The Truth about Enlightenment

In the west, we have a major misconception about what enlightenment is. There are too many people running around claiming that they are enlightened. The only fault here is one of ignorance. All these people truly believe they are enlightened based on the limited knowledge they have. Even Sadhguru claims to be enlightened. This sadly is not true. Enlightenment is a path that results in the creation of an angel. It is a physical metamorphosis that changes the whole body into its perfect intended form. If you are enlightened then that means you are immortal and in your final body. If you achieve this state of ultimate perfection then you will not die and you will not wither away but rather you will become light and ascend leaving no trace behind. This is also why those who have achieved nirvana will not be reincarnating again. They perfected and took their body with them.

The phenomenon of enlightenment is the reason we have so many religions around the world. Before separation and ignorance divided them they were one as a science of the divine, god, and all creation. Each religion has been started as people take records of historical events where men have achieved partial or full liberation. When you understand the nature of reality and your place in it then you can forge a path that leads to the highest attainments. You can heal the sick, walk on water, give sight to the blind. Once you understand your nature and the nature of the mind there can be no limits for you. This knowledge can be traced back as it spread across the earth. Men who never achieved the end goal tried to record what they witnessed and learned. This is where scriptures came from in the east. More specifically the new testament and the Qur’an. These were written by people who did not achieve the eternal life promised but we’re connected with people who had and connected with Source as a whole.

The further back we go we come across writings and scriptures in the east about people who did achieve what they wrote about. Most notable is Indian historical records. The Vedas have some of the oldest writings and historical records of mankind. Many before this were lost to time. As we go back we find some of the oldest teachings about god and the divine with the most well-preserved methods to attain the state of perfection. These teachers are the Siddha Yogis. The Siddhas and Tibetan monks shared much information and even Buddhism as a whole evolved alongside them. We can trace the knowledge of God as it moves from Atlantis to Egypt, then to the tower of Babel where it spread further east. But with time separation came from one group thinking their information was better than another. There are even records out there that suggest that some of Jesus’ teachers were Siddha yogis. And it makes sense as these teachings have helped many people to walk on water, levitate, teleport, and much more. All paths lead to one destination. The length and difficulty of those paths vary as we decide which lessons we still haven’t learned yet, and how much baggage we are trying to drag along with us. There are many branches on a tree but they all connect to one stalk.

Enlightenment is the rainbow body in Tibet. This is also what being saved is in Christianity. Nirvana is also the very same thing. There are hundreds of names for this phenomenon; The diamond body, the magic body, and the light body are only a few. In Islamic mysticism, it is called the super-celestial body. In Egypt, it is called the luminous body. These are all the same thing and follow the same exact laws and physics. Most people don’t consider that things like emotions are physics but they are. There are many forces that we have trouble quantifying due to their lack of physicality. But just because you cannot see, hear, or feel something yet doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is part of the path, to learn to develop your brain and body to work with these subtler forces which comprise all of existence. Then you will be able to sustain yourself entirely off what others would perceive as nothing.

This World Is Just A Dream

You see, the answers are everywhere hidden in plain sight. For example, we’ve heard of the trinity before in Christianity. The father, the son, and the holy spirit. This is a man-made attempt at understanding the divine when the truth has been there all along. The trinity is better understood as the omnipresence, the omnipotence, and the omniscience of God and all creation as one. We can even further break this down into a more clear definition. Omnipresence is the infinite awareness that pervades all space and time as one entity. One being. The omnipotence, which means all-powerful tells us that the one awareness which is everywhere always also is the power that is everywhere always. Then we have omniscience, which is all-knowing. So this being which is aware everywhere, and is nowhere absent, has control over all the power in existence and is all the information. So finally we see that everything is awareness moving as energy, patterned into form (in-formation). This is what Dharma teachings tell us and why we must learn to meditate and connect with the infinite awareness that we are. This is why Gnostic teachings tell us that the world is mental. Everything is made of thought forces. Everything is more like a dream than the physical reality we perceive today. This is what Buddhism teaches us. This is why you are asked in all religions to deny your earthly desires and senses and focus on god.

There are no true limits. The only limits you find are those you impose upon yourself. Meditation is the pathway to all supernatural abilities and attainments. This is why you are called to look within and self master. If everything is thought forces and this is all one big dream then you start to understand why physical items are of no true value other than the lessons they give. In a dream when you have something stolen from you it only matters if you don’t realize you’re in a dream. If you understand it’s a dream then you didn’t actually lose anything. If you know it’s a dream and you have mastered yourself sufficiently then you can simply manifest whatever it is you lost right in front of you. You could make 1,000 copies all the same. This is the same as the world around you. This is how monks and yogis can do the incredible things that they do. They learned the truth and from work, effort, and belief in themselves, they were able to move past all man-made limitations.

The New Age Movement

The new age movement involves the same teachings as the ancient masters. This includes Jesus, Buddha, and many many others. The new age is not a single moment in time, but rather a long precession of events leading to a brighter future for all mankind. The new age was started long before religions sprang up around the world. It is even the cause of those religions. As more people learn the science of the divine and show people what they are capable of, then slowly but surely the world changes. First, it comes as books and religions. Now we have a critical point in history marked by the internet and the spread of knowledge worldwide. People will start to see the oneness of all the world’s teachings and find the path that is forever there waiting to be tread upon. It will start as non-belief as it has always been. People have trouble believing anything they have not seen with their own two eyes. They think their limited frame of view makes up all the cosmos. There is infinite knowledge out there because there is infinite creation. When we limit ourselves to what we believe, blocking out all others, we only harm our own development. Religions have been asking for proof for a long time and if people are earnest about their quest for this knowledge, they will find the answers. The proof is out there. It is abundant, and it is waiting for you to put it to the test.

Most people get lost in crystals, tarot, astrology, and so on. People are caught up in their egos seeking to be an attractive symbol of peace and love. They pushed along this capitalistic wave becoming teachers and readers far too early before they are ready to truly help people achieve their goals. Do not be discouraged though. Every step on the path is beneficial, and every piece of knowledge you learn helps you expand your awareness encompassing more and more until the truth shines through untarnished. At the root and base of all these teachings, you find the truth on a solid foundation. It’s only people’s theories and opinions that dirty the waters. But even the dirtiest water clears.

The Path To Enlightenment.

The path to enlightenment is long and takes immense dedication. It is the great perfection that calls you to rid yourself of all impurities. You must gain control over your impulses and words. You must learn to let things like anger and sadness go. An enlightened master will never show these emotions as they are only a detriment to yourself and those around you. You must become impeccable with your words, actions and thoughts. This is because of physics. You will receive what you give out into the world. This is why love is the core of all teachings. Give love without condition and you cannot help but receive it. This is karma and also works the same with negative emotions. For example, if you are prideful over others then you are manifesting others to be prideful over you. You reap what you sow. Your mind is the great creator and misuse of your god-given abilities can result in your self-destruction. This is why understanding comes before action. You must understand the path and consequences you risk bringing upon yourself before you can make an educated decision. Love is also the very essence of god and the quantum field. It is magnetism. Love is the very stuff that holds atoms together. It is the strongest energy in existence and when cultivated correctly will shield you from all harm.

Your emotions are energy and this is the basis of understanding what the chakra system is all about. Studying and refining your chakras and energy flow is vital in perfecting the body and building energy rather than wasting it. You are a divine creation connected with Source directly. All is one and you are that very thing. We must learn to make our temple, or body, into a place that shines with light and eventually glows. When you have compassion and love in your heart you generate bio-photons and send them out into the world around you where they make subtle changes in the environment. It’s all part of the electromagnetic spectrum which holds information as energy waves.

Along with mastering your emotions and purifying the body, you must learn to expand your consciousness and awareness. Your brain is a sender and receiver of information. People have no idea how simple things like telepathy and manifestation can be. But if they never turn on the tv then they cannot receive any channels. You must learn to develop the mind to be visual and not verbal. You must meditate and focus on images and feelings. You have to develop your spiritual senses. You must learn to hear what was inaudible, see what is invisible, and feel what was intangible to you. You must grow into who you are intended to be. You must discover the eternal world of spirit right before your eyes, or be lost in the changing world of materialism.

When you read about enlightened masters you will find that they are no different from us. It’s only in how they developed their body and mind which differs. One surprising fact is that they do not sleep as we do. Their brainwaves are operating many times higher than the average mortal person. They never lose consciousness and they don’t need to eat to survive. When a person begins practicing things like Qigong and breath-work they will start to realize that they have more energy after than when they started. With practices like this which help the body and long hours of meditation to master the mind, Energy will flow into the master so strongly at the crown chakra that it will ionize the air around them and you will see them glow with a subtle warmth. This comes from a state of higher perfection when the master is going to or has already gone through, enlightenment. To achieve this you must walk the path laid out in all religions. Be sure to look at them all as stories are only so much help without the practices that brought them about. We are all destined to achieve the rainbow body. It is our choice how much suffering we will endure before we get there. Remember to love unconditionally, and know the difference between addiction and affection. Save your sexual energy and aim for immortality, not an early grave. Hell is better translated as the grave in the bible, and the wages of sin lead to death. You have free will and God is a shepherd that leaves no sheep behind. But if you keep killing yourself, he can only reach out a helping hand and wait for you to grab it.


Every single person is vital in their role and part of the overall whole. Everything is in its perfect place. If the person does not reach enlightenment or the rainbow body, and they fall prey to death, then this person will be back to take up another body and try again. In Buddhism, the cycle of reincarnation is suffering. This is samsara in Hinduism, the ongoing path of your awareness moving through birth and death than birth and death. This can be likened to a baby just learning to walk and they are inevitably going to fall a few times before they stand firm and what was impossible becomes normal. You must learn to fly. You must learn through trial and error and the guidance of those before you to truly fly. If you develop properly there are no limits, even age will be a thing of the past. You will be master of this dream and be able to step up into higher realms of learning and development. It’s either reincarnation or ascension learning to overcome death and walk forward steadfast in the light.

Your vessel is vital in the process of ascension. This is even referenced in the bible and other sacred texts. You must achieve a state of perfection to get into heaven. Enlightenment is the great perfection changing the body into a higher energetic form. Though all things are energy as they are. Other planes of existence can be just as physical as this one, just at a different frequency. When the body goes through this transformation people around the person may believe he/she is dead. However, over the next 3-7 days the person will become more youthful and give off light. There are some who cannot make the full transition and a small shrunken body of the former monk is left behind. These can range from a few inches to a foot or so. The transformations also happen when great masters stay around and blend with the common people though they are hundreds of years old, you would not be able to tell. They do not dazzle even though they can do things like fly, glow and teleport. They have perfected their minds and their bodies. This is the path we must all take and retain the body making a perfect transformation immortal and pure.

Non-duality In order to move upwards, you are developing your connection with Source. You are a single point connected to an infinite network. If you learn to expand your awareness and become one with all then there will be no limits for you. Nonduality is the truth. All is one. Every single consciousness is part of one cosmic mind. The ego and proper growth are the only things that are keeping us from union more fully with God. The ego is what divides what is perfect and whole. It is what thinks one thing is better than another. It believes that evil is separate from good when all are part of one organism working in perfect accord and harmony. It’s hard for some people to understand or accept but you are responsible for your life and future. You have free will and karma is absolute. Even when a person dies their karma will follow them into the next life. karma can include skills as well. We see this with child proteges in games like chess. Where a 9-year-old child, intuitive and pure, will beat a grandmaster chess player who has spent his whole life mastering this one game going over every possible circumstance and style of play. Everything is connected, and you are that very thing.

An important aspect of non-duality is that everything is perfect. It is not a battle of good vs evil but rather a mind sending out energy and exploring possibilities. Because all is one and energy always returns to the sender, people will experience the things they do to others. There are subtle and absolute physics at play here, and they are inescapable. It is a powerful lesson though. Give love and you cannot help but receive it. Give hate and anger and you can be assured of the very same thing in return. You should always stay in a mindset of giving and helping those in need. You should also avoid things like pride, lust, envy, sadness, and contempt. By putting these things out there we are thereby calling them into creation and setting a path for ourselves which will have us encounter the very same energy with amplified force.

Your mind is a limitless creator with all the traits of the father. Whatever you have on your mind seeks to manifest. This ties into another important law. Man creates that which he gazes upon. This is why visualization in manifestation is so important. You are working with the primordial field from which all things sprang from a mold to fill. With greater work and internal sight, more of your manifestations will come to pass. At the end of this path with high enough energy and a clear enough mind, you can bring forth any manifestation straight out of the aether. You can literally hold out your hand and a chunk of gold can appear right before your eyes. Because everything is thought-forms of the one cosmic mind. When you realize what you are and connect more fully with yourself, then there are no limits and a whole other world will open up to explore.

How To Open Your Third Eye

Reading of Article:

There are so many videos and tutorials about opening the third eye. The reality is that much of the public knowledge presented by the west barely scratches the surface. The third eye is a deep limitless ocean full of all possibilities. With the development of this center, we can perceive and work with subtler forces in our universe. These forces include but are not limited to consciousness, electromagnetism, the aether, and more. When it comes to the mind there are no limitations. There are only limitations for material things, and all material things are derived from the mind. Our entire body is a programmable bio-machine with trillions of volts coursing through us. We are like walking nuclear bombs without instruction manuals to help us discover our potential.

Opening your third eye is described as lifting the veil. You are learning how to create from nothing using subtle and physical energies. Once you are able to develop your mind and open your third eye you are then able to see the unseen world around you. Existence is far more brilliant than what the human eye normally perceives. This is where seeing auras also comes from. You are learning to see other waveforms in the electromagnetic spectrum. Not only that but when you close your eyes you simply need to align in vibration with a given thing or location and you are there. A fully opened and developed third eye can look into the past and watch events as if they are there immersed within them. All things are energy and energy holds information. The Akash or Aether stores all information that has ever been created. All events are remembered and stored. Nothing is forgotten.

We also live in a multidimensional reality with parallel universes. When someone goes through enlightenment they perfect the body and transition from the third dimension into the fourth dimension. When you are in the fourth dimension you will disappear from all 3D beings. You will live in an expanded state where the only limit is what you can imagine. You can move through objects and can perceive everything with nothing hidden from you. For example, if a fourth-dimensional angel is looking at a three-dimensional being the angel would be able to see all of the person’s organs as well as their thoughts. To give some perception of what the fourth dimension is mathematically we can look at a hypercube. This is what a 4d cube is called. We can imagine a 3D cube except on each of the six sides is an entire complete 3D cube.

Developing our third eye and inner sight is one of the main goals of meditation initially. You need to develop this control panel that we have overlooked. All of these things are very natural. We were designed to have these capabilities. The only unfortunate part is that the powers that be do not want mankind waking up to their potential so everyone is always bombarded with countless toxins and chemicals in our food water and air. Having a healthy body and mind is very important for the development of the mind at a higher functioning state. We are electric beings after all and we need electricity and energy to operate properly. Our food will either give us electrons or take them from us. We can also either sit stagnantly and lose energy over time or get up and move to get the body closer to its optimal state. Exercise generates electricity and can improve our clarity of mind and our ability to heal dramatically. Our muscles are piezoelectric. We also need to be aware that smoking is very harmful to the system and will hinder our progression and development. The pineal gland in the brain doesn’t have a blood-brain barrier like the rest of the brain, so the purity and health of your blood is very important. When you smoke you inhale carbon monoxide, which binds to the red blood cells 200 times stronger than oxygen molecules and can take up to 24 hours to clear out. This prevents your body from gathering and using as much oxygen and energy as it needs for optimum function.

Breath work is a powerful tool to increase the amount of energy and electricity we get from the air itself. Just by learning proper breathing, we are able to fight off viruses and increase our energy stores. We require a proper mix of carbon dioxide and oxygen for the oxygen to become bioavailable. When proper breath training is taken it dramatically changes the body and increases things like red blood cell size, V02max, and your anaerobic threshold. You train the system to increase its efficiency and get dramatically more energy per breath than the average person.

One more invaluable tool that you have to open the third eye is the gateway itself, meditation. Through the development of your mind and self-determination, inner sight is achieved. When we imagine that we see light we generate photons in the brain that we can perceive. Generating light is the first step for developing the mind and inner vision. Things like a photographic memory may be developed this way. Intense visualization from a healthy fit person with enough energy unlocks something within the person which establishes a connection with the infinite divine oneness that we are all a part of. Meditation is a practice and there are countless methods in this alone. This is where all things are born from. Everything is mind. Visualization is the key to many great gifts that lay dormant in every person. Your mind is a filter of energy. Be careful what you think.

When developing inner vision you must learn to listen to your inner voice. You must learn to establish a connection with the infinite and be a conduit. You must learn to not only project information but to receive it. Your intuition is one vital channel that must be explored. We can all develop the ability to know rather than guess. These innate skills are lost when we are told we are wrong and when we outsource our minds to other devices like our phones and GPS. We no longer connect directly with the earth’s magnetic grid like most other animals do instinctually. Practices with intuition are thereby invaluable in our development. The only thing stopping you from discovering who you are is your ego which doubts.

Now finally, in order to channel divine intuition and energy to greater and greater degrees, you must follow universal laws. One example is that love creates and hate destroys. With this simple understanding, we can see how the whole world falls into balance. When someone or something works against the whole it finds destruction. This is like cancer in the body. When resources are selfishly hoarded, all suffer in the end. We are here to learn love, and when we chose fear we often only create our fate. There is nothing to fear but fear itself as all is one. Everything you see is part of you and working with you. Emotions are energy. Anger and pain drain you while joy and love charge you up. Life is more feeling than we think, and we have a choice what that feeling will be, and thereby what outcome we would like to experience. Love is the most powerful energy there is. It is magnetism holding everything together in harmony. We must learn from this, and if we pay attention we will see how to embody higher and higher levels of energy. Or we can lose it to our lack of self-mastery and control.

Everything mentioned is vital in lifting the veil and seeing the greater reality. All of this matters when you are trying to develop and perfect your psychic skills. Every choice you make has energetic effects and impacts on the greater existence unseen to most. If you truly want to speak with and meet your spirit guides then learn to raise your vibration to their level. They will never compromise themselves to meet you. You must raise to meet them.

Thank you, Blessings.

The Ego

What is the ego? Why is it brought up so much in spirituality? The ego very simplistically can be labeled as our personal identity and individuality. More profoundly though, it can be seen as that which keeps us locked in the cycle of life and death through the delusion of sense pleasures. We think we are this body and that we will die. We think that we are separate from the whole and so we act selfishly. The truth is that we are not separate but one with the all-encompassing reality. We are divinely entangled in a deeper reality most people cannot fathom, let alone interact with. One important aspect in tapping into this etheric level of everything involves letting go of your ego and living as the whole. When we act out of self-interest we end up performing as cancer would in the human body. We selfishly horde resources while others suffer. This kind of action and behavior goes against the way of things and in doing so, can only find destruction. The reason that there is pain and suffering and pollution is because of the ego. You cannot rule the world out of ego but you can become it without limitations.

Every person is born perfect and one with source. As we grow older we carry this monkey on our back that watches the world and tries to understand it in whatever way it can. This monkey is our animal mind and focuses on survival and logic. Along with this monkey mind, we also have a higher mind which sees things as they are without judgment. The egotistical mind lives in a world of scarcity believing there is not enough and that the world evil. The higher mind understands the perfection in all things and knows that trials are required for growth and development. You only encounter lessons you need to learn.

When in meditation letting go of the ego can involve letting go of your thoughts about the past and the future. The ego is the only thing that mulls over events that have already passed and worries about events in the future. The higher mind understands that there is only one thing that you are ever interacting with and that is yourself. When you know this then you understand the statement, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” When you experience negative, angry, or fearful emotions you are creating disharmony in yourself and thereby calling disharmony to you. We are constantly interacting with the subtle fields around us projecting our energy outwards. Keep your thoughts and actions in harmony with all existence and you will experience profound states of flow and synchronicity. All existence is based on love. This is a vital key in your development. Emotions are energy and by vibrating with love you are making yourself more magnetic and creating larger influences on the environment around you. You must learn to disconnect from your ego and gain control over your automatic emotional responses. Many of us have experienced situations over and over again that we react like we are reading a script. We are making negative reactions automatic and training them into the brain. Habits are hard to break and it’s up to us to develop our minds and our bodys’ correctly. When you get angry try and pause. Realize that you are separate and you do not need to be affected by whatever situation that spikes your emotions. Take a deep breath and gain control over your body. This is important in self-mastery as you must be in control of your body rather than your body being in control of you.

Learn to forgive and try and see the perfection in all things. All beings are capable of both the worst and most divine expression. Even yourself. Do not judge others for the path they are on. It is vital for their own individual growth and development to see, understand, and conquer the ego. Many of these things can simply be put down and never picked up again. There is no reason why this can’t be simple, but we listen to our ego rather than asserting self-control and building willpower. We know the right path and we must learn to choose that path every time without failure. The ego is the main barrier in our way.

When we hear information for the first time we are more likely to believe its validity rather than a contradicting argument heard second. Even if the first assumption was wrong. This is our ego trying to steer the car even when better evidence has arisen. People get caught believing that they are correct and choose to not even consider other options. This is natural for us but it’s also something that we must overcome. Always keep your mind open and remain curious.

Finally, we must stay vigilant. In this age of information, it has become increasingly apparent that disinformation is an effective tactic in social engineering and political control. Always look for multiple sources of information and be aware that humans learned more about consciousness thousands of years ago than they know today. Many secrets are hidden in plain sight.

Work from the higher mind. Love, forgive, be selfless, be kind, and be gentle. Thank you.

Breath work 102 – Oxygen is Pure Energy

As I learn more and progress down the path I want to share some vital information to help you as well. Breath-work has many uses and applications. Each style or variation has its own unique effects on the body. There is so much power in the breath that some techniques will affect the mitochondria and polarize the iron in the blood so that the practitioner can passively generate voltage as their blood pumps through their veins. I will give you several methods and their effects as we progress.

In the first book, we looked at raising the Co2 levels in the blood so that the red blood cells could release more oxygen into the muscles and brain. We learned simply holding our breath has impacts on the body and it adapts to it. We have a larger anaerobic threshold than we know. There are a few key physiological features that show up when we look at Tibetan monks. First of all, many of them are in gamma brainwaves all day for everything they do. Second, we notice with their blood they have much higher Vo2max levels than the average person. This is important as it relates to the amount of oxygen we are able to get from each breath. Or in other words the maximum volume of o2 we are able to take up from our blood. Having a higher Vo2 max is something that is normally sought after with runner training or even altitude training. But when we learn that we can literally generate electricity from oxygen, getting more and using it efficiently becomes a vital step in our progress of self-mastery.

There are several unique breathwork methods worth mentioning here as well. We know that many mystical and psychic experiences originate in the right hemisphere of the brain. The right is the spiritual side and the left is the logical side. When we plug a single nostril and breathe through the other we stimulate one side of the brain more than the other. Breathing through the left nostril stimulates the right side of the brain, which lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Breathing through the right nostril stimulates the left side of the brain, which increases heart rate and blood pressure. This technique can be a good way to get the hemispheres in balance by stimulating them independently. This has several studies behind it confirming these findings. Much of this originates from India as a yogic breathing technique. In our noses, we have erectile tissue that flares up or down depending on things like time or environment. This is interesting because as it naturally fluctuates, different parts of the brain are stimulated in intervals of about 30 minutes to 3 to 4 hours. One other thing the yogis noticed is at a full or new moon everyone’s nostrils would sync up.

This next breathing technique I want to mention has to do with humming. You may be surprised to learn that chanting Aum with a long hum has scientifically proven benefits to our health. Nitric oxide is one of the key players in this mix. When we breathe through our noses, 6 times more nitric oxide is produced and we get 20% more oxygen uptake in our system. Breathing through your nose not only slows your breath allowing for more capture and retention of Co2, but it also acts as a filter stopping pathogens viruses, and bacteria. Nitric oxide is known to destroy viruses and pathogens. This is one of the treatments that has been used on patients with Covid-19 in recent months. Nitric oxide is powerful at protecting us and allowing us to uptake more oxygen. Furthermore, when we hum the vibrations cause a 15 fold increase in nitric oxide released into the system. Humming produces more saliva in the mouth which is full of nerve growth factors, proteins, hormones, and many other beneficial compounds. For this breath technique inhale through your nose for 5 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds while humming. Doing the Aum mantra is very appropriate here.

Increasing our Co2 tolerance is important for enhanced functionality and oxygen uptake. We have an anaerobic threshold that can be increased drastically. Vo2max is also vital in this process as it relates to how much power you can generate and your anaerobic threshold relates to how much of that power you can sustain. Increasing our Vo2max can be achieved by running and pushing your limits in short bursts. By following an exercise routine of 1:1, or work for short bursts and break for the same time periods. Training your Vo2 max is like going long and slow while increasing your anaerobic threshold is more like pushing your limits in a training ratio of 2:1 or 2 times the amount of time training as you are resting. When you improve your Vo2max and anaerobic threshold, you can gain more oxygen with fewer breaths, increasing your stamina and strength while also relieving overall strain on the heart. As we will see, oxygen is where most of our energy comes from so it’s vital to improve our efficiency and uptake volume.

There are breathing methods like the one in my first book and in my workshop that are called electric breath. These types of breathing methods will alkalize the body while demanding a higher output than the body is used to, then the body adapts. By combining exercise with breath work you are increasing oxygen uptake many times over what is normal and the body stores this excess energy mostly as ATP. When we learn to train and deal with the lactic acid in our muscles, we are increasing our body’s ability to generate energy. The body generates 2ATP when the muscles are without oxygen in an anaerobic state, but aerobically our cells produce 32ATP. This is why working on your breath is so important and increasing that anaerobic threshold. Breath is pure energy.

The next question then is how are we supposed to breathe? Most of the time people are breathing shallow and with their mouths. This releases too much of our Co2 stores and reduces our oxygen uptake efficiency. Breath with your nose. This is directly connected with your parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with being calm and in control. Breathing with your mouth, on the other hand, is more correlated with the fight or flight responses or heavy work. With shallow breathing, people don’t get oxygen as low into their lungs as they should. When we get older this can be one of the first areas that lose functionality. Breath is life and breathing properly will give you life energy. This whole world is electrons protons and neutrons. Everything runs off of electricity. So breathe through your nose, breathe deeper and hold your breath for a moment before a slow exhale. This is how we should breathe throughout our day for better health and higher levels of energy.

Finally, I would like to mention that slow breathing and less breathing are not the only forms of beneficial breathing techniques. Those like the Wim Hof method are great because they not only bring the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems into balance and alkalize the body but they also increase the size of your red blood cells allowing them to carry even more oxygen. Holding your breath helps build tolerance with Co2 and pushes the suffocation response back. Hyperventilation and Holotropic breathing techniques do offer their own unique sets of experiences and benefits. With hyperventilation, you will find the limbs may begin to tingle and get cold as oxygen becomes less bioavailable. With slow breathing, you will find the opposite and limbs will warm. Another effect of holotropic breath-work is it can allow you to temporarily release the ego and find peace in yourself. You may find that you are connected with all things and feel a sense of oneness. The body is very adaptive and is waiting for its secrets to be unlocked. Always be careful and don’t push yourself too hard. With breath-work, there is always the chance you could pass out so create your surroundings accordingly. Thank you, I wish you blessings and love.

-Robert Smith

The Body’s Voltage

Let’s talk about the body’s voltage! So the first question is, what is voltage? Well, when you have a difference in charge, the difference creates pressure or force called voltage. It can be related to the water pressure in a hose as well. This electromagnetic force is of one thing pushing or pulling on another. We live in an electromagnetic world where electrons and protons create fields of energy that correlate with all aspects of life. Yin and yang are to these eternal forces of pushing and pulling. These are the fundamental aspects of all existence holding matter into form. 

Our whole body runs off of electricity. An eternal flow and exchange of electrons. This light-based existence encompasses so much more than most of us are aware of. Visible light is only a fraction of the magnificence that can be witnessed in this life. Visible light is less than 1% of the known electromagnetic spectrum. If only we developed our senses and learned to perceive more there are things waiting to dazzle us.

Light is a fundamental aspect of existence. This is also how we know what the planets are comprised of. We can shine the light that the planet gives off through a prism and determine from that light what chemical compounds are on that planet.

Astronomers use a device called a spectroscope. This same concept also applies if you heat a mass to its melting point where it is red hot and begins emitting light. You can then pass that light through the spectroscope and see what compounds are being emitted or absorbed. You see, what happens is that when electrons make their jumps from one electron ring to another light is emitted in various colors. Depending on the jump different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy on the electromagnetic full light spectrum are emitted. The electron needs to emit a certain amount of energy depending on the jump it’s making to accomplish its task. With these jumps radio waves, microwaves, gamma waves, and light waves are emitted. This is how planets sing and emit light. This is also how we do the very same thing. We are electric light beings and there is far more out there that we have not developed the senses to perceive yet.

Coming back to the body and voltage we see that we are biological machines. We operate on the exchange and flow of electrons and energy. We have wiring, switches, and capacitors. We have semiconductors and batteries. We have circuit breakers and sensors of all kinds. We are beautiful in every way. We even have sub programming that we can learn to access and change which leads to changes in expression and our core coding. 

One very interesting thing we can do is use acupuncture points and needles with a sensitive ohm meter to read the body’s electric circuits and determine if, and where, there may be an issue affecting our health. Acupuncture points line up with real channels, fascia, and organic batteries. We will cover these channels and energy pathways later in detail. 

The future of healing will be based on energy and voltage. Much of what I will be referencing here is Dr. Jerry Tennant’s research regarding the body and its electric system. Dr. Tennant has written several books on this subject called, Healing is Voltage. The first thing we must understand is that PH is the measure of voltage in a liquid. The PH of a liquid tells you whether that liquid wants to give or steal electrons from whatever it comes into contact with. This is what determines if something is an acid or a base. We require specific conditions to function optimally in our body and our individual cells. 

+ 413 millivolts (electron stealer) = 0 PH Acidic

0 millivolts (neutral) = 7 PH

  • -413 millivolts (electron giver) = 14 PH Alkaline

The PH of our blood will generally maintain between 7.35 to 7.45. This is about -20 to -25 millivolts of electricity. Our entire body requires electricity to operate. When the food we consume or environmental toxins affect our ph levels and drop them down, the polarity of the body’s liquids will flip and begin stealing electrons from our cells draining their batteries and making them incapable of operating effectively or even communicating properly. Each one of our cells has a toroidal electromagnetic field around them. This field allows them to flow easily around and not bump into each other. This field also allows them to sense their environment and send messages to other cells over great relative distances. It can also propel them through capillaries by shedding iron sulfates and changing their relative polarity to the environment around them. The calls also can use this field as a compass directing them to areas that need their attention. We are electromagnetic beings, inside and out.

At the Young Center, Robert O. Young, DSC, Ph.D. Naturopathic practitioner says, “Cancer is not a disease but rather a condition.” This is the same thing that Dr. Jerry Tennant has discovered as well. All cancer arises when the body’s PH drops down to +30 millivolts (electron stealer). At the Young Center, they used this knowledge and understanding to heal a vast majority of cancer patients who came for help. Out of 320 patients, there were people with stages 1-4 cancer. Those who were diagnosed with stages 1, 2, and 3 cancer had a cure rate of 96% while those at stage 4 had a recovery rate of 81%. This is huge honestly, and most health practitioners will be ridiculed for not following the strict guidelines big pharma sets forth. The idea behind these healing methods comes from measuring the interstitial fluid in people, which comprises 60% of the fluids in the body. By looking at and measuring the electric potential in the body with a bioelectric scan and better understand the state of health and where a problem, if any, may actually lay. Much of the time there is a lack of salt and minerals and the body is in an acidic state. Salt is conductive and along with potassium, it helps in the firing of neurons in the brain and sends electrical impulses throughout the body at the speed of light. So switch out that iodized salt for some pink or black salt with loads of important minerals in them. One other important practice that helped people was having them go on alkaline diets and exercise which gave their body more energy and allowed them to heal how their body intended. 

Throughout our muscles, there are muscle fibers called fascia. This material is made of semiconductors that channel electrons generated in the muscles to the rest of the body at the speed of light. These muscle fibers are correlated with organic battery systems in the body and the meridian channels throughout the body known throughout the east. 55 countries practice Medical Qigong alongside modern medicine in the public hospitals. There is vast evidence that connects these two things, the body’s bioenergy, voltage, and healing.

There is also an incredible revelation that can help you better understand emotions and the energetics behind them. Emotions are electromagnetic fields. Emotional fields can get stuck in certain parts of the body and if we do not let them move through us these fields can disrupt the flow of energy can cause illness. One interesting thing about electromagnetic phenomena is that when you have a small magnet and you bring a larger magnet over it the small magnet will lose its identity and will adopt the traits of the larger magnetic field becoming one. This same effect can be used to erase emotions. There are very interesting studies being done in this field using these concepts. The patient will embody an emotion and a large electromagnetic field will be passed over the person and they will lose the feeling of the emotion they were holding before. A few places are doing this such as, PsychK, Emotion Code, Psychosomatic Energetics, etc. 

If you put a magnet over a wire the magnet will prevent the flow of electrons through the wire. I believe that these energies must be apart of the electromagnetic spectrum and follow similar laws. This is one of the reasons that gaining control of your emotions also affects the rest of the body and its functioning. If we imagine all of these phenomena as electromagnetic, it can bring a lot of clarity to the picture. This subtle electromagnetic energy is part of source energy and can transcend space and time.

We have several different battery styles in the human body. First, we have the water in the body. The water itself is capable of storing more and more electrons creating a more and more energetic environment. At a point, the water becomes structured and charged. It more resembled an electric gel. This is called EZ water and is vital for many functions in the body. This is the fourth state of water. We have vapor, ice, liquid, and gel. The only substance on our planet to have so many states. Water is life and also holds memory. The water molecules can hold together with magnetic fields in certain formations and even though some molecules will be replaced by others as the liquid moves around the base shape of the field held by the clump of water molecules will be held. This is how water has memory and can retain information and energy. This is also a great description of existence itself. It is information and energy held into form through invisible subtle forces.

The next battery that we have is our muscles. They are piezoelectric which means that when we stretch and move they produce electrons. They also act as storage centers for potential energy, much of which is stored in our legs. This is one of the reasons that standing meditations can be so beneficial because it raises energy from your lower centers and base up and throughout the rest of your body ensuring good flow and even better health. Many people have been healed of many things from the use of standing meditations for periods of 45 minutes and longer. There are initiations into temples in Kun Lun for example which require the initiate to do a standing meditation for 2 days straight without any breaks for food or sleep.

A third energy storage system in the body is the cell membrane of each cell. Each cell has its battery from which it can draw and store energy. The cell membrane consists of phospholipids which form organic capacitors.

Then we have our mitochondria which use cellular respiration and the Krebs cycle to generate ATP for the body to use as a universal energy currency of the body. Electrons are stored for later use in any form of energy that is required. We need to have enough B vitamins for this process to be as efficient as possible. keep in mind you should also aim for a diet high in dark leafy greens to keep your iron levels up as well. 

Finally, we have energy generation by scalar implosions generated from the shape of our DNA itself. Our DNA spirals down at the golden mean ratio of 1.618. When you have spiraling platonic solids it tends to implode energy spiraling down to the right into a point of implosion and spinning left and out the other end causing an explosion of energy. This is a way that our DNA itself can generate its own scalar energy.

Voltage is healing. “Chronic disease only occurs when you lose the ability to make new cells that work” – Jerry Tennant. It takes -50 millivolts in an area for new cells to be created. If we don’t have enough voltage or the proper nutrition then they cannot be created. If we aren’t charging our batteries or eating well we are inviting chronic illness into our lives. Most people operate at less than 5% of their true potential. When we can increase the body’s voltage our brain functions better and we heal up to 50% faster. We can become more like nuclear reactors rather than 12v batteries. When people are not able to hold a charge in their internal batteries then entire circuits can shut down and you run into issues with chronic illness. 

The True Teachings of Jesus Christ

jesus is alive

In the 1890’s A group of researchers traveling with enlightened masters recorded Jesus as he stood and spoke to a small party.

Jesus said, “ When we stand one with the sum of all intelligence and recognize ourselves as an actual part of that intelligence, and know conclusively that this is the great principle, god, we shall soon find ourselves conscious of the fact that all intelligence throughout the cosmic universe is working with us. we also realize quickly that the intelligence of all great genius, as well as the little mentality of a single cell of the body, is working with us in perfect harmony and accord. This is the one great intelligence of cosmic mind that we are positively allied with, indeed we are that allied mind. We are the self-consciousness of that cosmic universe. The instant we feel this very thing, nothing can keep us from the godhead. From the universal consciousness, we can draw all knowledge. We know that we can know all without studying and without process of reasoning. Not going from one lesson to another, nor from one point to another. The lessons are only necessary in order to bring us to the attitude in which we can step forth into this thought. Then we become comprehensive and include all thoughts. There is a complete stream of thought that is irresistible, and we know that nothing can divert us from true accomplishment. We are with the whole, thus we move on irresistibly with the whole. It is impossible for any condition to keep us from our accomplishment.

The drop of water is only weak when it is removed from the ocean. Replace it, and it is as powerful as the whole ocean. It matters not whether we like it or whether we believe it. It is intelligent law, and we are that very thing. The sum of all truth is the great principle, God. Everything from eternity to eternity, whether we think it a great truth or a little truth. Every truth, thought, or word, spoken, is a part of the great truth. One great all. One universal truth, and we are that very thing. When we realize this oneness, and stand absolutely with truth, we have the whole of the truth back of us and our irresistibility is increased. It is the force of the ocean back of the wave that gives the wave its power. That too is but a portion of god’s force, which man also is. The sum of all love is the great principle, God. It is the sum of every effection. Every fervent emotion. Every loving thought, look, word, or dead. Every attracted love, great or small, sublime or low, makes the one infinite love stand forth, and nothing is too great for us. As we love unselfishly we have the complete ocean of cosmic love with us. That which is thought least is greatest as it sweeps on to absolute perfection. Thus the whole universe of love is consciously with us. There is no greater power on earth or in heaven than pure love. Earth becomes heaven. Humanities true home.

Finally the sum of every condition, every form, every being is the one infinite cosmic principle God. Whether it be individual, worlds, planets, stars, atoms, electrons, or the most minute particles. All together make one infinite whole. The body of which is the universe. The mind is cosmic intelligence. The soul, cosmic love, molded together as a whole. Their bodies are held together by a cohesive force of love, yet each one functions in eternal, individual identity. Moving freely in its own individual orbit and octave or harmony, attracted, drawn, and held together by that universe of harmony. We constitute that being, that nothing can thwart. It is made up of every unit of humanity as well as every unit of the universe. If a portion of one unit excludes itself from the whole, it makes no difference to principle being, but it makes a vast difference to the unit. The ocean is not conscious of the removal of the drop of water, but the drop is very conscious of the ocean when it is returned or reunited. It is not enough to say that we are close to the great cosmic principle God, we must know that we are one, in, and of, entirely amalgamated with principle. Thus we work with principle of power which is all power. It is the law, that in principle, we live, move, and have our being. Thus when we wish to come in contact with God, we do not think of something far away from us and difficult to attain. All we need know is that God is within as well as all about us, and that we are completely included in God. That we are present with God and in command with full power. Thus we need not pause, we need not ponder. We take the path directly to God within. Here, the Christ stands steadfast and supreme and with God, we endure forever. Thus we arouse our dead cells to the realization of the life within, and that life resurrects us from the dead. We return to life immortal, unchanging. We are condensed of life, or of our right to live that life fully and perfectly. The Christ within stands forth and says, I come that you may have complete life and live that life more abundantly. This must be a true resurrection in our consciousness, an uplifting of our dead senes into a higher vibration of life truth and love. As all nature is awakening about us, let us see the dawn of the approaching day. Thus we get up and out of our grave clothes. Up and out of our sense of limitation, in which we have bound our bodies. We roll the stone of materiality completely from our consciousness, that heavy weight of thought that has separated the life within, from the life without. And which has held the life form in death as we have not recognized its right to life. Let us get up and out of death, that is what the resurrection means. It is an awakening to the full realization of life here and now. And that life, omniscience, omnipresent, omnipotent, nowhere absent, nowhere powerless, nowhere unconscious, but everywhere present, everywhere powerful, everywhere conscious, in fullness, in freedom, in glorious radiant expressive expanding action. When our hearts flame to this thought and our whole being glows with this light within, we can readily extend our hand and say, “Lazarus come forth. Get out of your grave, you do not belong in death. Come to life. Awake from your delusion. Awake now and here.” Thus we are awakened to the master’s conscious and we shall weep because of the density of thoughts of those who watch the awakening. Thousands of years of this awakening have been presented to humanity, yet many sleep. But their sleeping does not justify us in doing so. It is because of what we do that humanity is awakened to that rightful heritage. As we awaken to our heritage, we shall awaken to the purity of that age-old message, that our bodies are eternally beautiful, pure, and perfect. They are always beautiful, pure, spiritual bodies, most magnificent and divine. The true temples of God. This awakening also convinces us that our bodies have never descended from the highest state. We see that it was only in a human concept, wherein we thought they had descended. As soon as this thought is released, our body is released to its true inheritance of divinity. Then a fragrance of a warm summer evening suffices all nature, and our bodies begin to take on the effulgence. Soon pure rays of white light appear within our bodies, they become aglow with this light, and this soft yet brilliant living light invades the clear atmosphere around us like a white gold vapor. This light increases steadily until it covers and permeates everything about it. Bathed in this radiance there appears a crystal white light, dazzling and scintillating, with a radiance greater than that of the purest diamond. Yet it is emanating from our bodies, and they stand forth ablaze with pure light, radiant and beautiful. Here we stand together on the holy mount of transfiguration, with bodies luminous and glowing, radiant and beautiful. Emerged wholly in divine light. The son of man has become the Christ of God, and the kingdom of God is once more among mankind. And more vital because others have accepted and brought forth in full dominion. The light of the god kingdom grows stronger because of the acceptance. This is a new age message to you. The same as it seemed to be a new message 2,000 years ago. It is the same today as it was then. It is but a resurrection of the age-old message. This message was told thousands of centuries ago in language so simple that babes could read. The message is that man, of his own free will, shall leave the manmade kingdom and evolve to the god kingdom. The son of man is to realize his divinity, reveal this divinity in his body and affairs, and become the Christ of God, in the kingdom of God. Know ye not that ye are Gods? Within you, know that the kingdom of God is the most natural thing in the world. You have but overlooked the fact that if man be in Christ, he is a new creature. It is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and every man passes into it. The question is asked, when? The answer always is, when the without is as the within.

The great oak tree that sleeps within the acren, became aroused throughout the whole acren, before the tree could develop. I have not seen nor ear heard, nor have been entered into the heart of man to conceive of the things that God has prepared for them that love him. God knows that in the structure of the universe there is a splendid place for every human being and that each has his individual place. The structure can stand only because each is in his right place. Does not the message lighten the burden of everyone and adorn each countenance with a smile? Even those of the weary ones who think they labor like dumb driven cattle. Thus, I say to you, that you are a specially designed creation. You have a particular mission. You have a light to give and work to do that no other can give or accomplish. And if you will open your heart mind and soul wide to spirit, you will learn of it in your own heart. There you find that your very own father speaks to you. No matter how wayward or thoughtless you thought yourself. You will find that your father loves you devotedly, and tenderly, the instant you turn to God within. The anointing which you have of God, abides in you, and you need not the teachings of any man. Is this not a resurrection from thought. You need not that any man teaches you, it is only necessary to receive the anointing from God, that has always been yours. You may accept others as brother helpers, but you are always instructed and lead from within. The truth is there for you, and you will find it. That truth always teaches that humanity is a complete unit, not a unity, but a great unit. Combined with God, they are the great one. Humanity is more than a brotherhood, it is one man, just as a vine and its branches are one vine. No one part or one unit can be separated from the whole. The Christ prayer is that they all may be one. He that has done it unto the least of my brethren has done it unto me. Now you know the Christ for whom the whole family in heaven and on earth is named. The truth is, all is one, one spirit, one body. The great lord body of all humanity, the great love and life of God completely amalgamated that body into one complete whole. You can see and talk with God at any time. Just as you can with father, mother, brother or sister. Indeed, he is far closer than any mortal could be. God is far dearer and truer than any friend. God is never wrought up or angry or cast down. God never destroys or hinders or hurts any of his creatures or creations. If God did these things, he would not be God. The God that judges destroys, or withholds any good thing from his children or creatures or creations is but a god that is conjured up by man’s ignorant thinking, and you need not fear that God unless you wish to do so. For the true God stretches forth his hand and says, “ All that I have is yours.” When one of your poets said, “God is closer than breathing and nearer than hands or feat.” He was inspired by God. All are inspired by God when that inspiration is for the good or the right. And all can be inspired by God at all times if they only willed. When I said I am the Christ the only begotten of God. I did not declare this for myself alone, for had I done this, I could not have become the Christ. I say definitely that, in order to bring forth the Christ I and all others must declare it, then must live the life, and the Christ must appear. You may declare the Christ all you will, but if you do not live the life the Christ will not appear. Just think dear friends, if all would declare the Christ and live the life for one year or five years, what an awakening there would be. The possibilities cannot be imagined. That was the vision that I saw, dear ones, can you not place yourselves where I stood? See as I saw? Why do you surround me with the murk and the mire of superstition? Why do you not lift your minds and eyes and thoughts above these, and see with a clearer vision? Then, you would see that there are no miracles, no mysteries, no pain, no imperfection, no inharmony, no death, except that which man has made. When I said, “I have overcome death,” I knew from where I spoke, but it took crucifixion to show these dear ones. There is a great many of us joined together to help the whole world, and this is our life work. There have been times when it has taken our combined energy to ward off the evil thoughts of doubt and disbelief and superstition that have nearly engulfed mankind. You may call them evil forces if you wish. We know that they are only evil as man makes them so. And now we see the light growing brighter and brighter as the dear ones throw off the bonds. The throwing off of these bonds may for a time sink mankind into materiality, but even so, it is a step nearer the goal. For materiality does not hold one as superstition and myth and mystery hold one. When I stepped on the water that day, do you think that I cast my eyes downward into the great depths, the material substance? No, I fastened my eyes steadfastly on God power that transcends any power of the deep. The moment I did this, the water became as firm as a rock, and I could walk upon it with perfect safety.”

One man in the party asks Jesus, “ Can all bring forth the Christ?”

Jesus responds, “Yes there is but one end of accomplishment, man came forth from God and he must return to god. That which from the heavens descended must again ascend into the heavens. The history of the Christ did not begin with my birth. Neither did it end with the crucifixion. The Christ was created when God created the first man in his own image and likeness. The Christ and that man are one. All men and that man are one. As God was the father, so is he, the father of all men, and all are God’s children. As the child has the quality of the parent, so the Christ is in every child. For many years the child lived and realized his Christ-hood, his oneness with God, through the Christ in himself. Then began the history of the Christ, and you can trace this history back to man’s beginning. That the Christ means more than the man Jesus goes without contradiction. Had I not perceived this I could not have brought forth the Christ, to me this is the pearl without price, the old wine in new bottles. The truth which many others have brought forth and thus have fulfilled the ideal that I have fulfilled and proved. For more than 50 years after that day upon the cross, I taught and lived with my disciples, and many of those I love dearly. Those days we gathered at a quiet place just outside of Judea. There we were free of the prying eyes of superstition. Their many acquired the great gifts and they accomplished great work. Then seeing by withdrawing for a time, I would be able to reach and help all, I withdrew. Besides, they were depending upon me instead of depending upon themselves, and in order for them to be self-reliant, it was important for me to withdraw from them. If they lived in close association with me, then could they not find me again if they desired to do so. The cross, in the beginning, was the symbol for the greatest joy the world ever knew. The foundation of the cross is the place where man first trod the earth. Therefore, the mark that symbolizes the dawn of the celestial day here on earth. If you will trace it back, you will find that the cross disappears entirely and that it is the man, standing in the attitude of devotion. Standing in space with arms upraised in blessing, sending out his gifts to humanity, pouring all his gifts forth freely in every direction. When you know that the Christ is the fitting life within the form. The raising energy that the scientists glimpse yet not know whence it came. When you feel with the Christ, that the life is lived so that life may be given freely. When you learn that man is obliged to live with the constant dissolution of form, and that the Christ lived to give up the thing that the body sense craved, for the good that at the moment you could not yet enjoy. You are the Christ. When you see yourself a part of the greater, willing to sacrifice for the whole. When you learn to do the right without being affected by the outcome to help. When you learn freely to give up physical life and all that the world has to give. this is not self abdication or poverty. For as you give of God you will find you have more to give. Although at times duty may seem to demand all that life has to give. You will also know that he who will save his life shall lose it. Then you will see that the purest gold is at the deepest part of the furnace, where the fire has fully cleansed it. You will find great joy in knowing that the life you have given to others is the life you have won. You will know that to receive, is to give freely. That if you lay down the mortal form a higher life will prevail. You have the glad assurance that a life thus won is won for all. You must know that the great Christ soul can go down to the river, and stepping into the water but tiplifies the sympathy you feel for the world’s great need. Then you are able to help your fellow man and not boast of virtue. You can pass out the bread of life to the hungry souls that come to you, yet that bread never diminishes by the giving. You must press on and know fully that you are able to heal all that comes to you, sick, or weary, or heavy laden with the word that makes whole the soul. You are able to open the eyes of those made blinded either by ignorance or choice. It does not matter how low the blindfold may be. He must feel that the Christ soul stands inside him and you must find that with human feet you tread the very ground that he treads. Then you will know that the true unity of father and son is within and not without. You will know that you must stand serene when the God without is put away, and only the God within remains. You must be able to withhold a cry of love and fear, as the words, “My god my god why have you forsaken me?” Ring out. Still, at that hour, you must not feel alone, you must know that you stand with God. That you are nearer to the heart of the loving father than you have ever been before. You must know the hour you touch the deepest sorrow is the hour in which your greatest triumph begins. With all this you must know that sorrows cannot touch you. From that hour your voice will ring with a glad free song, for you fully know that you are the Christ. This light, which is to shine among men and for men. Then you will know the darkness in every soul that cannot find a helping hand to clasp as he journeys on the rugged road before he finds the Christ within. You must know that you are truly divine, and being divine you must see that all men are as you are. You will know that there are dark places you must pass with the light that you are to carry to the highest, and your soul will ring out in praise, that you can be of service to all men. Then, with a glad free shout, you mount to your very highest in your union with God. Now you know that there is no substitution for your life, or your life, or other lives, or of your purity for others’ sins. but that all are glad free spirits in and of themselves and of God. You know that you can reach them while they cannot reach each other. That you cannot help giving of your life for the life of each soul, that it shall not perish. Yet you must be so reverent of that soul that you will not pour into it a flood of life unless the life of that soul opens to receive it. But you will freely pour out to it a flood of love light and life so that when one does open the windows, the light of God will pour in and illuminate him. You will know that in every Christ that arises, humanity is lifted one step higher. Then too, you must know full well that you have everything that the father has, and having all, it is for all to use. You must know that as you rise and are true, you lift the whole world with you. For as you tread the path it becomes planer for your fellow man. You must have faith in yourself knowing fully. That faith, is God within. Finally, you must know you are a temple of God. A house not made with hand. Immortal in the earth and heaven as well. Then will they sing of you, “All hail all hail, he comes, he comes, the king, and low he is with you always. You are in God and he is in you.” Words spoken by Jesus Christ.

From the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.

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Are Jedi Real? Yes, and so is The Force

Every ability that a Jedi has we can also train. Telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, blindfolded sight, everything is real from a superhuman ability standpoint, except for the lightsaber…yet. You’ve heard of Tibetan sound levitation before. Many monks surrounding a bolder with long horns chanting and singing mantras. This too is real. The force would be interpreted as ether or chi which pervades all things and exists outside of space and time. It is the field that connects all things. The Jedi religion is also gaining popularity recently and stems from Taoism, Zen Buddhism, and The Samurai.

Often we see people spinning psywheels with their minds and their energy. This is only the beginning. Without dedication and understanding, people don’t get past this. Energy is real and is sensed through our nervous system, and generated in a variety of forms. It is ideal to train the body using yogic breathing techniques and slow dynamic movement optimizing our system. Then one would need to train the mind using meditation for a variety of purposes. A few of which are to increase the size of the electromagnetic field around your body as well as improving your brainwave strength and amplitude. Then you would need to train your spirit which is the force. Here you would grow your energy through the first two steps and refine your senses and energy manipulation abilities. The three are needed, mind, body, and spirit.

Humanity today is disconnected from their higher self or the force. In religion, they would call this God or the holy ghost, but someone spiritual may say, the universe, source, or their higher self. All of these are the same thing, and we may figure out someday that chi is actually dark matter too. That would be crazy, and that’s also just a guess based on a show I’m watching called, “His Dark Materials”. Interesting stuff. Chi is the zero-point energy field from which all matter comes into being. This is the base of our being. 

Improving your extrasensory perception is vital for understanding and communicating with the force. Information after all is energy, and this field of chi is intelligent. When moving down the path of spirituality and forming a connection with your higher self and source love is the most powerful energy there is. This is the way. Unconditional love for all. You must see your neighbor as yourself and treat everyone how you want to be treated. This is the only way a person can fully commune with and master the force for the force is love. It is the binding energy that holds matter into existence forming physical representations of energy.

As we’ve learned in the previous articles to move closer to something in the spirit world, or in the psychic realm (chi). We must bring our thoughts and feelings closer to the vibration of what we are trying to connect with. So for us to connect with source and we must learn unconditional love for all and understand the perfection in all things. This is how we become more spiritual and connect with our higher self. The underlying fabric of existence is not based in time or space, so our mind is the only way we can move. Remember all points in space and time are one.

It is our responsibility to create the world that we want to see in the future. Meditation is not just for mindfulness, it is for connecting with source, generating energy, astral projection, and so much more. We have to teach the next generation that these things are not imaginary or fake but with the proper training, we are literally capable of anything that we put our minds to. Blindfolded sight and developing your internal screen, third eye, or sixth sense will be vital for our future. As Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

In Indonesia, we see old traditions that have not faded or been put on the back burner in life. Kings and Queens recently ruled there, and with that, we had ancient traditions and secrets that started some of our superhero myths. Many of the legends are true, and we have forgotten our history. There is potential evidence that we have had ancient great civilizations millions of years ago that lived utilizing a higher technology that we have not figured out yet. This was the technology of consciousness and spirit. Without T.V.s and modern entertainment, people focused deeply on mystical things with real-world effects.

In the 60’s the Kings and Queens of central Java realized that their heritage of secrets teachings, if brought public, could give many blind people back their lives. Through an understanding of subtle energies and spirit, and the right training in these fields, They have taught thousands of blind people how to see again. You don’t even need eyes. Yes, this is very real and we need to make this mainstream. We have an obligation to the future generations on earth to provide the best possible chance for the brightest possible future we can have. A future where people can fly and love is the answer to every question. I know it seems idealistic and you may think it’s not possible. But we can, and we will. 

This idea is also shared by Lt. Col. Jim Channon, founder of the First Earth Battalion in 1981. The First Earth Battalion was designed with the intention of creating super-soldiers who were more like warrior monks with capabilities allowing them to levitate, walk through walls, and remote influence people. Much of this came after reports showed that the Soviets were developing psychic abilities and had achieved things like, knocking people out or even killing them through the influence of thought. This whole story is portrayed pretty accurately in the movie, “The Men Who Stare At Goats”. I highly recommend you watch this movie again and see it as an account of true events except for names.

This was called Project Jedi. In this program, we find the title of the movie, “The Men Who Stare At Goats.” At fort Bragg, in North Carolina, they had 100 goats in a rundown building with several men, staring at them, to try and kill them telepathically. These poor goats were repeatedly shot and mended for medical training purposes, and some even had their legs plastered in place. There is a man who managed to accomplish this task and his name is Guy Savelli, the goat starer. Many of these stories are brought to light in the book, The Men Who Stare At Goats, by Jon Ronson, and I highly recommend you check this book out as well. 

The Jedi can even be traced farther back to Egyptian times when they were known as the Djed. There are conflicting stories debating whether this was a single man or a group of magicians who had a deep understanding of the universe. I prefer to see them as a group as some of the stories relate even to ancient methods on how the pyramids were constructed. This may very well have been the inspiration for George Lucas when we came up with Star Wars. It’s interesting to watch these movies and realize that much of this is very possible and achievable potentially in our lifetime.

The Jedi can even be traced farther back to Egyptian times when they were known as the Djed. There are conflicting stories debating whether this was a single man or a group of magicians who has a deep understanding of the universe. I prefer to see them as a group as some of the stories relate even to ancient methods on how the pyramids were constructed. This may very well have been the inspiration for George Lucas when we came up with Star Wars. It’s interesting to watch these movies and realize that much of this is very possible and achievable potentially in our lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more and helping me continue shining the path to enlightenment for us all, please join my workshop for blindfolded sight and learn the basic building blocks for attaining higher levels of consciousness, perception, and energetic abilities. We are all on this journey together and I am always here to answer any questions. Thank you.

Robert Smith

Dec 13th, 2020

Check out this video Merpati Putih and MP-USA,Buddhism%2C%20Taoism%20and%20samurai%20culture.&text=There’s%20no%20god%20to%20worship,all%20living%20things%20on%20Earth.

The Real Purpose of Meditation

meditation secrets

Why Meditate?

For those who have attained they know meditation is a vital tool. For everyone else, we question what it’s really about and why should I meditate anyway? Meditation is gaining more and more attention in neuroscientific research and is becoming popular for many with words like mindfulness. Just like yoga, meditation is much deeper than what is perceived in the west. In reality, there are 2 things that make up all existence, spirit, and matter. When our eyes are open we live entirely in the physical world, focusing on its laws and forces, and charting our way through its rugged terrain. When our eyes are closed, we plunge ourselves beneath the waters of the physical world and enter into the spirit. Everything that comes into form first comes from visualization in the spirit world. Our minds are like wild elephants running around without our control. The first step in gaining any control in your life for any reason is to gain control of your mind. You must make your own decisions and not be guided by impulse or rash thinking. When you become a master of your mind you can master anything, even attain enlightenment.

Meditation in yoga is for connecting with the source of all things. It is for self-realization and the dismantling of the ego. Meditation is for unlocking siddhis and getting closer to source. Through meditation, we can heal our bodies and unlock our sixth sense. We can gather energy and communicate telepathically. We can leave our bodies and soar through space in astral form. We are so much more than we believe and for many, the first step to realizing this comes through meditation.

Step 1: Focus on Your Breath

The first step in meditating is to build your ability to focus and concentrate. So many people growing up never learned to properly concentrate and focus. We hardly pay attention to the things we are doing and make mistakes and try to multitask. This leads to more energy used often with a lower rate of success. It’s hard for us to multitask, as we can’t truly focus on two things at once. Our attention only switches from one to the other and back again leaving larger room for error. A great example of this is if you were to take a post-it with a dot on it and place it on the wall. Then you were to attempt to stare at the post-it for as long as you can, you will find how quickly we will distract ourselves from our original objective.

Improving your focus corresponds with physiological changes in the brain. When someone meditates and simply focuses on the feeling of their breath entering and leaving through the rims of their nostrils. They build their ability to focus by constantly bringing their attention back to their breath and letting thoughts go emptying your mind. This is what people call mindfulness and it does help in many areas. By lowering the chatter in the brain and building control over your will. The prefrontal cortex becomes more active when we can bring ourselves back into the now, not thinking of the past or the future. By doing this we are making new neural pathways and training old ones to allow us better performance with less energy. Our intuition and our response time improve, as well as our memory and concentration. The hypo campus also begins to gain more control over what’s called the default mode network. This is how we can begin to gain more control over areas of the brain that are active when we are at rest.

Our brains have high neuroplasticity, which means they are changing all the time, whether we do it on purpose or not. Much of the time this happens without our knowledge. For example, when raising children, it’s almost more important to show them the right thing to do rather than telling them. We are very empathetic and because of our mirror neurons, we reflect the emotions and situations we encounter in life. This concept is also very important to children around 7 and 8 as this is where they will begin building their views of the world and their place in it. Young children under the ages of 12 are often in Theta and delta brainwave states. Theta is like the programming state of consciousness where we can speak directly to the subconscious without any mental barriers to fact check or question the incoming information.

Healing Brain Damage

A large percentage of people who come back from war or are in prison or the NFL with anger issues may have had a neurological issue they are unaware of. The good news is that our brains can be healed due to their high neuroplasticity. we can truly rehabilitate people in prison but we don’t. Meditation and compassion change the structure of the brain itself. Brain damage can be reversed on a brain smart program as mentioned by Daniel Amen in his ted talk.
This is also related to things like ADHD. We can train people to learn how to focus and improve their lives in nearly every way. Many of these things seem invisible but with spectral imaging of the brain, we can see things more clearly. Daniel Amen made a good point when he said that psychology is the only medical profession that doesn’t look at the organ in question when making a diagnosis.


There are several brainwave states that we all experience in our lives. The lowest frequency with the highest amplitude is Delta, which is between .5 Hz and 4 Hz. This state is normally associated with sleeping and healing. This is where things like our autonomic nervous system shine. When we are in deep states of Delta sleep it is often dreamless and our neurons are shut off throughout the body from gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This state is not limited to dreamless sleep but has also been a path to Gama brainwaves and reported by Joe Dispenza’s findings even transcendental or religious experiences.


Next, we have Theta brainwaves moving up in frequency and down in amplitude. Theta is generally between 5hz and 8hz (or cycles per second). Theta is known as a drowsy state where you can access your subconscious and deep memories you think you’ve forgotten. Theta is where true hypnosis takes place. You can program your subconscious ideas and perceptions here. You can overcome fears and anxieties. One thing we should all be aware of is that if it’s a battle of ideas between our subconscious and our conscious mind. The subconscious will always win. This state is also a state that one would be in for things like a shamanic journey. In this brainwave state, we also find the Schumman resonance. The Schumman resonance is the earth’s resonant frequency which oscillates at 7.83hz. This can also change depending on solar radiation having geomagnetic effects on the earth. This resonance and frequency are where a person can tune into the earth and everything on it as you would tune into a radio. Most of the realities of remote viewing and remote influencing are found to be performed at this level. This is also why when there are Geomagnetic storms or solar flares can disrupt a person’s ability to remote view. Theta is where visualization can also become vivid and detailed.


Alpha is the state of inspiration and imagination. This state is generally found between 8hz and 13hz. When you are watching a movie or listening to music you are often in an alpha state. Alpha is a state where light hypnosis may be performed as well as early states of meditation. Alpha is also one of the states that we use in extrasensory perception abilities and the feeling of subtle the energies of chi.


Then moving up in frequency and lower in aptitude we have Beta brainwaves between 14hz and 30-39hz. These are associated with normal daily functions and are found when we are doing things like working. This is when we are fully alert and aware.


Stepping up one more level we begin to get into the superconscious. gamma brainwaves are measured at levels above 40hz. gamma brainwaves occur in people when they have done something like bitten into an orange or come up with the solution to a difficult problem. gamma brainwaves are also recorded when people perform telekinesis. Astonishingly most people do not reach the levels of coherence and synchronicity that Tibetan monks achieve. When first studying brainwaves the classification of gamma didn’t become a thing until Olympic level meditators began getting brain scans. These were people who had over 62,000 lifetime hours of meditation. The first thing they noticed was how different their brainwaves were from ours. These people just live throughout their day in Gama brainwaves. And even more interesting, when these meditators focused on compassion their Gama brainwaves would jump up 700-800%. This suggests there is a higher state of consciousness that most people never really achieve. After asking these monks what this state feels like they describe it as being spacious and open and ready for anything. Often scientists haven’t had the proper EEG devices to measure the full extent and range of high-level meditators.

Influencing Gene Expression

Meditation can have profound effects on the body. We gain more control over our minds and our body. We can also influence gene expression. There are very interesting things being done with Evelyn at, Seeing Without Eyes. They have found that you can do things like influence stem cells for growing new teeth for example. We see that negative emotions affect stress and can degrade our body’s functions. Often we overlook the fact that positive emotions have positive effects as well. Much of our gene expression comes from our interaction with the environment which the body perceives through emotions and feelings. By doing things like meditating on elevated emotions we can activate many of these laden biological functions. You can promote healing in your body with thought and emotion.

With practice, we gain more control over our amygdala and rain in this elephant of a mind we have. We can master stress and anxiety this way. Breath-work is another fantastic tool we can use in conjunction with meditation that allows us to accomplish some of these same goals. With meditation comes increased levels of melatonin which is a strong antioxidant and helps in preventing aging. Our DNA also gains more protection as the length of our telomeres grows leading to longevity. This has a lot to do with how our immune cells age.

In the long run, many of us lose brain cells as we age, but we can learn to grow them through meditation. One Harvard study found that after 8 weeks of meditation the subjects had grown more neurons, increased the size of the gray matter in their brains, and also increased the weight of their brains themselves. The physical structure is changed through meditation and operations become more efficient. Not only that but you end up improving the strength and amplitude of your brainwaves. Often one will go down into a Theta brainwave state and stay awake allowing the body to come into harmony and the brain begins to produce more energy at higher wavelengths.

The CIA’s Research

When the CIA researched astral projection and transcendental meditation they found some very interesting things. In the Gateway process, they utilized three main forms of practice. Hypnosis, Biofeedback, and transcendental meditation.


Through hypnosis, they found they were able to access the sensory-motor cortex, the pleasure centers, and the lower cerebral sections of the right side of the brain. They were able to speak directly to the right side of the brain which controls imagination and feelings, the more spiritual side of the brain without the left analytical logical language side of the brain interceding in any way. This was used primarily to allow for quicker progress through the program by removing fears and establishing the possible. Also by giving the listener enhanced confidence, concentration, and focus.


Then there is biofeedback which uses both sides of the brain together to achieve the desired result with the practitioner able to see and correct mistakes. This is especially helpful when a meditator can see their brainwaves or hear a noise letting them know where they are. Biofeedback can help strengthen neurological pathways that allow us to take conscious control over unconscious actions. For example, pain can be blocked out and healing can be enhanced. This is very helpful with new meditators and greatly improves their advancement.

Trancendental Meditation

And finally, we have transcendental meditation which ignores the left side of the brain so that we can interact with the right. Things like mantras are repeated until the left side of the brain gets bored and the right side can take over. The CIA studied transcendental meditation in terms of Kundalini awakenings. They were able to measure the movement of energy through, what’s known in the east as the microcosmic orbit of chi. This was seen when energy was pulled up the spine to the head producing acoustical waves that were conducted in the subject’s grey matter in their brain. These waves were from the heart and formed a rhythm called the bifurcation echo. This echo is like a pressure wave that moves up and down in the body like a slinky wave bouncing from one end to another. When we meditate and our body is in tune and this echo reverberates as the heartbeats in a smooth rhythm and the body works in harmony like an instrument. This echo is audible and heard up to 3 times louder than the normal heartbeat. The raising of the Kundalini is something that takes around 5 years of meditation and practice. This is something even highly regarded among yogis. The CIA found that these energy movements could be produced in people using vibrations or frequencies. It was noted that with binaural beats Kundalini awakenings could be achieved sooner than without. People with sensitive nervous systems were also susceptible to random Kundalini awakenings due to mechanical or auditory vibrations for protracted periods between 4-7hz. This for example could be from an air conditioner or a certain part of the road and speed creating just the right vibrations.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats were discovered by the Monroe Institute as a means to get the right and left hemispheres to synchronize. They called their new sound technology Hemi-sync. This utilizes two different frequencies played in each ear. One frequency for example could be 100 Hz in the right ear and 108 Hz in the left ear. Even though there are two separate oscillations of sounds coming in your ears your brain will take the two and create a third that is not on the tape at 4 Hz. Your brain has to actively have the left and the right hemispheres sync up to produce what you hear. This is how they were able to induce a resonate frequency at such low tones as 4 Hz and still be registered by our hearing. The brain then tries to match up with whatever frequency it is perceiving which allows sound to help bring us through different states of consciousness. One of the main goals of the Gateway project was to bring subjects down into relaxed states around the Schumann resonance for astral projection and remote viewing. There are different levels mentioned in the Monroe Project. Different levels of attainment and advancement. These levels progress up in what’s called “focuses”. Advanced techniques begin to arise like traveling to the past after focus 10 moving up to focus 21 which is looking into the future. They say that only 4% of those who train make it past focus 15. Progression through these focuses was directly linked to the time people put in. Here is an idea of what some of this process looks like. This is from declassified documents made available due to the freedom of information act.

The Gateway Process

The Gateway Process (Astral Projection & Advanced Energy States)
A. Begin by using Hemi-sync tapes.
B. Add strong rem sleep frequencies.
C. Provide hypnosis for easier and deeper states of hypnosis.
D. Use hypnosis for more states of focus and concentration to progress rapidly through the next exercises.
E. Repeat steps A-C with the suggestion that an outer body movement will be acquired and remembered even after sleep ends.
F. Repeat E to control out of body movement even after rem sleep ends.
G. Encourage the pursuit of all self-knowledge and remove any blockages to progress.
H. Be prepared to encounter intelligent forces.
I. Encourage advanced participants to build energy fields for advances in attainment to help others learn and assist them.

How to Produce DMT

Meditation is also vital for developing Blindfolded Sight and achieving higher states of focus and energy output. This is how we expand our consciousness and allow for the formation of other abilities. This is how you open your third eye. When we have our eyes closed we can begin to see color and lights through the production of DMT in your Pineal gland. We must go through the darkness to see the light. Mantak Chia tells us about how in the Tao as a practice they put people into a completely dark room for a week. This allows our brains to produce more and more melatonin which then converts to 5-MeO DMT. After the first and second day, the melatonin levels slowly increase up to 5mlg and up until they reach around 25mlg when DMT begins to be produced. Mantak tells us about how on the second and third day the levels are getting high enough that the people in the dark will begin seeing their past lives and their spirit will want to leave their bodies. This is how they develop their astral projection abilities as well as awakening their sixth sense. I’ve also heard several people tell me about native tribes who would take their children and raise them for a short period in the complete darkness of a cave to develop their sixth sense. I have not personally found references for this but I have been told about it several times now. This does make perfect sense. To begin conscious DMT production we must meditate or simply spend enough time in the pitch-black darkness. This similar method is also referenced by Sadhguru who mentioned that to activate your third eye that one needs at least 36 hours of meditation. Unfortunately with age, our melatonin levels tend to drop so these states are often more easily attained by younger generations.

Meditation is so much more powerful than we realize. Not only does it unlock superconscious states and supernatural abilities with esp. But it can help us in all aspects. Meditation has been shown to reduce cancer growth and mitigates radiation from chemotherapy. It increases your body’s natural killer cells and protects your DNA. It reduces fat content in the body and can help with diabetes. It is shown to help in producing neural protective hormones and can help with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It also reduces the damage of brain injuries.

Our world is full of random aspects that are constantly being influenced by our minds and energy. This is seen in binary quantum entanglement when we use our intention to affect random number generators or even things like the ph in water or even the flow wind. You may have noticed your interconnection with the world around you through things like the radio or tv answering questions that come across your mind. Our aura interacts with the world around us at a deeper level than most can see.

Your Aura

Your electromagnetic energy field, produced by the heart, grows or shrinks depending on your emotional state. We can strengthen and widen our electromagnetic field through things like compassion meditation. This field is also seen as a field of protection by high-level yogis. The larger the field, the greater the protection. Our fields interact with each other whether we are aware or not. You see this when couples are close together their heartbeats will sync up. This is where we can get a feeling that someone is behind us or that someone is looking at us. It’s been shown that you can put two people in separate rooms and have them be unaware of the other person. But through the wall, their auras will interact and cause physiological changes in the subjects. When a person is sad, their field may only stretch out 3 feet around them. When a person is happy their fields can stretch out up to 20 feet around them affecting everyone who comes in contact with their field. This can also be related to the chakra system showing us how energy and strength and resilience comes from love and conviction. This is also why many Masters avoid crowds and lots of people their fields would be slowly drained simply by being around those who are leaking and constantly losing energy.

Robert Smith

Dec 8th, 2020

Kabbalah, The Science of Ascension/ The Tree of Life

The Kabbalah

The Hidden Science 

The Kabbalah is not a religion. It predates religions. The Kabbalah is known as the hidden science, which was passed down orally. Its origin is shrouded in mystery, but the first accounts of the books show up around 4,000 years ago. Some believe it began in Spain, and others believe it comes from Israel and Abraham. The Kabbalah is Jewish gnosticism derived from people who have become Spiritual Masters or Kabbalists and learned the secrets of the universe. It is said that this knowledge was hidden for 6,000 years until man was at the right developmental stage to receive it properly. That time is now, and in 1995 all of the books that make up the Kabbalah have been made public. For centuries they have been shrouded in secrets and code. These books were written in a language of branches, a language within a language so that only those who were worthy and had a teacher would be able to gain the deep secrets the books have to offer. This is our chance, in the age of information, to bring what was in the dark into the light. For us, as a collective whole, to raise our consciousness and realize the limitless beings that we are, and how to actualize this reality. Our time to attain enlightenment is now. We must lift ourselves back up to the point we once were a million years ago in Shambhala times, referenced in Vedic scriptures. 

What is Kabbalah? 

The Kabbalah is the science of creation and ascension. It is said to be the science of all there is. It is known as the Tree of Life and has been adopted by many religions over time with references found in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and the Hermetic sciences. Because of this, we find several different spellings like Cabala, Kabbalah, and Qabalah. It has been linked with Tarot cards. Many believe the 22 paths of the Kabbalah represent the 22 cards of the major arcana. We will be focusing on the Hebru variation of the Tree of Life as it is believed to be the original version. The Zohar was written in Aramaic and predates Jesus, so it may very well be where he acquired some of his knowledge on God and the workings of the universe. The Kabbalah differs from most religions, in the regard that, God in the Kabbalah is all perfect and all good. In many religions, it’s perceived that God has an attitude, and we must fear him. In many faiths, it calls for us to beg and plead to God so that he may show mercy to us. This is not how it is in the Kabbalah, but rather, God is unchanging and pure love. He only loves and pushes us all to learn and grow. God in the Kabbalah is not a separate entity that is outside of you, but instead, God is a part of you. He is all things ever created. In the Kabbalah, there are only 2 things, God and his creation, and they are 1.

Another Map To Enlightenment

The Tree of Life is another map of ascension similar to the chakras we explored in a previous chapter. The Tree of Life is a very specific instruction manual on how to learn to interact with the forces of the divine that are hidden from most of humanity. This relates to blindfolded sight which is a vital key for developing spiritual skills and exploring existence beyond the physical. The sixth sense is our direct connection to the spirit realm, and one of our first steps of spiritual development. You must learn who and what you truly are. The Tree of Life, when looked at from above descending to the bottom, shows the path of creation. We see God’s divine will in action, manifesting all existence leading to a being in physical form. Transversely, when we look at the Tree of Life, starting at the bottom going up, we find God’s most solid form of matter and creation. From the lowest point ascending we see the path of life from the most basic level of inanimate things to vegetative, animal, and speaking life. Then there is the first barrier where we must learn a new sixth sense to pass, then we continue upward through 2 revelations until the final union with the creator in form. The Kabbalah is a how-to guide on becoming an Enlightened Master and conquering death.

When we listen to what some of the Kabbalists have to say about the spirit world, it leads to some pretty interesting implications, and potentially explains how things like teleportation, by the Masters, is possible and achieved. The Kabbalistic theory says that all of humanity is a collective consciousness. Like a polop on coral, each one is living its own separate experience and yet they are part of one life. We also know from Steven Greer, and new theories in astrophysics, quantum psychics, and from the Enlightened Masters themselves, that there is another dimension or potentially many that we can phase into. Another interesting aspect of the Kabbalistic texts is that they describe a sort of programming through stages of life. I believe it should be interpreted as learning and can likely be related to the Morphic Field Theory, which transcends life and death. In many regards, our existence is indeed similar to a holographic reality, but not to the level that some believe. Yes, everything is energy directed by intention, visualization, and information, but everything is also real. Spirit is matter, and yet, matter is more like a dream comprised of thought forces. Reincarnation is real. We only die to come back and do better, until we learn to stop dying. One other important aspect that is similar to the holographic theory is that every piece of this whole existence we are in contains the whole. Change one piece, and you change the whole hologram to reflect that piece.

Huge Implications

The Kabbalists tell us that the spirit world sits in a place outside of time and space. This is the ether, fields of chi, and the akashic records. Chi exists outside the bounds of time and space and is the thing that matter arises from. The Masters tell us that to travel in these dimensions of spirit, we must align our thoughts and feelings with where we want to go. And in this way, which describes the exact art and science of manifestation, we can travel to increase our proximity to the desired location. This is similar to the main method one would use to ascend to higher levels of spiritual development. You must understand and do as God does. The closer this alignment, the greater the connection. The greater the connection, the more light that shines forth from the vessel. This is exactly how material things are brought forth from the invisible, just as Jesus did with the loaves of bread. This also explains the method of astral travel, and at higher levels, how one would be able to manifest a second body to work through, as many masters do. Its all about visualization and feeling. This is actually a divine perfect law. Man Brings forth that which he gazes upon.

There is a law mentioned in Kabbalistic teachings called the Law of Equivalence of Form. This law states that there are constant forces from the inside and the outside of everything that are pushing things into balance. This can be seen as outer or inner forces which are pushing all life, whether it be the rocks at your feet or you yourself. The inner forces are our divine nature and spirit, and the outer forces are our environment as the physical world. As humans, we have been predominantly cut off from our connection with the spiritual forces in existence. So we are often out of balance. The physical forces have full control in our lives. For most, the physical is all there is. So that’s all they see and bring forth. When you understand the nature of all things and that the physical forces are a result of the spiritual. That by us being spiritual and focusing on purely the physical we strengthen its resolve. If we understand that these forces are always there and that we are a part of them then we can mentally plant a seed and watch it grow. Through your will and perception, you can shift reality. But in order to do this more successfully with greater force and accuracy you have to develop your mind. You have to meditate and begin learning to develop vivid, in-focus, mind images. Once you learn to start using the universal language of images, as thought forms, you can begin manifesting from the spiritual into the physical to greater and greater degrees. With refinement of the energy and mind, anything is possible.

The Purpose Of Life 

The Tree of Life shows us that the entire purpose of creation, was so that God could create a being and fill it with unbounded joy. In doing this, God created a vessel, separate and yet one, which was brought forth as a being of reception. God only gives, and we were designed to receive. As we progress up the tree from material creation we see that the will to receive slowly shrinks and our will to give increases. Matter is spirit, and we are in the spirit world as much as we are in the physical one. By changing our will from receiving to giving, we grow our spiritual connection with God and our proximity in spirit. We slowly become more and more beings of light as we make our corrections in life and live as intended. The Kabbalah is meant to teach people how to enter the spirit world and make all of our final corrections in one lifetime, so that we never die again, and attain the highest bliss. By attaining growth ourselves we can spread the light even more. One important aspect the Kabbalists speak about is that more than actions, it’s the intention that matters. You have to bring your understanding to God’s level and see beyond good and evil. Everything is perfection. We have free will to do anything, and from this we created duality. The Tree of life shows us that the way to ascension is recognizing our divinity and oneness with all being pure and having love for all seeing the good and perfection in even the worst events.

When plants die, they add to the soil and grow the next generation stronger and more vibrant than was possible before. We are a collective. One of the most fundamental goals of these teachings is to show man that the greatest joy and perfection comes from giving to others and treating your neighbor as yourself. We must treat every other person we see like us, and want to help them and bring them comfort and satisfaction as much as we do for ourselves. This is the path to godliness where one can align with his spiritual energies and become a being that is more and more comprised of radiant light. We are all in this together, and only by working together will we all ascend. All of this must be done for the betterment of all, and not for a person’s ego. Transcending the ego is a vital factor for immortality.

“Carved (harut) on the stones. Do not pronounce it, Carved (harut) but rather, freedom (herut). To show that they are freed from the angel of death.” Midrash Shmot Raba

The path to ascension is said to lead to great doubt, and this is on purpose. You must not do this for yourself, but for all mankind. You cannot be selfish. You must be selfless. There are said to be 125 steps beyond the first barrier into the spirit world to reach unity with God. These steps are related to genes that activate and change a person as they ascend the Tree of Life. The path is walked only by taking the middle way like in Taoism. It must be taken out of free will with altruism. 

The 10 Sefirot 


Keter (nothingness or God)
Hokhmah (The Divine Father of Knowledge)
Binah (The Divine Mother of Creation)
Hesed (Loving Kindness)
Din (Justice)
Tif’eret (Mans soul)
Nezah (Eternity or Victory)
Hod (Glory or Splendor)
Yesod (Foundation)
Shekhinah (Mans physical world, The elements)

5 States of Attainment

1. Double Concealment: The person feels there is no God or reason for anything.

2. Single Concealment: The person believes there is a reason for everything. May learn and begin preparation by using a book or guide.

(This is the barrier that hides the spiritual world.)

3. Correction: The person finds satisfaction from all things. More giving leads to more success, and the sixth sense is developed.

4. First Revelation: This person has a high level of contact with the Creator’s nature. They see, want, and feel the same as the creator. They have learned how to respond in every situation.

5. Second Revelation: This person reaches equivalence of form with the creator. They love all unconditionally and see the harmony of all working with the whole toward greater perfection.

The degree to which we understand the perfection of all things and events by the Creator constitutes the level of our connection with the creator. In action and thought when you are not aligned with God, he cannot provide for you, this is why we decay, age, and die.

So, in conclusion, to ascend in the spiritual realm and become one with God more fully so that we may attain enlightenment requires that we make our actions, thoughts, and feelings the same as God’s; free, divine, and pure. We change ourselves to learn to move in timeless spaceless reality. We evolve to fill with more and more bliss exploring the deeper nature of our world. There is no other world, but only that which we cannot perceive, or have not developed the sense to perceive yet. 

Check out my 5-day Blindfolded Sight Workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith

Dec. 3, 2020

Chakras and Enlightenment

chakras and enlightenment

Chakras are a Road Map to Enlightenment

Fifteen thousand years ago, Adiyogi (the First Yogi), which was Shiva, attained Enlightenment and brought us all the Vedic science of yoga. This Science lays out a roadmap that leads to the highest attainments. Yoga is far more than just stretching. One could argue that yoga is not about movement at all, but rather emotion and self-mastery. In the previous sections, we learned that our subtle body is where our physical body comes from. Like the question of the chicken and the egg, which came first? Consciousness or the brain? Consciousness came first and is responsible for the brain. We also learned previously that matter and spirit are not separate but one and the same. Matter is the expression of spirit constantly unfolding in reality. Furthermore, we came across proof that Immortality is real and that the path to Enlightenment is paved with love. This is clearly visible in the layout of the chakra system. You could describe this map to ascension as Jacobs ladder, a solid connection or bridge between the material and spiritual. I hope the picture is starting to become clearer. Everything is energy directed by intention, and every choice moves us closer or further away from the source of all. Chakras are the key to enlightenment in yoga.

Chakras are referred to as wheels, gates, whirlpools, or energy centers. They have acquired these names and understanding through the perception of the energy fields with refined sensing and observation capabilities. When you have improved your own energetic senses and nervous system, you will sense these centers yourself. There are 114 chakras in and above the body, but most of the time we focus primarily on the most predominant 7. These chakras, or gates, allow energy to flow into, or out of the body. This flow happens in the form of a whirlpool, spinning clockwise to condense energy into the body, and flowing counterclockwise when energy is leaving the body. Each of these centers interacts with the subtle world around us and affects us far more than most of us realize. In the East when there is a physical problem, traditionally they look for an energetic root cause. In the west, we are unaware of the impacts of subtle energies on our physical form and therefore disregard them entirely. Science, to our current understanding, backs the chakra systems. Each center, or system, is directly linked to a different set of organs that are responsible for specific actions in the body. This understanding of the energetic effects on the body from emotion is called biopsychology.

The chakras lay out a map of evolution starting at our root chakra, or Muladhara, moving from primal life in the physical world to our crown chakra, or Sahasrara, which represents God, and encompasses all existence both spiritual and materialistic. The chakra system is for developing self-mastery, attaining Enlightenment, and becoming a demigod. The science of yoga shows us that everything is connected. Everything is one, and the goal is to move from a duality based existence into a non-duality based existence. The goal of yoga is to raise your consciousness and understanding to that of God’s level. The Vedic science of yoga allows us to see that in nearly every choice we make we are deciding between eternal life as perfection, or slow destruction clinging to selfish and materialistic means. The biggest choices we make happen every day and determine our spiritual progress. Do you serve others, or do you serve yourself? This universe only works by working together, and if you serve only yourself you cannot possibly hope to ascend.

Each chakra is represented as a flower with a specific number of petals surrounding it. Each petal has a different meaning or trait. The three Chakras below the heart have petals that we would generally want to avoid. The petals surrounding the chakras above the heart are things we want to embody. These are called the Vritti, or the propensities of each chakra. The chakras below the heart represent our materialism while the chakras above the heart represent our divinity. Each chakra has a certain number of qualifications to truly open the gate and ascend to the next chakra climbing Jacob’s ladder to meet God. This can also be related to the raising of the Kundalini, but we will talk more about that later.

To get a base understanding of the chakras a good practice is to recognize where you feel certain emotions. This will help in understanding the chakras. When we worry it is felt in our gut and when we love it is felt in our heart. If you want a more visual image I suggest looking at the blood flow of the body in relation to different emotions. Our blood carries energy and it is moved depending on how we feel. Our emotions affect genetic expression and our physical health.

Let’s take a look at our map, starting at the bottom and the most material expressions we have and moving to the top, at the most divine expression.

-Root Chakra – Muladhara (Red) I Am

Element: Earth

Symbolic Animal – Elephant

This center gives us a direct genetic link leading back to the first living organisms on earth. It is said that the genetic potential for immortality resides in this center.

The 4 petals or Vritti are as follows:

  1. Kama ————— This is the desire for material pleasure such as sex and food comes from our animalistic instincts.
  2. Artha ————— This is the desire for Intellectual pleasure or our want for non-material things and knowledge.
  3. Dharma ———— This is the desire for Spiritual pleasure and the want to know God.
  4. Moska ————— This is the desire for Spiritual Liberation or Enlightenment. The spirit wants to be free from the limitations of the mind.

This is the beginning of the path where we may also find fear from lack of material things. We will then move from fear to anger and adopt a need for power and control. Once power is maintained then one generally looks inward in search of realization. These are the first steps on our path where we slowly start to make choices that move from being selfish to being selfless.

In the root chakra, we find our instinctual desires and the formation of primal life. This chakra is located in the Coccyx at the base of the spine, which is close to the perineum. In order to strengthen this chakra and raise dormant energy, we must bring this chakra into balance. We must not be controlled by our base desires. We must attain self-mastery and tell our bodies what to do rather than having our bodies telling us what to do. We do these things to learn to conserve energy and strengthen our aura so that we don’t create holes and lose unnecessary amounts of energy through various actions related to the Vrittis. This center represents earth as its element. When this center is strong it helps in the formation of solid matter in your body. It’s said to increase the strength of your bones, and even create a pleasant scent in a person with a balanced root chakra. A balanced root chakra is also associated with bowel health.

-Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana (Orange) I feel

Element: Water

Symbolic Animal: Crocodile

This center is related to our lizard brain. This has to do with the base structure in our brain which is the same as a reptile. This chakra or energy center is known to be responsible for the liquid element in the body and is associated with the Lymphatic system. The 6 petals, or Vrittis, are as follows:

  1. Avajina ———— Disdain for others
  2. Murccha ——— Stupor or frozen depression
  3. Prashraya —— Gluttony or over consumption
  4. Avishvasa —— Distrust in others
  5. Sarvanasha — The fear of death 
  6. Krurata ——— Indifference or mercilessness

These propensities are emotional states that we must overcome. They determine if we balance this chakra through love, and channel energy further upward, or if we are to feed our reptilian tendencies and move downward into the physical realm of deterioration. 

This chakra is connected with our addictions. Often when we do not find the satisfaction we seek in this material life. We are left feeling empty, knowing there is something more and we fill that emptiness with anything we can. Moderation is key to the development of this center. It is very important to save your vital life fluids and not to waste semen. When this center is balanced it is said that the person will almost have a glow to them and increase in attractiveness. Remember, our energetic expression becomes our physical expression.

-Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura (Yellow) I Do

Element: Fire 

Symbolic Animal: Ram

This center is responsible for generating heat in the body and proper digestion. The solar plexus chakra is also connected with our mammalian tendencies. We see that as we move up the spine we go from primal to spiritual. Still, we find base instincts here that we must overcome. These are the Vrittis that we must conquer in this center.

  1. lajja ————— Shame or bashfulness
  2. pishunata —— Greed
  3. iirsya ————-Jealousy or envy
  4. susupti ———-Sleepiness or laziness
  5. visada———— Melancholy or sadness
  6. kasaya———— Cruelty or sadistic tendencies 
  7. trsna————— Thirst or infatuation 
  8. moha————— Attachment to the physical
  9. ghrna————— Hatred
  10. bhhaya————- Fear 

One of the most important tendencies that we must overcome in this chakra is our attachment to material things. This also includes attachment to people. Most of our pain and fear comes from attachment. We have to lose our lust for material things. Only in this way do we achieve true freedom. Attachment and love are not the same thing. Attachment comes from time and proximity. The longer something is around you the more we tend to become attached. So how do we overcome attachment and still maintain love? Well, we must love the essence of all things and not the form. We can easily become attached to form, but this is not true love, it is closer to addiction. 

Cold showers are good for this chakra as they help the body maintain its ability to self-heat and self regulate. Also, a vegetarian diet is recommended as digestion is easier and takes less energy, and without meat and fat content the blood vessels don’t get restricted which can cause health problems when stress is introduced. If you’re going all-in avoid garlic, alcohol, tobacco, and onions as well so you don’t waste energy from digestion.

-Heart Chakra – Anahata (Green) I Love

Element: Air

Symbolic Animal: Antelope

The heart chakra is the central gateway between the spiritual and the material worlds. The 3 chakras below represent our inhumanity. The heart chakra represents our humanity, And the 3 chakras above represent divinity. Only a person who acts through their heart can ascend to being divine. Here we have 12 petals or tendencies of this center, some to embody and some to avoid.

  1. Asha ————- Hope
  2. Cinta ————- Morality 
  3. Cesta ———-— Effort
  4. Mamta ———— Love
  5. Dhamba ——— Arrogance, vanity
  6. Viveka ———— Discrimination between right and wrong
  7. Vikalata ——-— Depression, or Languor
  8. Ahamkara ——- Ego and Pride
  9. Lolata ————- Extreme acquisition or avarice
  10. Kapatata —-—- Hypocrisy
  11. Vitarka ———— Argumentativeness
  12. Anutapa ———- Regret

The heart chakra is associated with the Thymus. This organ in the neck is responsible for creating T cells and maintaining our Immune system. Unconditional love is always the answer to any problem. We create joy in service to others and find depression when we only serve ourselves. One way we can strengthen this center is to dance and do good deeds whenever you see the opportunity. Breathing through the heart with love is a great way to balance this center. Meditation in groups is also very powerful at charging this center and bringing it into balance.

-Throat Chakra – Vishuddha (White or Blue) I Talk

Element: Ether or Akasha

Symbolic Animal: White Elephant

The throat chakra is where we first begin to see divinity. This center is represented by ether, or space and time because sound is the most subtle physical force we have. It is not a thing at all, but rather, a pressure wave. These petals are slightly different than the other centers, as this chakra encompasses mantras and seed sounds.


  1. Pranava —— Ohm Mantra
  2. Udgitha ——- Samaveda Mantras
  3. Hung ———— Bij Mantra
  4. Phat ————- Bij Mantra 
  5. Vashat ——-— Mantra 
  6. Svadha ——— Mantra
  7. Svah ———— Mantra
  8. Namah ——— Mantra
  9. Amrita ——— Nectar of immortality (likely Melatonin, but potentially something else)

Musical Notes / Vowels (Sanskrit)

  1. Nishda ————लृ(lr)
  2. Rishabha ——— ए(e)
  3. Gandhara —— ऐ(ai)
  4. Shadja ———— ओ(o)
  5. Madhyama —— औ(au)
  6. Dhalvata ——— आ(aa)
  7. Panchama ——- अ(a)

It is said that the fields of chi resonate with a sound, and that sound is om. This sound encompasses all existence. In India, it is “aum” while in China it is “om”

The first sound in this mantra the “a” stands for the first word spoken and the start of existence. The second sound “o” stands for all of time and creation. And finally, the sound “m” stands for dissolution and the end of existence. 

The mantra “om ma ne pad me om” means I know that the sacred divine energy of all resides dormant in my root chakra. The use of mantras is indeed a method of attaining higher states of consciousness. What happens is that not only are you sending energy out that you wish to match up with, but you are repeating a phrase to the point that your analytical left side of the brain gets bored and stops paying attention, at this point your right hemisphere can take over and begin to lead the way to an elevated state. Not only can sound bring you closer to the divine but it is vital in our expression and the determination on whether we will continue to climb up to unity with God or if our actions keep us in the mundane.

Singing can help balance this chakra as well as speaking truth and compassion. Breathing with focused intent through this chakra will also help to strengthen it. The development up to this center is also known to be associated with the manifestation of several Siddhis, or superhuman abilities. 

-Third Eye Chakra – Ajna (purple or indigo) I See

Element: Supreme Element (all elements combined)

Symbolic Animal: Black Antelope

The third eye is the center that generally gets the most attention. This center, being above those below it, is in control of, and can regulate all of the descending chakras. The third eye chakra is connected with the hypothalamus. This organ located in our brains literally controls spiritually and physically, the other chakras below. The hypothalamus produces hormones regulating emotional responses. It also plays a key role in maintaining body temperature and daily unconscious processes while simultaneously controlling other areas such as sexual desire and appetite. So in a sense, if you can bring this energy center into balance you will bring all of the centers below into balance as well. The 2 petals around this chakra are focused on knowledge.

  1. Knowledge of the physical
  2. Knowledge of the spiritual

The third eye is the center for knowledge of all things. It represents not only the ability to learn everything from the physical world but it also gives us the ability to discover all information from the spiritual world. When one looks outward they see the material existence, and when they look inward they find divinity. A person must develop this center to progress further up the path to enlightenment. At this point, a person who is dedicated has mostly changed their views from a dualistic perspective to a non-dualistic perspective and lives as if they are the world. They live a life with unconditional love for everything. If someone else is suffering, then you are suffering. You must raise your consciousness to the level of god’s consciousness, and from here you can begin to do his work and raise humanity to their rightful divine intention. With the development of this center, you will develop your intuition and direct knowing. Things like remote viewing and blindfolded sight can be refined to a level that can rehabilitate the blind and see clearly into the akashic records like you are watching the past on a tv. From this point, you can now clearly understand God’s intention and connect with the source of all and infinite consciousness. Meditating deeply in I am, helps this center.

-Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (Violet) I Understand

Element: Pure Consciousness

Symbolic Animal: Egg

1,000 pedals.

50x2x10=1,000. The 50 petals on all the chakras below, times 2 for the positive and negative expressions of them, times 10 which is a reference to the energy lay lines that extend out from our crown chakra. one going up, one going down, and the other eight going around a compass, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. These energy lines also come into play with the alignment of the pyramids as well as other practices like Feng Shui. These energetic systems are apparent and understood as the science they are when the person has developed themselves energetically and can perceive the chakras directly.

The crown chakra represents the king of kings, god all mighty. This center is your true connection to the divine and resides above your head. This center is associated with the pineal gland in the center of the brain which is able to produce DMT and melatonin. There is a yogic substance that is said to be secreted by the pineal gland that is partially spiritual in nature, and if someone is not in the right state of meditation, the compound is assumed to be immediately destroyed. This still undiscovered secretion is called amrita, or the elixir of immortality, referenced in yogic culture. Many people believe that this elixir of life is actually referring to melatonin. One of the pineal gland’s main functions is to determine if it’s day or night and then to secrete the appropriate hormones. When it is the day, serotonin is produced, and we are put in a very awake state. When it is night, and less light enters our eyes, then our pineal gland begins producing melatonin. Melatonin is known for having a sedative effect on the person. It will reduce stress levels and help a person attain higher states of meditation. Melatonin is produced around 9 pm and increases in levels until a maximum point around 12 pm. Many yogis recognize that higher levels of melatonin lead to deeper and more profound states of meditation. This is why between 12 am and 3 am it is recognized as the time of shiva, a time which has mystical properties. Interestingly enough, hunger can also increase the levels of melatonin. This is another reason fasting is utilized. It’s also said that fasting with water is good for the body, and fasting without water is good for the body and the spirit.

An interesting study found that rats that were injected with melatonin had lower levels of stress and lived 20% longer than rats that weren’t injected. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and has very beneficial anti-aging effects. Rumi has mentioned that meditation on this center, with unconditional love for the supreme being, and the oneness of all, leaves the person in a state of divine drunkenness. 

Many of the Yogic sciences have been kept highly secret for generations. Yoga in Tibet is only passed down from master to student orally, they never write it down. Many Enlightened masters have come from India, so we should pay attention to what these methods have to teach us. I have not mentioned any asanas in this book because in the west they have become the main focus while the actual science of spirit has been largely overlooked. Each different yoga posture will help in moving blood, twisting, bending, and stretching out the given area, or chakra. Because yoga is all about balancing the mind and the body a vegetarian diet is recommended so that you do not create any blockages in blood circulation or any vasoconstriction. Remember your body is your spirit, and if we want to attain we need to bring not only our bodies but our minds into balance and harmony so that they may work how they were intended.

Check out my 5-day workshop on this website, where I teach you the basics for unlocking your true potential. I go over breath work and energy generation understanding. I teach you how to sense and grow your energy for things like blindfolded sight and telekinesis. I teach you how to train your intuition to 100% knowing. I am trying to bring ancient techniques into the modern world to help us all transform into the greatest versions of ourselves. Please join me on this journey, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Robert Smith 

Dec 1, 2020

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