Breath-work 101, Science & Chi

Why do Breath-Work? 

  1. Breath-work is a vital tool in energy generation through ATP (for all our energy uses).
  2. The proper use of breath-work changes the user’s physiology making it more oxygen efficient and allows the user to Increase red blood cell size and production.
  3. Athletes find higher performance when training with intermittent hypoxia as first discovered via the high altitude of the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.
  4. You create antioxidants battling the effects of aging. 
  5. You alkalize the blood removing acid from the muscles and stress from the body. 
  6. You help in water generation, some going to the thyroid helping it keep balance.
  7. You improve your bone mineral density.
  8. You improve your tolerance to Co2.
  9. you can also lower the Co2 levels in the frontal cortex to change the chemistry and shut down the ego temporarily.
  10. Hyperventilation Breath-work can bring about hallucinations by generating DMT.
  11. Intermittent hypoxia breath work improves oxygen efficiency, antioxidant production, and cell longevity.
  12. You improve the strength of your heart muscles and your cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  13. You improve your chi energy stores and widen your energy channels.


Fast breathing, or hyperventilation, loads oxygen up on red blood cells, and because of the drop in Co2 levels, they hold on to more oxygen than they release into the muscles. The blood alkalizes and the chemistry of the frontal cortex changes which can shut the ego off.

You find brain coherence and you balance the autonomic nervous system. This also creates oxidants and free radicals. Our mitochondria in our cells are about 98% efficient at turning oxygen into ATP. That remaining 2% of residuals can end up doing us harm.

Holding your breath through intermittent hypoxia does a small amount of stress to the system ramping up the production of antioxidants to deal with those oxidants which can lead to aging in the body. Through holding our breath we strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous systems. You improve bone mineral density and start creating up to 10x more red blood cells. Also as what seems like a form of adaptation the body’s red blood cells increase in size and carrying capacity. Co2 tolerance is increased, allowing us to improve the efficiency of our energy generation through oxygen.

Slow breathing improves our lung capacity and oxygen efficiency. More oxygen is pushed into the muscles than before as an increase in Co2 levels in the blood force the red blood cells to release the oxygen. 

To begin improving function in the body a goal recognized in Nei Kung practice is slow breathing, 15 seconds in 15 seconds out. You then move up to 30 seconds in 30 seconds out. It’s said that a breakthrough happens at 1 minute in 1 minute out. Progress is made through turtle breathing by increasing your time even further.

Exercise in the system beyond the available oxygen in the muscles begins ramping up ATP and energy generation and capabilities. With the glucose and oxygen we take in from the environment we create ATP molecules which link 3 negatively charged phosphates together. They desperately want to separate, and when we use our ATP (energy stores), we shoot off a phosphate molecule breaking a bond and releasing free energy in a variety of potential forms.

ATP has stored energy that can be released when we call upon it through breaking down collected bonds like releasing a compressed spring full of kinetic energy. This energy can be released in any form of energy such as electric, thermal, luminous, gravitational, electromagnetic, RF, etc.

How Long Do I do Breath Work?

It is reported that with 3 months of specific daily breath work, slow dynamic movements, breath retention, muscle contraction, and meditation. Significant physiological changes occur in the practitioner’s body which allows for improved strength, energy projection, brainwave control, and various other abilities that would be described as magic, such as telekinesis. It’s measured that after chi practitioners perform their abilities their levels of ATP significantly drop.

One example of breathwork is this 6 reps of breath holds twice a day. I go over proper training methods in my blindfolded sight courses on my website Please check out my 5-day workshop where I have 10 hours of training to help you unlock your true potential.

Wim Hof and the 16,400 people who volunteered to get injected with e-coli, and Wim Hof, with his breathing technique, overcame the bacteria with ease.

Divers who did breath-holding had 5% higher levels of hemoglobin in their blood, which means higher carrying capacity and better performance.

Holding your breath triggers the mammalian die response which then activates the vagus nerve and lights up a connection between the brain and the heart. 

 Chi and Reality 

Chi is a fundamental building block of all matter and the base structure of all the elements. Chi is the psychic realm and the Akashic records. It is not bound by space or time. This is why you can do telekinesis over zoom. It is the zero-point energy field capable of providing us with unlimited energy, light, heat, and even transportation. The world will change once we learn to harness this field. Teleportation through these fields is possible and done today. All points in space and time are one. This is why remote viewing is possible as well. There is only one mind. All is one and all is energy. Even at the most fundamental levels of matter, nothing is solid. Protons and electrons are just dense energy fields. To understand how psychic phenomena are possible you must first understand this. Second, you should know that information is energy, and third, the world operates on love. And only by working together can things exist. This is the universal law, act in love and you act in harmony with all. Anything else will slowly deteriorate until it is no more. 


Do breathwork for energy generation, health, longevity, balance, stress relief, and more. Also Check out my 5-day workshop available on my website where I teach you all I know so you learn to see without your eyes, improve your intuition and energy learn energy generation and manipulation. Now, to get the best results it takes about 3 months of training and storing energy to be able to start excelling. But again this is due mostly to the physiological changes we need to make. The younger you are the less work you need to do to optimize your system for chi work.

Don’t do while driving or in water in case you pass out. Also if you have any medical conditions check with your doctor before doing any breathwork.

-Robert Smith

Nov. 17th, 2020

44 Replies to “Breath-work 101, Science & Chi”

  1. Hello, your website is very interesting, I am currently teaching in Mexico to children between 6 and 12 years old. It is another methodology called VEO extraocular vision by Noe Esperon but it is only focused on children.
    I am interested in your investigation because I would like to acquire this wonderful ability.
    Thank you, see you soon!!

    1. How amazing! I will be heading to Mexico city relatively soon.I’d love to come and film if possible or visit when I am out there! I linked your website on my welcome page as well!

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