve energy and strengthen our aura so that we don’t create holes and lose unnecessary amounts of energy through various actions related to the Vrittis. This center represents earth as its element. When this center is strong it helps in the formation of solid matter in your body. It’s said to increase the strength of your bones, and even create a pleasant scent in a person with a balanced root chakra. A balanced root chakra is also associated with bowel health.

-Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana (Orange) I feel

Element: Water

Symbolic Animal: Crocodile

This center is related to our lizard brain. This has to do with the base structure in our brain which is the same as a reptile. This chakra or energy center is known to be responsible for the liquid element in the body and is associated with the Lymphatic system. The 6 petals, or Vrittis, are as follows:

  1. Avajina ———— Disdain for others
  2. Murccha ——— Stupor or frozen depression
  3. Prashraya —— Gluttony or over consumption
  4. Avishvasa —— Distrust in others
  5. Sarvanasha — The fear of death 
  6. Krurata ——— Indifference or mercilessness

These propensities are emotional states that we must overcome. They determine if we balance this chakra through love, and channel energy further upward, or if we are to feed our reptilian tendencies and move downward into the physical realm of deterioration. 

This chakra is connected with our addictions. Often when we do not find the satisfaction we seek in this material life. We are left feeling empty, knowing there is something more and we fill that emptiness with anything we can. Moderation is key to the development of this center. It is very important to save your vital life fluids and not to waste semen. When this center is balanced it is said that the person will almost have a glow to them and increase in attractiveness. Remember, our energetic expression becomes our physical expression.

-Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura (Yellow) I Do

Element: Fire 

Symbolic Animal: Ram

This center is responsible for generating heat in the body and proper digestion. The solar plexus chakra is also connected with our mammalian tendencies. We see that as we move up the spine we go from primal to spiritual. Still, we find base instincts here that we must overcome. These are the Vrittis that we must conquer in this center.

  1. lajja ————— Shame or bashfulness
  2. pishunata —— Greed
  3. iirsya ————-Jealousy or envy
  4. susupti ———-Sleepiness or laziness
  5. visada———— Melancholy or sadness
  6. kasaya———— Cruelty or sadistic tendencies 
  7. trsna————— Thirst or infatuation 
  8. moha————— Attachment to the physical
  9. ghrna————— Hatred
  10. bhhaya————- Fear 

One of the most important tendencies that we must overcome in this chakra is our attachment to material things. This also includes attachment to people. Most of our pain and fear comes from attachment. We have to lose our lust for material things. Only in this way do we achieve true freedom. Attachment and love are not the same thing. Attachment comes from time and proximity. The longer something is around you the more we tend to become attached. So how do we overcome attachment and still maintain love? Well, we must love the essence of all things and not the form. We can easily become attached to form, but this is not true love, it is closer to addiction. 

Cold showers are good for this chakra as they help the body maintain its ability to self-heat and self regulate. Also, a vegetarian diet is recommended as digestion is easier and takes less energy, and without meat and fat content the blood vessels don’t get restricted which can cause health problems when stress is introduced. If you’re going all-in avoid garlic, alcohol, tobacco, and onions as well so you don’t waste energy from digestion.

-Heart Chakra – Anahata (Green) I Love

Element: Air

Symbolic Animal: Antelope

The heart chakra is the central gateway between the spiritual and the material worlds. The 3 chakras below represent our inhumanity. The heart chakra represents our humanity, And the 3 chakras above represent divinity. Only a person who acts through their heart can ascend to being divine. Here we have 12 petals or tendencies of this center, some to embody and some to avoid.

  1. Asha ————- Hope
  2. Cinta ————- Morality 
  3. Cesta ———-— Effort
  4. Mamta ———— Love
  5. Dhamba ——— Arrogance, vanity
  6. Viveka ———— Discrimination between right and wrong
  7. Vikalata ——-— Depression, or Languor
  8. Ahamkara ——- Ego and Pride
  9. Lolata ————- Extreme acquisition or avarice
  10. Kapatata —-—- Hypocrisy
  11. Vitarka ———— Argumentativeness
  12. Anutapa ———- Regret

The heart chakra is associated with the Thymus. This organ in the neck is responsible for creating T cells and maintaining our Immune system. Unconditional love is always the answer to any problem. We create joy in service to others and find depression when we only serve ourselves. One way we can strengthen this center is to dance and do good deeds whenever you see the opportunity. Breathing through the heart with love is a great way to balance this center. Meditation in groups is also very powerful at charging this center and bringing it into balance.

-Throat Chakra – Vishuddha (White or Blue) I Talk

Element: Ether or Akasha

Symbolic Animal: White Elephant

The throat chakra is where we first begin to see divinity. This center is represented by ether, or space and time because sound is the most subtle physical force we have. It is not a thing at all, but rather, a pressure wave. These petals are slightly different than the other centers, as this chakra encompasses mantras and seed sounds.


  1. Pranava —— Ohm Mantra
  2. Udgitha ——- Samaveda Mantras
  3. Hung ———— Bij Mantra
  4. Phat ————- Bij Mantra 
  5. Vashat ——-— Mantra 
  6. Svadha ——— Mantra
  7. Svah ———— Mantra
  8. Namah ——— Mantra
  9. Amrita ——— Nectar of immortality (likely Melatonin, but potentially something else)

Musical Notes / Vowels (Sanskrit)

  1. Nishda ————लृ(lr)
  2. Rishabha ——— ए(e)
  3. Gandhara —— ऐ(ai)
  4. Shadja ———— ओ(o)
  5. Madhyama —— औ(au)
  6. Dhalvata ——— आ(aa)
  7. Panchama ——- अ(a)

It is said that the fields of chi resonate with a sound, and that sound is om. This sound encompasses all existence. In India, it is “aum” while in China it is “om”

The first sound in this mantra the “a” stands for the first word spoken and the start of existence. The second sound “o” stands for all of time and creation. And finally, the sound “m” stands for dissolution and the end of existence. 

The mantra “om ma ne pad me om” means I know that the sacred divine energy of all resides dormant in my root chakra. The use of mantras is indeed a method of attaining higher states of consciousness. What happens is that not only are you sending energy out that you wish to match up with, but you are repeating a phrase to the point that your analytical left side of the brain gets bored and stops paying attention, at this point your right hemisphere can take over and begin to lead the way to an elevated state. Not only can sound bring you closer to the divine but it is vital in our expression and the determination on whether we will continue to climb up to unity with God or if our actions keep us in the mundane.

Singing can help balance this chakra as well as speaking truth and compassion. Breathing with focused intent through this chakra will also help to strengthen it. The development up to this center is also known to be associated with the manifestation of several Siddhis, or superhuman abilities. 

-Third Eye Chakra – Ajna (purple or indigo) I See

Element: Supreme Element (all elements combined)

Symbolic Animal: Black Antelope

The third eye is the center that generally gets the most attention. This center, being above those below it, is in control of, and can regulate all of the descending chakras. The third eye chakra is connected with the hypothalamus. This organ located in our brains literally controls spiritually and physically, the other chakras below. The hypothalamus produces hormones regulating emotional responses. It also plays a key role in maintaining body temperature and daily unconscious processes while simultaneously controlling other areas such as sexual desire and appetite. So in a sense, if you can bring this energy center into balance you will bring all of the centers below into balance as well. The 2 petals around this chakra are focused on knowledge.

  1. Knowledge of the physical
  2. Knowledge of the spiritual

The third eye is the center for knowledge of all things. It represents not only the ability to learn everything from the physical world but it also gives us the ability to discover all information from the spiritual world. When one looks outward they see the material existence, and when they look inward they find divinity. A person must develop this center to progress further up the path to enlightenment. At this point, a person who is dedicated has mostly changed their views from a dualistic perspective to a non-dualistic perspective and lives as if they are the world. They live a life with unconditional love for everything. If someone else is suffering, then you are suffering. You must raise your consciousness to the level of god’s consciousness, and from here you can begin to do his work and raise humanity to their rightful divine intention. With the development of this center, you will develop your intuition and direct knowing. Things like remote viewing and blindfolded sight can be refined to a level that can rehabilitate the blind and see clearly into the akashic records like you are watching the past on a tv. From this point, you can now clearly understand God’s intention and connect with the source of all and infinite consciousness. Meditating deeply in I am, helps this center.

-Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (Violet) I Understand

Element: Pure Consciousness

Symbolic Animal: Egg

1,000 pedals.

50x2x10=1,000. The 50 petals on all the chakras below, times 2 for the positive and negative expressions of them, times 10 which is a reference to the energy lay lines that extend out from our crown chakra. one going up, one going down, and the other eight going around a compass, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. These energy lines also come into play with the alignment of the pyramids as well as other practices like Feng Shui. These energetic systems are apparent and understood as the science they are when the person has developed themselves energetically and can perceive the chakras directly.

The crown chakra represents the king of kings, god all mighty. This center is your true connection to the divine and resides above your head. This center is associated with the pineal gland in the center of the brain which is able to produce DMT and melatonin. There is a yogic substance that is said to be secreted by the pineal gland that is partially spiritual in nature, and if someone is not in the right state of meditation, the compound is assumed to be immediately destroyed. This still undiscovered secretion is called amrita, or the elixir of immortality, referenced in yogic culture. Many people believe that this elixir of life is actually referring to melatonin. One of the pineal gland’s main functions is to determine if it’s day or night and then to secrete the appropriate hormones. When it is the day, serotonin is produced, and we are put in a very awake state. When it is night, and less light enters our eyes, then our pineal gland begins producing melatonin. Melatonin is known for having a sedative effect on the person. It will reduce stress levels and help a person attain higher states of meditation. Melatonin is produced around 9 pm and increases in levels until a maximum point around 12 pm. Many yogis recognize that higher levels of melatonin lead to deeper and more profound states of meditation. This is why between 12 am and 3 am it is recognized as the time of shiva, a time which has mystical properties. Interestingly enough, hunger can also increase the levels of melatonin. This is another reason fasting is utilized. It’s also said that fasting with water is good for the body, and fasting without water is good for the body and the spirit.

An interesting study found that rats that were injected with melatonin had lower levels of stress and lived 20% longer than rats that weren’t injected. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and has very beneficial anti-aging effects. Rumi has mentioned that meditation on this center, with unconditional love for the supreme being, and the oneness of all, leaves the person in a state of divine drunkenness. 

Many of the Yogic sciences have been kept highly secret for generations. Yoga in Tibet is only passed down from master to student orally, they never write it down. Many Enlightened masters have come from India, so we should pay attention to what these methods have to teach us. I have not mentioned any asanas in this book because in the west they have become the main focus while the actual science of spirit has been largely overlooked. Each different yoga posture will help in moving blood, twisting, bending, and stretching out the given area, or chakra. Because yoga is all about balancing the mind and the body a vegetarian diet is recommended so that you do not create any blockages in blood circulation or any vasoconstriction. Remember your body is your spirit, and if we want to attain we need to bring not only our bodies but our minds into balance and harmony so that they may work how they were intended.

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith 

Dec 1, 2020


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The Secret to Manifestation


Everything is Spirit, Nothing is Matter

Everything of form has come into form through visualization. Out of the Ether, or fields of chi, matter arises. We first proved that this was possible when we discovered the Higgs Boson particle. Matter can come from energy alone. We see this also in quantum physics when particles vanish from one point and appear in another. Very similar effects are also found when the dual slit experiment is performed with various particles. We see that matter exists in two states, a waveform, and a particle form. We find that just the act of observation collapses the wave function into a particle. This is a fantastic demonstration of reality, our existence, and also the mechanism for manifestation. 

We have another perfect example of manifestation when we take a look at the placebo effect. Statistically significant results are found when we just use a sugar pill in place of real medication. When a person truly believes that they have taken the correct medication and that it will indeed heal them, then very likely they will be healed. The mind can not only heal illnesses even as severe as cancer but can cause them as well. How we maintain our state of mind directly affects the world around us. Just by observing we energetically interact and have an effect on the world around us. When we believe that a placebo medication is an actual form of medication, the key thing to notice here is that the patient who is taking the medication believes that he will be healed, he sees himself being healed and having acquired the solution in his mind, and he has acknowledged that this is how things are in the outer world. The final step to manifestation would be to have emotion related to the image and outcome you know to be true, holding firm with faith. This placebo effect is directly linked again to our emotions and our subtle bodies. We have the manifestation capabilities of God, so we must no misuse them. It can be compared to having a genie in a bottle, be careful what you wish for. The law does not discriminate good from evil.

In the previous section on love, I mentioned how karma works and how thoughts leave our minds with an energy of their own. If we are not careful they will return and cause holes in our aura and leak our energy. I also mentioned how thoughts can travel in a line or a wave. This is similar to the dual slit experiment. When we think in words our thoughts travel in a particle-like fashion. But when we think with images and emotions our thoughts act like a wave and have a more resounding effect. This is the key to true manifestation. The act of simply repeating something in your mind is not necessarily going to work. You have to include emotion, a knowing, a strong visualization and hold it for long enough, it will come to pass. This is the same method that God used to bring everything into existence. For a long time, he came up with existence in perfect creation, and through visualization in the realms of our mind he spoke the word, actualize, and existence came to be. He is even now still forming his perfect existence with his will and waiting for us all to accept it.

The Enlightened Masters demonstrate these things far beyond wishing for money or a date. These masters bring bread into existence and food straight from the hidden, or what some would call the fourth dimension. what we are capable of manifestation like this and it should be our life’s work to raise to the level of attainment where one gets all of his needs directly manifest out of the ether. You are capable of everything God is capable of.

Everything is spirit, nothing is matter. Your body comes from your subtle body and your brain comes from your consciousness. In China, it’s very well understood that if you have a problem with your physical body it’s because you have a problem with your energetic body. Negative emotions are more destructive than we are aware of. Again thoughts have energy and they can leave us and ripple out, only to return with increased strength. 99.9% of matter is empty space. And what we think is actually solid, at the smallest levels we only find dense energy fields and nothing truly physical.

The Power of “I AM”

The statement “I AM” Is the most powerful manifestation phrase there is. This statement was first brought to us by Jesus, however, there is evidence that this statement originated before him as well. Here are a few I am statements made by Jesus. “I am the resurrection and the life.” “I am the light of the world”, and “I am the door.” This simple phrase is telling us that the doorway to god can be opened with “I am.” The Masters say that long ago there was a time when man and god were truly one in a world of non-duality. At this time all was one and harmony covered existence. Then man, being of God and from God, had the same manifestation power that God does. From this man began to create separation, until this existence was changed into a dual one. Man was then separated from who he truly is and he slowly lost his connection with the divine. Fortunately, there are Masters out there that still inhabit the earth. Some of them were Jesus’s teachers as a young man when he traveled East. Several historic records follow his journey, however, most are not public. This is where Jesus learned to become an Enlightened Master likely studying Buddhism. 

With “I am”, Jesus was giving us instructions and guidance on how to manifest. He was showing us that when we use the “I AM” statement we are acknowledging the God within us. There are several books on this topic and some of my favorites are the “I AM Discourses” by Guy Ballard (who claims he channeled St. Germain when writing the books). Guy Ballard is the founder of the “I AM” Activity and the St. Germain Foundation in the 1930s. In his books, he describes meeting St. Germain and learning the ways of the Ascended Masters. One of the most powerful tools that they use many many times a day is the “I AM” Statements. He speaks about how these simple statements and a life of love are the keys to shaping the very reality you are surrounded in. I recommend listening to these books on audiobook, there are several on youtube. Every night when I go to bed I say to myself, “ I am the embodiment of perfect health. I am eternally young in spirit and my body. I am Perfection.” These statements can also be used to help in shaping your own body or dealing with health problems. They can also help your hair grow back among other things. You just must be consistent and know it to be true.

This World is Real not a Simulation

Many people believe that we are in a simulation and that this existence is closer to the Matrix movies. This is not a simulation and you are not sitting somewhere asleep in a pod while a machine drains your life. This is all real and is all spirit is a constant expression. If we do not believe that and we think we will wake up when we die, unfortunately, that’s not the truth, our bodies will be turned to dust and we will return to the eternal mind from which we came from. We will live in this energetic realm until we are reborn again.

Reincarnation Until we Get it Right

We do reincarnate, This is an interesting phenomenon proved time and time again all over the world. The Bible even used to have reincarnation in it until Constantine came along and nearly 42 books were lost and we were given a redacted version of the bible leaving out certain keys to universal truths. The Dali Lama chooses the place and time that he will reincarnate and informs those around him. Then at the given time they go to the village and bring a large number of toys to bring to children around the town, and when the right child chooses the right 3 toys he is declared the next Lama and his groomed for greatness from that point forward. Children also tell stories of dying in a war and even remembering their previous names. Sometimes children even have birthmarks similar to wounds that would have been present at the death of their previous incarnation. We will continue to die until we learn to express love unconditionally for all. 

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Nov, 29. 2020

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How to Become an Immortal


Love Is The Key Love is the most powerful force in existence. It is one of many vital factors that lead to immortality and living life more full and abundant as intended. Love itself is more than an emotion, but rather, it is God. There are many laws, rules and karmic repercussions in this life, but when we act in love, we transcend those limits. When we act in love, we do the ultimate work. This extends into various other levels of existence that most of us are unaware of. Karma is real. When we take action a wave ripples out to the ends of the universe, touching all existence, and then returns to us amplified in power. Only man, lost in his way does evil things. There is a paradoxical unity between apparent separation and the truth of non-duality. We are creations of this divine source with its qualities, but when we do not act with adherence to cosmic and divine law we work against ourselves and pave the path to our continuation in the world of maya and samsara. We have free will. Our energetic body is the base of our physical body. Consciousness comes before the brain, and is responsible for its formation. Everything is energy, and everything is one. “The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” Erwin Schrödinger.

God’s laws, are physics itself. They are the invisible forces. One of which is the law of love. Anything done, not following that law, will slowly disintegrate until it is no more. This includes our bodies and aging. Negative, painful, and fearful thoughts create age, while loving, opulent, compassionate thoughts create youth. Love can make you younger. This is not only a teaching of the Masters, but is also represented in modern scientific findings. For example, mediations with higher vibrational energies, like love and compassion, will affect your genetic expression, and increase Immunoglobulin A levels by nearly 45%. This was demonstrated in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. This promotes fantastic healing. One thing Joe is on the hunt for is activating the gene for immortality. We know we have it, because of cancer, but we haven’t been able to properly utilize it. He also found through love, people were able to lengthen the Telomeres at the end of their DNA strands, which promotes a longer life. In many ways, science has not caught up completely to the reality of our world and existence. This is evident from the knowledge that people out there are flying and teleporting without any current scientific understanding as to how. Records, videos and accounts like this continue on back to the beginning of many religions.

There Are Immortals Among Us There are people out there who are hundreds of years old. They have been recorded throughout time, all over the world, even in our modern era. I recently watched David Verdesi talk about his experience meeting a man over 900 years old with records and evidence to prove it. David Verdesi is an interesting man in modern times who has traveled the world and trained with mystics in South America and Africa, saints in Russia, xian immortals in China, as well as Tibetan and Buddhist monks. David himself is someone who says has levitated before and has sought out and met many people with abilities or Siddhis. There are many references to Enlightened masters and immortals in the book series “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. Immortality is a big subject in India and is referenced in the Vedas. It’s also found in nearly ever religion at their core. It’s in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Yoga Sutras, the Toa Te Ching and many many more ancient works and scripture. It is the truth that sets you free. Moksha.

The Key To Enlightenment In the books by Baird T. Spalding, we learn from the Masters that there are many paths to attaining enlightenment and becoming immortal. One path is to train for many years, or potentially move away and live in a cave to devote countless hours to perfecting your energy and all of your inherited gifts. A second path is to learn to think and be only love. They say that only through love is a man truly free. The idea is that a person has unconditional love for everyone and everything. For everything is God, and God is love and doesn’t make mistakes. This is also a fundamental trait of all enlightened masters, and it is a requirement to conquer death. This comes from the realization that all is one and to harm or cast down anyone is to harm and cast down yourself. Jesus, with love, conquered death and walks the earth today, though invisible to mortal eyes.

In Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha taught that there were 4 stages of enlightenment. The first stage is one realizes and recognizes that they are the oneness that pervades all. This step is called Stream Entry. Once you have glimpsed the true self, nothing will stop you from achieving this awakening. You will develop traits which brake chains that restrict you. You must overcome doubt and begin correcting personality traits, identity, and habits. At this point you will be within 7 lifetimes of achieving the ultimate perfection. The second stage is called, Once-Returner. This person will be within one lifetime of achieving Nirvana. The third stage is called the Non-Returner. Here you will overcome lust passion and the desires of sense pleasures. You will overcome things like repulsion, detest and negative compulsive behavior. You will begin to more fully understand that you are more than the body and to not become attached to the body. The final stage is the Worthy One. This person will not have anymore lifetimes to die through and will achieve eternal life in this lifetime. You will have a choice to keep living on the physical plane eternally or attain the light body and continue upward to greater unity with all.

Enlightenment happens when you are fully awakened in consciousness and development. When you not only know that all is one but you are all as one. Emotions are vital for your energy centers and to keep you streaming source energy. Then you must develop the body and the mind to be able to work with this energy and find its boundlessness. Once you see and truly know that you are a being without limits and bounds capable of accessing all power and all knowledge then you ascend and transform the body to light vibrating at such a high energy that you phase out of view from the view of mortal man. You have perfected the body with limitless capabilities. You have created your body of light and perfected the soul. You have achieved immortality and beyond.


Every thought we have goes forth from us as a thing with energy of its own. When we think with words and directed attention, that energy generally flows in a straight line, or sine wave. It goes from sender to target. When we think in pictures that thought form goes out in spherical waves rippling out to all existence. These thoughts will always return to the sender with amplified force. People do not know the immense power that is thought forces. We have all the power of God, as we are him and he is us. We must abide by the laws or wither away and start over from the beginning and try again. The only way to truly ascend is through mastery over mind, body, spirit and love. Negative thoughts and intentions will only come back to us along our path and keep us in a karmic loop of life and death.

Maintaining Your Subtle Body

Your subtle body is something that western science has not been able to grasp, but in China, these things have been known, and sciences refined, for thousands of years. Acupuncture is directly related to our energetic channels and subtle bodies. We should know how to maintain our subtle energetic body for health, mastery, and the highest levels of attainment. Love is important. You must not let negative emotions and feelings infect your energetic body. These will create holes in your aura when they enter and drain your life energy. To prevent this you must maintain peace and love in your heart. And you must have unconditional love for all and know the all to be one. Our minds can be like wild elephants but once we master them we have control over immense power.

To have unconditional love for all you need to understand that this is a world of karma. It is balanced and based on cause and effect. It is perfect with choice and growth. It is completely unified as one cosmic mind. Everything you come across is a lesson to help you grow. It is all part of you working with you. Give love and you receive it. Give anger and you receive it. Eventually you will learn that love is where the bliss is and where you should reside. Every step in life is guiding you to stop relying on the external for fulfillment. You will never be satisfied. You are a limitless being asleep in the body of a person with a limited conditioned mind. The Brahman hiding in the Atman. It’s a beautiful dance that continues in harmony until the child learns the ways of the father, and finds the father residing within his own being.

All existence is perfection. And being perfect it is neither good nor evil. This is a concept created by duality. Friedrich Nietzsche talks about this in, Beyond Good and Evil. However, Nietzsche was an atheist for his adult life. It personally took me a while to come around to the existence of God. Not until I discovered living saints and men who could perform supernatural abilities. The greater the connection with God the greater the level of skill. This does not mean a person who is even openly religious, but rather someone who understands and works with the defining principle. This is one as many, God, love, energy, awareness, physics, material existence, and realms beyond conception.

When healing and working with the subtle body there is no greater force than the energetic power of love coupled with a clear thought-form. These forces work with the etheric field to bring forth the intention. Love is the atomic force that keeps atoms together. It is part of the electromagnetic field. It is magnetism. Love is a shield that protects us from harm. Just like Lao Tzu says in the Toa Te Ching,“Love vanquishes all attackers, it is impregnable in defense. When heaven wants to protect someone, does it send an army? No, it protects them with love.”

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Nov. 28, 2020




How to Become an Enlightened Master

Become an enlightened master

What Is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment has been misinterpreted in the west for some time now, and the meaning seems to keep shifting. If you look up enlightenment on the Google dictionary you will find this, “the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.” Then if you look up enlightened you will find this, “having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.” And even furthermore looking at, enlighten we find, “give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.” And yet they will have buddhist tags even though these definitions may fit states in the english language but in no way reflect what Enlightenment in Buddhism or Taoism is.

Enlightenment in Buddhism means that you are liberated from the shackles of death. That you will not be reincarnating again. Why? Because you are in your final body and have attained perfection in form and are capable of ascending into a higher reality unseen by the masses. The person will literally become light. Their body will retain its form but be of a finer material and invisible to the undeveloped eye. Enlightenment means that you have united with god more fully in understanding and self realization from action. This person would achieve the god-head meaning that he is one with the creator and all that the creator can do so can he. This is how angels are made. This is why we have religions. This is what the goal in life is. To evolve into our greatest potential and reconnect and reunite with the oneness of all stepping into our inheritance and all creation towards even greater levels of perfection.

Everything is one and connected. Every independent consciousness is apart of and has access to every other consciousness. All knowledge is saved forever in the akashic records. The akashic records are a memory bank of everything that has ever happened. Anyone who develops their blindfolded sight and intuition can access all information that is, imprinted onto the ever pervading fields of chi and space itself. Enlightened masters can project images from this field for others to see and watch the past as if on a tv right before them. Our brains can access and decipher information from these chi fields. We receive knowledge from energy, as the two are one.

Chi is an interesting phenomenon because it is not bound by time or space and can be both here and there. One important mechanism that allows all of this to take place is the fact that all points in space and time are essentially one. Everything is the one cosmic mind. Chis is just that minds thought forces in action. Once you harness chi you will be able to do some of the things enlightened masters can do. You will start delving into the realm of the Siddhas. You have access to an unlimited source of energy. There are no true limits in this wonderful world. The etheric field is the zero-point energy field and the akashic records. This is why mastering energy and the mind is so important. Control over these forces allows us to look through time and watch past events unfold as they truly happened. Many phenomenon like this have been demonstrated technologically. These do after all work with a deeper set of fundamental laws which govern all creation. Technologies have been created and suppressed. One device described by Dr. Steven Greer is a machine that deciphered white noise to listen into the past at a location the device is placed. We have compelling stories about cameras that were made that could photograph the past. These things are real, very possible, and many have already been validated through modern science and technology. Though likely kept secret for national security or military tactical advantage. Most of them were likely taxpayer-funded.

Children And Intuition

It’s well recognized that children have a higher aptitude for acquiring and developing their intuition and energy manipulation abilities. Part of this is because children ages 6-12 run around all day in lower brainwave states like delta and theta. This is like the door of their mind is open to more subtle energies around. With older adults you will often find their pineal gland calcified from excessive fluoride use throughout their lives. All of these abilities are completely natural, so, for children who haven’t been taught otherwise they, come naturally. This is why so many people report having psychic children or indigo children. The reality is that everyone who is a human and who is conscious is at least connected with the psychic realms. Even if they cant access them consciously. Psychic abilities are muscles that you need to strengthen. If all points in space and time are one, this correlates strongly with what many mystics around the world teach. All is one. You are god. And if you are god, you are omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Only when you realize this through action will you liberate yourself from suffering.

Am I God?

One of my favorite book series is, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. In these books, a group of American scientists in 1894 goes over to India and the surrounding nations looking for masters they had read and heard about in stories and books. These men ended up meeting many enlightened masters and traveling with them for several years. These scientists were utterly baffled when they saw these men walking on water, manifesting food, levitating, teleporting, glowing, and more. These masters were hundreds of years old and hardly ate, living primarily off of chi, or gods energy. They talk about how we are all one and how god is inside all of us. They taught that love is the universal law and anything that is not done in love will slowly fall apart over time. They taught that age comes from pain, misery, and anger, while youth comes from love, compassion, and selflessness. As time passes we will rediscover that those before us had accomplished more in many regards than we have. We are slowly coming back into the realization of our divine nature. One of the fathers of modern quantum physics Erwin Schrödinger said, “The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.”

In 1982, the Ark of the Covenant is reported to have been discovered buried deep below where christ was crucified, buried there 600 years before his crucifixion. Then they found on the mercy seat there was dried blood. In the bible, it says when Jesus was crucified, the earth shook. A crack formed at the base of the cross. When Jesus was stabbed in the side blood drained down through the newly formed channel in the earth directly onto the ark of the covenant.

The Blood Analysis Of Jesus

When the blood was taken into a lab to be tested they started by rehydrating the blood over 72 hours with some saline solution. They then found, with utter astonishment, that the blood was still alive. This is a first. Dried blood is known to be dead blood, however, after 2,000 years this blood was still alive. This allowed the scientists to perform further tests that would not have been possible if the blood was dead and they found even more startling findings. The blood only had 23 chromosomes instead of 44 chromosomes which is what every other human on the planet has. 22 of the chromosomes from the sample were from a mother, which means that all physical traits of Jesus had to have come from his mother. And 1 chromosome was identified as coming from a father. The only problem was that the chromosome was labeled as, not originating from a human male. Incredible, so with this one blood sample we see that not only immortality, and Jesus are real, but also validation of the immaculate conception.

Enlightened Masters Are Real There are people today that would be considered immortal. Many of them are referenced in the “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” books. A group of scientists ended up meeting Jesus, as a living, breathing, miracle performing, man on their journeys. He explained that he wishes that people will try to know him as he is and stop focusing on him as he was on the cross. He explains what he meant in his teachings, telling people that God is within them. He wanted to show man that he was capable of everything that Jesus himself was capable of. Unfortunately, people began worshiping him and he did not want this. He saw the shift happening in the future and decided it was time to go. He didn’t die though, not truly. He went through the final transformational stage of enlightenment perfecting his body and turning it into light. He is alive today though imperceptible to the undeveloped person. This is the path for all. Just as Thoth said wrote in the Emerald Tablets, “The time will come when ye, too, shall be deathless, living from age to age, a light among men.” This is the ultimate goal and destination at the end of every road. The only question is how long will we keep wondering ignoring our ancestors suffering unnecessarily through life and death, life and death.

One of the oldest spiritual teachers with an unbroken and complete knowledge of the process to liberation is the Siddhas of India. These accomplished ones, sometimes referred to as perfected ones, have a long history with incredible feats like teleportation, levitation, and more. Some state that these are the men who Jesus learned from when he traveled to India and Tibet.

How Do We Achieve Enlightenment For The World?

We need to add Extra Sensory classes in schools integrating meditation and consciousness development. Kids ages 6-12 learn blindfolded sight very naturally. By the time kids are 12 years of age, 90% of them could be getting nearly if not 100% on every test regardless of the material. If we train the next generation with their intuition and they can find the correct answer every time, then just imagine what we could accomplish. All of our problems will have clear paths to resolutions and we will begin moving toward “Shambalah” times again. Everyone will see the importance and validity of spirituality, done through practical means. People will be manifesting food and walking on water. It will be amazing but we have to make it that way. If we don’t, technology may make spirituality silent, for god knows how long. It’s up to us to be the change we want to see in the world. Blindfolded Sight will open so many doors, it’s hard to truly imagine how great things actually can be. The implications are extremely vast.

How Do I Achieve Enlightenment?

If you are older, things like blindfolded sight are harder to learn, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Training your intuition is one thing and relatively simple if one adheres to guidelines and practices, but becoming an Enlightened Master is another. Achieving Enlightenment requires mastering all aspects of your existence. This means having emotional control and only acting in love. One thing we find when people start to rise in energy is, the potential for harming yourself, or others, becomes very real. One must maintain emotional control or you risk seriously injury. A few of John Chang’s students ended up dying of organ failure, most likely due to these reasons. Not only must you master your emotions, but you must master your mind, and your body. You must change your physiology through breath work and meditation. You must master energy manipulation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, and teleportation. You must master your mind and undo your programming. The biggest thing that holds us back from doing the impossible is our subconscious. If there is ever a battle between your subconscious and your conscious mind, your subconscious will always win. In Mo Pai Nei Kung there are 72 recognized levels a person must master to achieve Nirvana and become an Immortal Enlightened Master. Many other practices have turned out Enlightenment aside from Mo Pai, I believe Merpati Putih has also allowed people to achieve the highest attainment. The first step is mostly breath-work and meditation to get the body energetically and physiologically capable. Then one must develop the energetic system and mind to greater and greater degrees realizing his oneness with everything around him slowly climbing the ladder to liberation.

It’s not as simple as raising your energy with qigong. Without also developing the mind the energy loses direction and can act out all over he body. This energy is another level of thought forces only more manifest. This is how we connect and work with etheric forces. This energy is us. Discover who you are. Later I will dig deeper into this subject outlining goals, traits, skills, laws, abilities, and more.

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Oh and this is also another path to enlightenment through self mastery. Check out Ernst Veter. vk.com/fly_your_mind_veter

Third Eye Secrets

third eye secrets

The Third Eye Can Do More Than You Think

Many people understand that your third eye is your intuition, but most people in the west are unaware of its true potential. When you hear someone say that their third eye is open, there is a very good chance that it is not quite as developed as they may believe. I would be willing to bet that a majority of psychics and tarot card readers are no more psychic than the average person. Now don’t get me wrong everything is possible, but the reality for most psychics is if I were to blindfold them and ask them what color I have just handed them, with a 25% chance of getting it right, the majority wouldn’t fair better than a 31% accuracy rating. 

We all know your third eye is a thing, after all the CIA spent millions of dollars on the “Stargate Project” from 1978-1991 at Fort Meade in Maryland. A majority of us are also aware that there is a military-industrial complex with a black budget that works on UFOs. Thanks to Steven Greer who has put together extensive stores of information on these subjects from over 400 current and retired high-level military officers who have come forward with documents and proof. So it’s no wonder that the Stargate program was shut down in 1991 when things were just starting to get good as far as discovery goes. A few of their findings were made public due to the freedom of information act. You can find them below. 

The CIA found that astral projection was possible, remote viewing was possible. They also studied kundalini theory and found some remarkable things regarding that. Russel Targg, who was one of the trainers for remote viewing at Fort Meade, trained 145 scientists at NASA and within a year 4 of them were at a 100:1 accuracy rating. You can test your skills or put a psychic to the test with Russel Targgs app, “ESP trainer”.

Now remote viewing and astral projection are just the start. In this magical world, we live in these abilities can become even more refined and perfected. The Gateway program was also a big topic of research at the CIA as people were able to go in spirit to the kremlin and see things like a hidden security area below Putin’s desk. The Gateway program was developed by Robert Monroe as a practical means to learn and improve your ability to astral project. Robert Monroe even reported being able to poke someone and they said they felt it and had a mark in the corresponding place following the encounter. Things like this are also reported in books such as “The Autobiography of a Yogi” and “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. Masters of astral projection in these books literally create a second body they can interact with others through. Amazing stuff. Many people would believe it’s not real, but I can assure you it is. 

Remote viewing uses our third eye and our intuition to gather information. Our pineal gland also can produce colors in the darkness of our closed eyes. Just like when we are dreaming we can produce DMT to see colors and light in the dark. Many remote viewers in the Stargate program reported less seeing but more knowledge and feeling. A random thought would pop into their mind or a feeling. This like the astral projection is just the beginning. It gets much clearer with time. The problem I see with these experiments is that they started at far too large of distances and far to complex images. Places are hard and there are so many subjective aspects. Yes, they are wonderful and proved that all points in space and time are one, but they should have started with much simpler training rather than jumping into the deep end. 

How do You Open Your Third Eye?

When developing blindfolded sight we start with simple colors and a blindfold. The goal is to learn to pick up information infant of you before you try and look across the world with something hard to verify. You need to have biofeedback so you can train your intuition. This is where another misconception about the third eye comes in. Your third eye is never really closed. So in contrast there is no real opening it. It is more like a muscle. If you train it then you can learn to trust it. Most of us have no idea what a true intuitive hunch feels like, let alone being able to get any real information from it. It is yea always there but you have to learn what information is intuitive and what information is just your overactive imagination. To do this you need to train, and you will be wrong until you learn what the right answers feel like. 

How Does our Intuition Work? 

Well, everything is energy, even at the smallest levels, electrons and protons are just dense fields of energy. Nothing in our world is solid. Next, you must know that all information is energy as well. This ties in deeper into the fields of chi that permeate and surround us record all that happens. This is what the Akashic records are and when we can learn to decipher chi into the information that it carries we learn to access the akashic records and the storage base of all information.

What Is Your Third Eye Capable Of? 

Well once your brain has learned to decipher chi you can learn to see blindfolded. Now, this is like learning a language, for example when you feel the energy of color you likely won’t be able to tell the difference between the colors. But each object is constantly radiating energy that describes that object. We just have to learn to decipher it, like a language. There are very interesting examples discovered by Mark Komissarov when developing his InfoVision methodology. He found, after teaching a blind student his infoVision method, which trains your intuition, that the student was able to read a newspaper headline that was not written in brail. This was amazing and it led to many other wonderful discoveries regarding your third eye. This particular student was astonished as well because he had never seen letters and wouldn’t have been able to read them if he wasn’t blind. Mark Komissarov has been an amazing figure in this field of study, which has largely been kept secret all over the world. The Royal Family of Central Java, who released a comprehensive energy development system which allowed completely blind people to learn to see again, and even do things like ride a motorcycle. I have been greatly inspired by both of these systems as well as several others. The possibilities only become more vast from here. 

Not only are you able to see and be an expert sharpshooter while completely blindfolded, but you can also look into the past and even the future. Mark Komissarov would do tests with his students where he would place an object on a table for one minute. He would then remove the object, hide it, and proceed to open a door and bring in a blindfolded student. He would then ask the student to look one minute into the past and tell him what object was on the table and they were able to do so. He then asked where he placed the object and they were able to go back and watch the scene and see where and what Mark had done in the room before they entered. Now if you’re thinking that’s truly amazing, it gets better. 

Once you can improve your skills enough you can begin doing things like accessing any information off of any storage device. Now similar to the brail to letter conversion that happened, a person adequately trained in blindfolded sight can hold a DVD and watch the DVD in their mind. Not only watch it but go through the menu and access different things like extended features etc. This same phenomenon can also be performed with a book by reading it without ever opening it. I believe some of this was referenced in the movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats” which is purported to be based on true events regarding the CIA and their psychic research. It is also said that yes they were able to successfully kill a goat using their abilities. Another interesting thing is that you can not only read the information off of a computer blindfolded but it’s said you can also write information on the computer without touching it. Amazing stuff and all of these things only open larger doors.

Psychic abilities are very real. They develop remarkably fast when we are between the ages of 6-12. Indigo children are just regular children. We all have these capabilities. We need to reshape our teaching system to include intuition training at young ages. Some of Mark’s students who took his training reported seeing the bubbles on the right side of his test lighting up on all the correct answers before he had even read the questions. We can all learn to access the akashic records to receive the correct answer to any question every time, it just takes the proper training and dedication. The only problem is the older we get the harder it gets. Much of this comes from our belief systems. When we have an unconscious belief and it faces off with a conscious belief, the unconscious one will win every time. Also, children run around in Delta and Theta brainwaves without a well developed analytical mind getting in the way. I want to remind you everything is possible! You are capable of anything! Check out my online courses where I teach you how to develop your third eye for practical actionable uses, and I teach you how to sense, grow, and project your energy which will help you sense your environment (lead to telekinesis) and grow your intuitive skills.

Thank you for reading! I wish you the best on your journey to Enlightenment! 

-Robert Smith

Nov 23, 2020





Breath-work 101, Science & Chi

psychic Breathwork

Why do Breath-Work? 

  1. Breath-work is a vital tool in energy generation through ATP (for all our energy uses).
  2. The proper use of breath-work changes the user’s physiology making it more oxygen efficient and allows the user to Increase red blood cell size and production.
  3. Athletes find higher performance when training with intermittent hypoxia as first discovered via the high altitude of the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.
  4. You create antioxidants battling the effects of aging. 
  5. You alkalize the blood removing acid from the muscles and stress from the body. 
  6. You help in water generation, some going to the thyroid helping it keep balance.
  7. You improve your bone mineral density.
  8. You improve your tolerance to Co2.
  9. you can also lower the Co2 levels in the frontal cortex to change the chemistry and shut down the ego temporarily.
  10. Hyperventilation Breath-work can bring about hallucinations by generating DMT.
  11. Intermittent hypoxia breath work improves oxygen efficiency, antioxidant production, and cell longevity.
  12. You improve the strength of your heart muscles and your cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  13. You improve your chi energy stores and widen your energy channels.


Fast breathing, or hyperventilation, loads oxygen up on red blood cells, and because of the drop in Co2 levels, they hold on to more oxygen than they release into the muscles. The blood alkalizes and the chemistry of the frontal cortex changes which can shut the ego off.

You find brain coherence and you balance the autonomic nervous system. This also creates oxidants and free radicals. Our mitochondria in our cells are about 98% efficient at turning oxygen into ATP. That remaining 2% of residuals can end up doing us harm.

Holding your breath through intermittent hypoxia does a small amount of stress to the system ramping up the production of antioxidants to deal with those oxidants which can lead to aging in the body. Through holding our breath we strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous systems. You improve bone mineral density and start creating up to 10x more red blood cells. Also as what seems like a form of adaptation the body’s red blood cells increase in size and carrying capacity. Co2 tolerance is increased, allowing us to improve the efficiency of our energy generation through oxygen.

Slow breathing improves our lung capacity and oxygen efficiency. More oxygen is pushed into the muscles than before as an increase in Co2 levels in the blood force the red blood cells to release the oxygen. 

To begin improving function in the body a goal recognized in Nei Kung practice is slow breathing, 15 seconds in 15 seconds out. You then move up to 30 seconds in 30 seconds out. It’s said that a breakthrough happens at 1 minute in 1 minute out. Progress is made through turtle breathing by increasing your time even further.

Exercise in the system beyond the available oxygen in the muscles begins ramping up ATP and energy generation and capabilities. With the glucose and oxygen we take in from the environment we create ATP molecules which link 3 negatively charged phosphates together. They desperately want to separate, and when we use our ATP (energy stores), we shoot off a phosphate molecule breaking a bond and releasing free energy in a variety of potential forms.

ATP has stored energy that can be released when we call upon it through breaking down collected bonds like releasing a compressed spring full of kinetic energy. This energy can be released in any form of energy such as electric, thermal, luminous, gravitational, electromagnetic, RF, etc.

How Long Do I do Breath Work?

It is reported that with 3 months of specific daily breath work, slow dynamic movements, breath retention, muscle contraction, and meditation. Significant physiological changes occur in the practitioner’s body which allows for improved strength, energy projection, brainwave control, and various other abilities that would be described as magic, such as telekinesis. It’s measured that after chi practitioners perform their abilities their levels of ATP significantly drop.

One example of breathwork is this 6 reps of breath holds twice a day. I go over proper training methods in my blindfolded sight courses on my website blindfoldedsight.com. Please check out my 5-day workshop where I have 10 hours of training to help you unlock your true potential.

Wim Hof and the 16,400 people who volunteered to get injected with e-coli, and Wim Hof, with his breathing technique, overcame the bacteria with ease.

Divers who did breath-holding had 5% higher levels of hemoglobin in their blood, which means higher carrying capacity and better performance.

Holding your breath triggers the mammalian die response which then activates the vagus nerve and lights up a connection between the brain and the heart. 

 Chi and Reality 

Chi is a fundamental building block of all matter and the base structure of all the elements. Chi is the psychic realm and the Akashic records. It is not bound by space or time. This is why you can do telekinesis over zoom. It is the zero-point energy field capable of providing us with unlimited energy, light, heat, and even transportation. The world will change once we learn to harness this field. Teleportation through these fields is possible and done today. All points in space and time are one. This is why remote viewing is possible as well. There is only one mind. All is one and all is energy. Even at the most fundamental levels of matter, nothing is solid. Protons and electrons are just dense energy fields. To understand how psychic phenomena are possible you must first understand this. Second, you should know that information is energy, and third, the world operates on love. And only by working together can things exist. This is the universal law, act in love and you act in harmony with all. Anything else will slowly deteriorate until it is no more. 


Do breathwork for energy generation, health, longevity, balance, stress relief, and more. Also Check out my 5-day workshop available on my website where I teach you all I know so you learn to see without your eyes, improve your intuition and energy learn energy generation and manipulation. Now, to get the best results it takes about 3 months of training and storing energy to be able to start excelling. But again this is due mostly to the physiological changes we need to make. The younger you are the less work you need to do to optimize your system for chi work.

Don’t do while driving or in water in case you pass out. Also if you have any medical conditions check with your doctor before doing any breathwork.

-Robert Smith

Nov. 17th, 2020