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I’m so excited to introduce you to a new form of vision being rediscovered around the world!

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This internal sight goes by many names. Some of them are as follows: InfoVision, Inner Light Vision, Vibravision, Blind Sight, Getaran, Clairvoyance, your third eye, your sixth sense, and so much more.

The ability to see without your eyes is a very real thing. We can all develop this ability if we simply put in the time with the right practices. Now, I have mentioned several names for the same thing and each of these comes with their own methodology of “awakening” this already existing sense. I will provide my own method taking into account the success of those around me.

Here on this website, I have several classes to help you develop your sixth sense or third eye. I truly believe we can change the world!

Mark Komissarov defines Infovision as, “The development of intuition to 100% functionality. This is the transformation of a mystical HUNCH to actual KNOWING.” I highly value Mark’s continued contribution to the understanding of this incredible phenomena. I highly recommend his books, “Seeing the World With Eyes Wide Shut 1 & 2” Available on his website listed below.

Please join me on this incredible journey! Amazing things are waiting right around the corner!

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