Breath work 102 – Oxygen is Pure Energy

As I learn more and progress down the path I want to share some vital information to help you as well. Breath-work has many uses and applications. Each style or variation has its own unique effects on the body. There is so much power in the breath that some techniques will affect the mitochondria and polarize the iron in the blood so that the practitioner can passively generate voltage as their blood pumps through their veins. I will give you several methods and their effects as we progress.

In the first book, we looked at raising the Co2 levels in the blood so that the red blood cells could release more oxygen into the muscles and brain. We learned simply holding our breath has impacts on the body and it adapts to it. We have a larger anaerobic threshold than we know. There are a few key physiological features that show up when we look at Tibetan monks. First of all, many of them are in gamma brainwaves all day for everything they do. Second, we notice with their blood they have much higher Vo2max levels than the average person. This is important as it relates to the amount of oxygen we are able to get from each breath. Or in other words the maximum volume of o2 we are able to take up from our blood. Having a higher Vo2 max is something that is normally sought after with runner training or even altitude training. But when we learn that we can literally generate electricity from oxygen, getting more and using it efficiently becomes a vital step in our progress of self-mastery.

There are several unique breathwork methods worth mentioning here as well. We know that many mystical and psychic experiences originate in the right hemisphere of the brain. The right is the spiritual side and the left is the logical side. When we plug a single nostril and breathe through the other we stimulate one side of the brain more than the other. Breathing through the left nostril stimulates the right side of the brain, which lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Breathing through the right nostril stimulates the left side of the brain, which increases heart rate and blood pressure. This technique can be a good way to get the hemispheres in balance by stimulating them independently. This has several studies behind it confirming these findings. Much of this originates from India as a yogic breathing technique. In our noses, we have erectile tissue that flares up or down depending on things like time or environment. This is interesting because as it naturally fluctuates, different parts of the brain are stimulated in intervals of about 30 minutes to 3 to 4 hours. One other thing the yogis noticed is at a full or new moon everyone’s nostrils would sync up.

This next breathing technique I want to mention has to do with humming. You may be surprised to learn that chanting Aum with a long hum has scientifically proven benefits to our health. Nitric oxide is one of the key players in this mix. When we breathe through our noses, 6 times more nitric oxide is produced and we get 20% more oxygen uptake in our system. Breathing through your nose not only slows your breath allowing for more capture and retention of Co2, but it also acts as a filter stopping pathogens viruses, and bacteria. Nitric oxide is known to destroy viruses and pathogens. This is one of the treatments that has been used on patients with Covid-19 in recent months. Nitric oxide is powerful at protecting us and allowing us to uptake more oxygen. Furthermore, when we hum the vibrations cause a 15 fold increase in nitric oxide released into the system. Humming produces more saliva in the mouth which is full of nerve growth factors, proteins, hormones, and many other beneficial compounds. For this breath technique inhale through your nose for 5 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds while humming. Doing the Aum mantra is very appropriate here.

Increasing our Co2 tolerance is important for enhanced functionality and oxygen uptake. We have an anaerobic threshold that can be increased drastically. Vo2max is also vital in this process as it relates to how much power you can generate and your anaerobic threshold relates to how much of that power you can sustain. Increasing our Vo2max can be achieved by running and pushing your limits in short bursts. By following an exercise routine of 1:1, or work for short bursts and break for the same time periods. Training your Vo2 max is like going long and slow while increasing your anaerobic threshold is more like pushing your limits in a training ratio of 2:1 or 2 times the amount of time training as you are resting. When you improve your Vo2max and anaerobic threshold, you can gain more oxygen with fewer breaths, increasing your stamina and strength while also relieving overall strain on the heart. As we will see, oxygen is where most of our energy comes from so it’s vital to improve our efficiency and uptake volume.

There are breathing methods like the one in my first book and in my workshop that are called electric breath. These types of breathing methods will alkalize the body while demanding a higher output than the body is used to, then the body adapts. By combining exercise with breath work you are increasing oxygen uptake many times over what is normal and the body stores this excess energy mostly as ATP. When we learn to train and deal with the lactic acid in our muscles, we are increasing our body’s ability to generate energy. The body generates 2ATP when the muscles are without oxygen in an anaerobic state, but aerobically our cells produce 32ATP. This is why working on your breath is so important and increasing that anaerobic threshold. Breath is pure energy.

The next question then is how are we supposed to breathe? Most of the time people are breathing shallow and with their mouths. This releases too much of our Co2 stores and reduces our oxygen uptake efficiency. Breath with your nose. This is directly connected with your parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with being calm and in control. Breathing with your mouth, on the other hand, is more correlated with the fight or flight responses or heavy work. With shallow breathing, people don’t get oxygen as low into their lungs as they should. When we get older this can be one of the first areas that lose functionality. Breath is life and breathing properly will give you life energy. This whole world is electrons protons and neutrons. Everything runs off of electricity. So breathe through your nose, breathe deeper and hold your breath for a moment before a slow exhale. This is how we should breathe throughout our day for better health and higher levels of energy.

Finally, I would like to mention that slow breathing and less breathing are not the only forms of beneficial breathing techniques. Those like the Wim Hof method are great because they not only bring the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems into balance and alkalize the body but they also increase the size of your red blood cells allowing them to carry even more oxygen. Holding your breath helps build tolerance with Co2 and pushes the suffocation response back. Hyperventilation and Holotropic breathing techniques do offer their own unique sets of experiences and benefits. With hyperventilation, you will find the limbs may begin to tingle and get cold as oxygen becomes less bioavailable. With slow breathing, you will find the opposite and limbs will warm. Another effect of holotropic breath-work is it can allow you to temporarily release the ego and find peace in yourself. You may find that you are connected with all things and feel a sense of oneness. The body is very adaptive and is waiting for its secrets to be unlocked. Always be careful and don’t push yourself too hard. With breath-work, there is always the chance you could pass out so create your surroundings accordingly. Thank you, I wish you blessings and love.

-Robert Smith

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